How I Met Your Mother Kids to Ted: Get to the Point!

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The kids on How I Met Your Mother have had it.

They've been listening to their dad ramble on about meeting his better half for eight years now, often getting sidetracked with random stories and even going on in detail about the "sluts" he's banged.

It's getting a bit awkward and, literally, a bit uncomfortable. The children haven't experienced daylight in ages... they've missed college... they must relieve themselves in a bucket.

Watch the following hilarious promo for How I Met Your Mother Season 9 for more from Ted's kids and let's comfort them together: the pain will soon end, guys. Remain patient. Stay strong.

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Crying with laughter.

Sue ann

That really is hilarious. I love it!

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HIMYM Quotes

Barney: Ladies and gentlemen, I have in my hand a copy of tonight's Top Ten list. The category: top ten things I would've called my truck...
Ted: It was never your truck.
Barney: if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back.
Ted: It was a rental.
Barney: Number ten, "The Winne-Bango." Number nine, "The Pick-Up Truck." Number eight, "The Ford Explore Her." Number seven, "The You Scream Truck." You Scream. (they all laugh) Number six, "Feels on Wheels!" Hello! Number five, "The Ride Her Truck." Number four, "The 18-Squeeler." Number three, "The Esca-Laid." Number two, "The Slam-Boney." and... the number one thing I would've called my truck if Ted hadn't been a jerk and given it back... "The '69 Chevy."

Sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for better things...we're done here.