NCIS Sneak Peeks: Where Are They Going With This?

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NCIS Season 11 begins tonight on CBS with "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" (or WTF).

That sums up the reaction to many fans regarding Ziva's heartbreaking exit, which will be the main takeaway from the start of the season. How will she exit the show, and where will NCIS go after that loss?

Tonight, an explosion at a D.C. event results in a casualty connected to the agency and alters the perspective of Parsons (guest star Colin Hanks) on Gibbs and the team, who are still without their badges.

Two sneak peeks from the episode offer clues as to what we can expect.

In the first clip, Abby goes to talk to McGee and sees him with Delilah (!) and apparently not interested in NCIS business. He resigned in the Season 10 finale, and as of this point is still not an agent.

In the second clip, Ducky saves the day after an intruder attacks both Palmer and himself in the morgue. There's some shady stuff going on in this episode, which could go any number of directions

Who do you think is hunting the team?

Additionally, this special catch-up video from showrunner Gary Glasberg provides a helpful primer on where we left off and sheds some light on where the #1 show on TV is headed this season. Watch:

In other news, Glasberg and star Mark Harmon will produce a new NCIS spinoff introduced as a two-part episode of the series this season. Sound off on that and tonight's premiere in the comments below.

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I have 1 question regarding the premiere: Who sings the song at the beginning of the episode? Cannot find it anywhere......Thanks!


Oh please-complaining about Abby being uncomfortable with Delilah? It's called being jealous over a snarky girl not good enough for McGee! And it was very Abby to come looking for McGee-they do have a history! I liked it and I hope McGee dumps "higher security clearance then all of you" fast!


Please, that was classic Abby. She has always been overprotected when it comes to McGee. She loves him, in many different ways. She gets jealous about other women. As far as Ziva leaving I am tired of people saying enough about her leaving. She is a part of the core family of NCIS, and Gibbs knows this plus a vast majority of NCIS fan base know this to. I hope that they at least leave the door open for Tony and Ziva. My wish would be to let them get married and she can leave as Mrs DiNosso, and then he can continue as the agent and see her when the time is right. That would at least assure the fans there won't be anyone else aka Bishop!!, plus that would be a big surprise ending to a great couple. Here's hoping, because this show will not last forever, its in the 11th season, so let's be realistic. Leave the cast the way it is and not being in anyone else. Focus on the great cast it has. It NCIS #1 for a reason.


Hmm. While intelligent, sexy, confident Abby has morphed into a more childish, hyper character over the years, I don't remember her being an a** to people. If I can't have the old Abby back, at least don't write her *worse*, lol. Meanwhile...McGee and the Real Girl! Yay! And Ducky is getting his "UNCLE" on, g!


"Petulant Abby." Now there's a stretch.

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


Tobias: Hard to know who to trust anymore.
Gibbs: Has it ever been easy, Tobias?