Scandal Season 3: Our Wish List

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It's almost August, Scandal Fanatics, which means we're better than half way through the long Scandal-less summer.

In order to make the wait just a little more bearable, we're compiling all the things we hope to see in Scandal season 3.

And in case you missed it, we also have a Once Upon a Time Wish List, Castle Wish List, Revenge Wish List, and The Mentalist Wish List, to help get you through until their season premieres. Now it's up to you. Look below and choose which of these story lines you'd most like to see...

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Olivia Pope's past. We want to know how Olivia transitioned from the the White House to starting OPA, there's so much story there we want to know.

Olitz. There's only so much back and forth fans can take and they may have reached their limit. It's time to either move Olivia and Fitz forward as a couple…or let it go for good.

Revamp Jake's story. As much as we love actor Scott Foley, Jake's role last season was just creepy. Was he Olivia's charming rebound guy? Was he an obsessed stalker? And all of it on Fitz's payroll!  At best, the whole thing was just weird. If Jake is sticking around for season 3 (and gets out of that box) he needs a new direction, fast.

A Presidential Divorce. Ending their marriage while Fitz is still in office could make for an outstanding storyline which would entangle Fitz, Mellie, Cyrus, and Olivia for months... and give Olitz fans the hope they've been craving.

OPA players backstory. We've gotten a good glimpse at Huck's past but what about Harrison and Abby. There's so much story that we want to see.

David Rosen & OPA. We didn't have any clue David Rosen would end up where he did last season but we loved his interactions with OPA and we want more.

The Real Olivia Pope. When Fitz broker her heart it was hard to watch, on so many levels. We love Liv but we've had enough of her tearful and depressed. Please give us the strong, determined woman we love, with our without Fitz.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Pick what you'd like to see on Scandal this season and let us know if we left anything out in the comments below.

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Agreed about how are you going to save the character of 'Jake'. No matter how you cook it, Jake slept with Liv because daddy ordered it. He may really care for her in the end. But the premise of their get together hasn't changed...makes it unforgivable for fans to have live with if he is thrust back into Liv's life.
One thing more on Jake we need background on Jake and Fitz. What else makes Fitz not a good guy??
End Liv and Fitz and that will end the show. A lot of people are invested in the cusp of that relationship. Let us know they are forever end game without making either of their characters 'depressed wimps.'
Get Fitz re-elected through a tough nail biting campaign. Then let the divorce proceedings begin.
I have a feeling it won't be that much of grand shock about the relationship between Liv and her dad. You could tell from the little we know, the way he has handled the situation with his daughter there is an emotional disconnect. Daddy is all business for the 'republic', no matter who is involved.


Nice write up. Totally agree about the Olivia and Fitz part. The writers need to move them forward or just end it. I say move them forward. The Olitz relationship is the best part of the show. So many interesting storylines could come from this relationship. Please end the Grant marriage. This union is pure torture to watch. Give Mellie a love of her own. I would rather see the OPA backstory: Harrison, Olivia, and Abby. We already got Huck's last season. I also need to see a stronger Fitz. Things I can do without: More David and more Jake. Jake shouldn't have been made a series regular. Scott Foley has no chemistry with Kerry Washington, but I'm afraid the writers will stale Olitz and push for this relationship which is a Joke. How could Liv be with a man her dad hired to have sex with her and video tape her? The writers better not go there.
Finally, the cases of the week are predictable and boring. Writers please fix this.




Couldn't care less about Scott Foley or Jake. I still don't understand why he was made a regular. We have enough characters on canvas, he wasn't needed. So not interested in his backstory, in the least. I only watch for Olitz, so Shonda needs to fix it, quick, fast and in a hurry. Every thing else on the wish list, I agree with.


What's Olivia's story BEFORE she worked on the Grant campaign? What about her relationship with her dad? Does she know he's the head of B613? How did Olivia meet Cyrus? How are Cyrus and Rowan connected? What's Harrison's story? Is Fitz going to find out that Cyrus ordered the murder of Amanda Tanner? What's going to happen to Quinn (Baby Huck)? Who spilled the beans about Olivia and Fitz? So many qustions...Oct 3rd can't come soon enough!


Um, how on earth did you leave off the father story line? Who is her dad? Does she know he runs B-613? Was he trying to kill her or protect her? Why doesn't he want her dating Fitz? Did her relationship with him have anything to do with why they haven't been hunting Huck? Totally want to get more into the father story line and Olivia's family history.


Yes. Get this divorce party started, that would be a popcorn and wine event. Mellie says she's qualified, give us a fireworks divorce, then let her earn her stripes on her own running for office or some power play. Fix Olitz, I am in the camp that wants them together. Not sure how to "fix" Jake. First impressions are lasting and his creepy stare into the camera made a big one. Sneaking around, beating the snot out of that photographer. He can't go back to Fitz's team on the White House staff, he burned that bridge sleeping with Liv. He's B613, so they aren't supposed to have family unless the writers try some heavy handed "just kidding." Cy hates him, Fitz hates him, Rowan hates him. They dug a pretty big hole. I don't care for all the spy stuff anyway, except Huck.


I know everyone love Olivia and Fritz together but I think Fritz is a jerk and Mellie and Olivia can do better.

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