Pretty Little Liars Review: Bite the Bullet

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I'm a little torn about this week's Pretty Little Liars episode.

I've been pretty disappointed (and bored) by much of Pretty Little Liars Season 4, but "Under the Gun" packed a major emotional punch for both Aria and Hanna, while setting up some serious trouble for Emily.

Too bad half the episode was spent advertising a Pretty Little Liars spinoff.

Reaching for Spencer

After getting majorly busted for covering for Toby, Spencer tried to do some damage control by tracking down Housemother Grunwald in a little town called Ravenswood. Naturally, Grunwald wasn't keen on helping Spencer - and she was definitely creepy enough to be suspicious.

But the whole trip was really a grey-filtered, ominous-music-filled way to introduce us to Ravenswood and it's eerie inhabitants. Oh, and the scary ravens! The show looks interesting, but I really tuned in to catch some Rosewood drama. The supernatural atmosphere of Ravenswood just didn't fit with the more reality-based (although at times ludicrous) show. And this Grunwald character had better not be another red herring!

The time spent with Spencer and Toby also showed how this big lie has started to damage both their relationship and her friendship with the other liars. Toby always has a secret to hide, and Spencer's decision to keep choosing him over her friends has already had some major consequences. Should Toby really be trusting A? Should Spencer trust Toby?

Hanna's storyline was probably one of the most intensely emotional moments for the character. Not only is she facing serious jail time, but she's also acutely aware of how her misstep helped A get Ashley arrested. Hanna looked tortured with the knowledge that no matter what she does, she always ends up falling into one of A's trap. The episode ended with Ashley getting arrested, but she claims she was set up.

Do you believe Ashley didn't kill Wilden? I definitely think Ashley's version of that night seems to ring true. And A would definitely take advantage of an opportunity to rid himself/herself of Wilden while pinning it on someone else. With Ashley's fingerprints all over the gun and the bullets and ballistics match, things look pretty grim for her. Is there anyway to save Ashley with incurring more of A's wrath?

Looks like has effectively taken down one parent, but who's next?

Plus, this time Emily also fell for one of A's tricks and got herself put on Lt. Tanner's radar.  That video of someone wearing the Emily mask was very unsettling. If next week's promos are any indication, A's use of the Emily mask is going to cause her even more trouble.

Aria's drama this week was less about A and more about Ezra. Apparently, rumors have been floating around about her affair with Fitz, and a little jerk named Connor decided to slut-shame Aria. After engaging in the stereotypical locker room banter about "scoring" with Aria, Connor didn't even have the decency to look embarrassed when Aria confronts him.

Unfortunately, Aria's painful experience with being classified a slut can be a common experience for teenage girls. It was good for the show to highlight the ways rampant misogyny and slut-shaming can really affect a person, even someone as strong as Aria.

But Mike's misguided attempt to stand up for his sister by trashing Connor's car was a little too self-destructive. It wasn't that long ago that he was getting into some serious trouble, and maybe his way of helping his sister doesn't have to involve damaging other people's property again.


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Ravenswood was ridiculous! I wasn't interested at all and will not be turning in for the show if its picked up! I don't care for Aria's character anymore, she's just a wish-fufillment with no major character development whose obviously favoured by the writers. Again, Emily and Hanna were written as complete idiots its terrible! The season has been very boring and disappointing so far.

@ Ralph

jeez you are beyond dumb, jackass


@nikkinoodle I agree with all that too!!! They really need to go back and rewatch episodes before they do storylines like this... I was actually disappointed at the start of season 3 because I wanted to see everyones reactions to aria and Ezras relationship and they just completely glossed over it only to bring it up now?! Thats just stupid


I was really glad to finally see Ezra again. Ravenswood was a bit ridiculous. Why the hell would everyone go stand in front of a statue? I wondered if it was Ezra or Mike who vandalized the car. I almost wouldn't put it past either of them.
If Ezra and Aria don't get back together though, I really don't know if I'll continue to watch it. At this point, learning who A is has gotten old.


The Ravenswood bit was pretty contrived. Filming it in suedo-black-and-white with pops of color?!?! Make no mistake, viewers are only going to watch it for Tyler Blackburn. There is nothing else there that interested me.
No sympathy for Aria. Like R said, consequences!
I'm still not buying the Ashley-killed-Wilden special.
I'm so sick of Shana. Ship her to Ravenswood already! So help me if she turns out to be related to Nate.....


The whole Ravenswood thing was laughable. Especially when they played the music and all the town drones went and stood in front of the angel statue. I was actually laughing out loud. That was one of the dumbest things I've seen on this show...and that's saying a lot!
I usually like Emily but once again they wrote her as stupid as can be. She leaves the tape at the station with a handwritten note?!! Has she learned NOTHING from A?!! LOL!!! Come on!
I don't feel bad for Aria at all. Consequences.

@ R

shut up, prick


@ Arielle Puuri I completely agree with you. Up until this episode the ezria fallout was just plain ridiculous. I don't think slut shaming is right but I was glad that there were finally some realistic repercussions for Aria. Before it was weird how people just saw ezria together and thought nothing of it or didn't comment. As for the rest of the show, it really has gotten stupid. I love how Alli was first dating Ian the night she died, then that guy that flies planes, then possibly Wilden, and now board shorts. Somehow I doubt that she was with all these boys at the same time. The writers really need to pick a storyline and keep with it.

Spindae 2o

It was a solid episode but they are really dragging it along. It's S4 and we stil don't have any real answers! I'm getting tired of it and if they don't reveal stuff by end of S4B I will give up on the show!


This episode was better than the previous ones. It has set up some interesting storylines for the coming episodes, so hopefully the rest of season 4A will be more interesting, but it depends how they execute it. I liked that the Hanna storyline came to a climax and I'm interested to see how they get Ashley out of trouble with the police. And poor Em... what she did with the video proves that, no matter how hard these girls try to help, A is always one step ahead of them. Is it just me that thought the person trashing Connor's car could have been Ezra? Seems like a pretty juvenile thing to do, but I wouldn't put anything past this show.


It was a good episode it set up a lot of stuff for the next few episodes and the rest of the season. Ravenswood was pretty creepy and I can't wait to see what happens with the Halloween episode when they actually introduce the characters and I can't wait for the actual show it seems like it might be good and a little creepy. I knew mike was going to do something after he went in and talked to aria I thought he was just going to beat Connor up beating his car with a baseball bat works to it didn't bother me he was just sticking up for his sister like he should of at the beginning even though he might of went about it the wrong way on this will come back and get him. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


The whole Ezra aria storyline is ridiculous right now! They were openly together for like 6 months, going on dates, making out in public, in the tiny town of rosewood, he kissed her at her school masquerade ball without a mask, they went to Jenna's birthday party together. They aren't "rumors" the whole entire school saw aria and Ezra together and I think it's so silly for them
To say that no one noticed. Or people "suspect" they had a thing...

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