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NCIS Season 11 Premiere to Be Titled ...

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NCIS returns in two months for its 11th season, and the way things ended in May, TV's top-rated show is generating as much buzz is ever. The just-released season premiere title should only enhance that:

“Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.”

Fornell in the Crosshairs

If it wasn't obvious, the implication is ... WTF!

As TV Line notes, it could be a nod to insane workload dropped on the desk of the IT department’s new hire Ozzy, who is tasked with digging up information on an intruder and tracking down a potential hacker.

It also likely applies to the situation we briefly saw Gibbs in to end Season 10, and fan reactions to the concluding scene with Fornell literally in the crosshairs during Jethro's black ops mission.

What is he up to? And what will become of the team when the show returns, given that they turned in their resignations to cover for Gibbs? These NCIS Season 11 spoilers shed some light on that.

Fun fact: Both Scandal and The Good Wife have used that episode title in recent seasons.

NCIS premieres Tuesday, September 24.

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How come it okay for you and Tiva fan to do it then


Get a life. Your cruel and malicious lies about Cote de Pablo are unnecessary and immature. You do not know her. To imply certain things about her as a person when you have no idea whatsoever about how she acts on set or what her "demands" were show how ignorant and delusional you really are. Don't like Ziva-that is your right. But to make up stories about a real person is really low and offensive.


Has anyone considered the possibility that the gunshot heard at the end of the episode didn't come from Gibbs?


You guys do realize that the producers had nothing to do with Cote leaving right? It's Cote's decision to leave. Quit making it sound like they're firing her and could call her back. She's the one leaving because she wants to.


@Michael You do realize Ziva and Cote dePablo are two different people. I mean really... I could care less on what you think Ziva's character, but stop saying untrue and malicious things about a great actress.


Now that cote leaving they should rename it freedom because now their free from cote spoil rotten Diva attuide


Big mistake to remove the character of Ziva. She adds all the right spice to the tv show. Not to late to cast her back next season.
What is wrong with these producers? Wake up!


Well after this season we will no longer watch NCIS. Its a shame because we love the show and have watched since the pilot. All characters now on the show mesh together so well, its like a family. Taking Ziva off after already killing off Kate. Kate cannot be brought back ( HEAD shot) plus she in now on Rizzoli and Isles. Bringing anyone else into the mix will mess up the tempo of the show. We are devoted and sorry to say we will no longer watch after this season. And depending on the way you take Ziva off and when. We may not finish watching this season. SAD SAD SAD


Is Gibbs rules written down an where if so can I have a copy Sad about Ziva


BIg Mistake, big mistake!!!!!!