Scandal Season 3: Our Wish List

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It's almost August, Scandal Fanatics, which means we're better than half way through the long Scandal-less summer.

In order to make the wait just a little more bearable, we're compiling all the things we hope to see in Scandal season 3.

And in case you missed it, we also have a Once Upon a Time Wish List, Castle Wish List, Revenge Wish List, and The Mentalist Wish List, to help get you through until their season premieres. Now it's up to you. Look below and choose which of these story lines you'd most like to see...

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Olivia Pope's past. We want to know how Olivia transitioned from the the White House to starting OPA, there's so much story there we want to know.

Olitz. There's only so much back and forth fans can take and they may have reached their limit. It's time to either move Olivia and Fitz forward as a couple…or let it go for good.

Revamp Jake's story. As much as we love actor Scott Foley, Jake's role last season was just creepy. Was he Olivia's charming rebound guy? Was he an obsessed stalker? And all of it on Fitz's payroll!  At best, the whole thing was just weird. If Jake is sticking around for season 3 (and gets out of that box) he needs a new direction, fast.

A Presidential Divorce. Ending their marriage while Fitz is still in office could make for an outstanding storyline which would entangle Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus, and Olivia for months... and give Olitz fans the hope they've been craving.

OPA players backstory. We've gotten a good glimpse at Huck's past but what about Harrison and Abby. There's so much story that we want to see.

David Rosen & OPA. We didn't have any clue David Rosen would end up where he did last season but we loved his interactions with OPA and we want more.

The Real Olivia Pope. When Fitz broker her heart it was hard to watch, on so many levels. We love Liv but we've had enough of her tearful and depressed. Please give us the strong, determined woman we love, with our without Fitz.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Pick what you'd like to see on Scandal this season and let us know if we left anything out in the comments below.

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I want to see olivia and fitz back together married and with children...I believe they complete one another...and it's so much love surrounding them...I don't condone infidelity but if your marriage was based on a lie then the whole relationship never counted...just put them two back together please!!!...


Olitz. I love their back and forth honestly but my heart hurts when they aren't together. I love how Shonda has made these two characters into one. They cant function properly without each other. I want their love to prevail. and now that the secret is out, THEY HAVE NO REASON NOT TO BE TOGETHER. Just get married and have a baby already !


I definitely want to know more about Olivia's past. I feel like her father could of been presumed dead, B613 agents aren't allowed to have families and she was really shocked to see him in the limo. Cyrus has known Liv a long time but he doesn't seem to be aware of her link to her actual father. Liv also hinted that Cyrus is her best friend and he had been 'there since...' hinting at a major event in her life, the death of her parents maybe or just her father? I also think her dad is the reason Huck is able to live a 'normal' life without B613 hunting him down. After all there was 'no deal' made for his release even though Charlie hinted at one.


I really like Scott Foley, but there is no way that Jake and Olivia's relationship will ever amount to anything. Forget that his was spying on her, their interaction started on a lie. And no relationship starting on a lie ever works out for the good. Olivia will never fully be able to trust Jake, even if she does like him. I hope that Olivia and Fitz really are just setting things up for "the big score"...clearing things for his reelection and for them getting together.


All I want is for Olivia to get her "balls" back. I'm tired of her being weak and weepy. In the season finale before she got into the limo with her dad, she had this little smile on her face, kinda secretive. Made me wonder what was really going on. Lets explore Olivia getting back on top (and not of Fitz)!


Olitz needs to take a break for a while until the deal with some individual personal issues that will keep popping up like weeds. I like Jake and Olivia together as a couple. They seemed to be more compatible and have better potential for a normal future. They were more loving and fun. Jake was sexy and seductive. He gave himself to Olivia. I get tired of Olitz people calling him creepy. Military Intelligence Officers spy and lie it's their job. That's what they do. Nobody calls James Bond "creepy". Everybody feels so sorry for Fitz, but I think that Jake came out of the love triangle with the most scars personally and professionally. His life is ruined. He really did not know the full extent of what he was getting himself into or he probably would have made different choices.


Pls olivia should be given a chance 4 pay back @fitz buh he's still ma man


Jake and Olivia? Chemistry? Their chemistry is like a sputtering match in the midst of a 30mph gale. Just. end. that. storyline. Absolutely, fix Olitz. Give Mellie someone who can truly challenge her.


My wish list hmm.....
A Presidential Divorce .... Yes we needed that like yesterday. I definitely see lots of story/drama coming from that.
Fix Fitz ........We need a strong President who is not so easily ruled by his heart seeing as though it has been broken AGAIN. We need Fitz to put the muzzle on Cyrus and Mellie and yes.......leave Olivia alone "for now".
Fix Olivia........ Yes her heart was broken as well this season. We need her strong and resilient again. "Fix her gut". Until then please hold off on any new love interests. ( Sorry Jake/Olivia fans )
I want to know "What's the deal with Harrison?"........ Columbus Short has been "short changed" . He is a terrific actor and I would much rather see his story developed before Jake's.
Free Mellie ....... I'm ready for Mellie's revenge (lol).Her character was more sympathetic this season. I know she loves her husband and all but she has wasted time. Please bring back the Mellie from Season one. She was far more entertaining to watch. It's hard to see a married woman lament over her husband who is "gone" over someone else.
Revamp Jake's Story ... Yes you read my mind. We still don't know much about him other than his ties to Fitz and B-613. Sure he seems to care about Olivia but I DO NOT WANT TO SEE ANOTHER ATTEMPT ATA LOVE STORY FOR THEM AT THIS TIME ! Give Jake something else to do besides pursue Olivia if that is where the story is headed.( Scott Foley is cute though )
Strengthen OPA Cases of the week..... The cases of the week should be more dramatic and intriguing this Season ? Perhaps they should be longer and not necessarily wrapped up so nice and tidy at the end of each episode.
Fix Olitz but do not end Olitz...... Yes I know that the show is not all about them and viewers have different interests in the show but I'd much rather see Olitz in a place of accepting their situation of " not being together " than ending it permanently. After all love them/hate them Olitz is a "hot" topic for the show and this gladiator would be disappointed if that relationship ended.


Scott Foley must have done something or is doing something right. I have never seen an actor been dealt so much vitriol. Truthfully, I absolutely LOVE his character Jake and Olivia together. Sure, I wish the circumstances could have been different at the beginning, but like with the rest of the characters on the show, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. And Jake's bitter is not so bitter, IMO, compared to Fitz. I would love to see more about Jake's past, but most of all, I want him and Olivia to have a promising future together. I just can't wait to see their wonderful chemistry light up the TV on Thursday nights @ 10 pm. I'm anticipating, along with a whole lot of others, to see this wonderful love story unfold between Jake and Olivia in Season 3. I do want to see what's explored with Liv's dad, "Rowan." The other components of Scandal, I have mediocre to no interest in. Bring it on Jake!!!!!!

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