Pretty Little Liars Review: Gamma Zeta Snore

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Staying involved in the Pretty Little Liars universe is certainly an endurance test sometimes - one with very little pay off. Weeks of boring episodes have really tried my patience, and seasons of convoluted mysteries have left me wondering if there's every going to be a light at the end of the mysterious tunnel.

"Gamma Zeta Die!" continued this season's frustrating trend of providing very little action until the last few minutes. Even then, I wasn't all that involved in Hanna's fate because...well...Hanna's being very stupid lately.

Spencer with Hanna

I would like to start by pointing out the few things I did like in this episode.

ONE: Emily putting Spencer in her place. Spencer's actions have been frustrating and irritating since she found out about Toby, but her attitude at Cicero College was less annoying and more stuck up. From her disdain for the school to her condescending attempts to bond with a "geek," Spencer was begging for someone to give her a reality check.

Yeah, it really sucks that she didn't get into UPenn, but does anyone honestly think she won't get into a great school with her years of overachieving and wealthy parents? Emily couldn't stand Spencer's holier-than-thou attitude about Emily's flirting with Brendan and general snotty behavior, and I was pretty tired of it too. Emily could have checked out the school while helping Spencer solve the mystery of the phone number, but Spencer acted as though she needed her full attention. Spencer's attitude was very hypocritical, especially as she's been hiding the truth about Toby and the RV.

TWO: While that was a juicy scene, the only other thing I really enjoyed this episode was the unintentional humor of the moments between Mike and Aria. When Aria saw Mike, she asked, "When did you get home?" Seriously, where the heck has he been?

But the scene between the two reached new levels of awesome when Mike accused Aria of wanting their mother to go to Europe so she could start "boffing" her teacher again: "It's hard to get frisky with Fitz when someone's looking over your shoulder, huh?" And I'm sure "frisky with Fitz" is now trending.

Perhaps, the most disappointing aspect of the episode was Hanna reaching new levels of idiocy. Has she learned nothing from all her past attempts to help others? She just causes more trouble. As Spencer looked for Hanna, she warned Emily, "We have to find her before she does something really stupid." And that's Hanna's character in nutshell! Don't the writers and Ashley Benson get tired of the same dumb blonde routine?

And I'm sure her mistake with the gun will bring even more police attention to Ashley who I'm still not completely convinced murdered Wilden. But she did need to get some legal counsel!

Equally frustrating was the ever-deepening mystery surrounding Ali's last summer and board shorts guy. So the phone number came from a crazy weird room in a Cicero College sorority house that formerly had a somewhat abusive house mother named Carla Grunwald. I'm guessing Carla will somehow be important in the future, but why are the writers creating so many more complications? Let's hope this Carla woman isn't just another red herring.

What did you think of the installment? Weigh in now and then later in the week in our upcoming Pretty Little Liars Round Table.


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Since the shows return, it has lost a lot, I remember when I wouldwatch episodes and think " OMG I can't wait til next week!" but the episodes have gotten predicable and just eh, the characters continually fall into the same traps and seem to never learn, Mona is really the only interesting character left, and she's shown so little you tend to forget about her,I can't think of a single exciting moment this season, I miss that feeling of surprise and excitement, they need to stop distracting from the mystery at hand and keep A acting like 1 person and leave us wondering who else is involved, that's when the show was at its best, even this last episode when someone almost died was uneventful, a few more episodes like this and I don't think I'll be watching which is a shame this series started out so strong and is now going nowhere fast


pretty little liars is getting stupid.....


I have to agree with all the remarks about Hanna. It reached a whole new level of stupid. Removing the gun from the house in the first place was stupid. Trying to bury it in the woods was even more stupid. And she didn't seem to care one iota that her finger prints would have been all over that thing by the time she deposited in the forest (it actually got to the point where I was counting how many times she touched the gun with her bare hands). I feel like "where have you been?" would have been a more appropriate question for Aria to ask Mike, since we've all been wondering for the last season and a half. Their scenes were entertaining though.


If it's not the Ali-Cece-sorority thing, then Mrs Grunwald is Mrs Delarentis' evil twin! They had the same creepy look, and kinda look alike too. The thing with the bees - that has got to be the worst thing done on this show, and will give me nightmares for months. I seriously think Mrs D is targeting the moms.


So let me get this straight: a bird whistles a tune several years after hearing it that Spencer decides is a phone number, and somehow it is traced back to York county. She and Emily decide to take a campus visit to a University there (because apparently all phone numbers in the county originate from that school), and then they just happen to pick the correct sorority house, and happen to stumble upon the secret room that has gone untouched for years, with the phone still in service. That has to be the laziest bit of writing to facilitate the plot that I've ever seen. And where on Earth did A get access to a bee farm, have the ability to transport a hive to the school undetected, break into Ella's SUV, and transplant the hive into the air conditioning system?!? That would take the work of a small country's government to pull off, not a bunch of teenagers in hoodies.


I totally agree with everything that was written. Emily putting a snotty Spencer in her place was awesome. If I was Ashley Benson, I would be so pissed at this point that the writers made me such a stereotype. She deserved to get caught by the cops. I'm sorry but she's so stupid!
I don't think that Brandon was creepy...he just had a thing for Emily and she just thought she was being sweet (she was getting free college counseling. Come on!).

Spindae 2o

What a dumb move from Hanna! How could she forget that A is monitoring her all the time!? I mean it's time WE GET ANSWERS! The show can't pull this on forever! I want a new mystery to strike the girls when they get to college! This A thing should get a resolution!


What have we learnt from this episode? I can't even remember. I think I'm done with this show. Hanna is just so dumb; what kind of idiot would try to hide a suspected murder weapon on college grounds. She should have learned her lesson by now when she tried to hide the car that also linked her mother to wilden's death. Did that work for her? Nope. I know for TV shows there's a certain bit of leeway, but what this episode did was too much no sensible teenager would do that. Oh well, I'll go back to watching quality shows like Sherlock and Breaking Bad.


Carla Grunwald is now a resident of Ravenswood and will appear there in the next episode.

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