Switched at Birth Review: I Will Never Forgive You!

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"He Did What He Wanted" was a fairly intense Switched episode, covering a lot of ground.

There was a nice big story arc for Emmett, so that should have made some of you very happy, and I definitely have some questions regarding what's going on with him. Regina and John had a come to Jesus moment and John tried to get there first... literally. Ty and Bay moved closer and Daphne learned something new about Jace.

Let's hit the ground running!

Bay & Regina

Let's talk about Bay. When she noticed something was a bit off with Ty, she asked Marybeth, only to learn they had spent the night previous cleaning out MB's brother's room of his belongings. Tough stuff. Bay so wants everyone to be happy, and her attempt at making things come together don't always work. After a night of miniature golf with her boss and Marybeth (in an unsuccessful attempt to fix them up), Marybeth lost her brother's dog tags. 

The biggest problem I had with that was dog tags are made to be practically indestructible. They're the one thing used to identify a soldier after all hell has broken loose and they are lying in bits or scattered in rubble. How did Marybeth lose them playing mini golf?!? I guess some things are not for me to know. The poor girl can't catch a break, but she has a wonderful friend in Ty.

Bay thought she was receiving mixed signals from Ty and finally asked him straight up if he was still into her. He practically broke into song with the lovely words he spoke to her. They kissed and unless things with her father turn her life upside down, it looks like they'll launch into a solid romance. 

While Bay and Daphne didn't continue their sisterly bonding from last week, they didn't lose any ground either. Daphne was shocked to learn she wasn't invited to Jace's 4th of July party until he told her he's a political blogger and was hot on a lead that John's boss was having an affair with one of his interns. This is the same boss that was also hitting on Kathryn like a complete pig. Daphne's immediate reaction was to be shocked that Jace was gossiping behind people's backs, but he reminded her how she couldn't invoke change at Carlton with a petition - he'd done his homework on her. They're going to make a pretty good match, as well.

Daphne and Emmett were hanging out together, not only at the party but at a restaurant with his father. During that meal, his father broke the news to Emmett that he was considering getting a cochlear implant. It was as if he told Emmett he was going to go into a deep freeze until a cure for deafness was discovered.

I'm never going to understand deaf people and the controversy of getting a cochlear implant to try to improve their ability to hear. I'm not deaf and, frankly, I hope I never will be. If I'm watching Switched at Birth and understanding the message, some people may think that means I'm a bad person and perhaps even bigoted. 

I don't have a lot to compare the situation to. I was assaulted and lost my front tooth and the one beside it. I didn't hesitate to have them replaced. One of them is currently falling back out due to shoddy dentistry, and I'm not thinking that leaving a hole in my smile will add to my life experience, although if I lived that way long enough, I'm sure there are many lessons I'd learn. 

The only thing I know for sure is the look on Emmett's dad's face when Emmett told him he didn't want him to have the implant was of indescribable disappointment. Not because of anything to do with his hearing, but because his son didn't trust him enough to make a life-altering decision about his own life for himself and on his own behalf. The change wasn't going to effect Emmett in any way but something, perhaps Melody's militant stance on the issue, made Emmett think he had some say in the issue.

I would really like to hear from the deaf, and your thoughts on the matter. I'd like to know if other communities feel the same. Do the blind turn away the chance to see if given the opportunity, does someone who lost a limb prefer to live without it? 

Regina was still working very hard to keep her job and she was also dealing with two very stubborn men in her life. Angelo was spending money to the point that it made Regina worry about his financial situation, and John, with everything going on around him - Bay living with Regina, Kathryn being hit on by his boss, Toby's upcoming wedding - finally hit the wall. He and Regina had an argument, which you can see in this Switched at Birth quote

Regina: You have always had it in for me. What is it, huh?
John: What is it? You hid my daughter from me for thirteen years! I will never forgive you for that. NEVER!
Regina: And the more that I know you, the more I know that I was right to keep it a secret. You would have taken both girls away from me.
John: You are damn right! | permalink

The anger and rage coming from them both made for a really powerful scene. They had barely had time to get over it when Regina saw John making food in his kitchen and decided to head back in and start the argument anew. But John had fallen to the floor and didn't seem to be breathing. 


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............... I will never understand why many hearing people loved certain songs. I can talk with people (verbally)but I will never feel comfortable talking with people and can never understand how hearing people can talk verbally so easily. The reason? because I dont have the sense and the perception of hearing. Basically I know the REASONS why hearing people value their hearing sense but I will never understand it fully. Same goes for hearing people; I hope they try to know the reasons but they will never understand it.


Okay, half of my comment got cut off or something. I wrote one that is below. Anyways when you ask those quesion Do the blind turn away the chance to see if given the opportunity, does someone who lost a limb prefer to live without it" It depend on who you are asking. If you are asking me(or those deaf who was born with being deaf); how on earth I am missing something which I did not have it to begin with? And yes, I prefer living without the sense of hearing. Why? Because it is a work for me. Hearing is natural sense for you but not for us.I can hear music wih the help of hearing aid but I will never understand why many hearing people loved certain songs. I can talk with people (verbally)but I will never feel comfortable talking with people and can never understand how hearing people can talk verbally so easily. The reason? because I dont have the sense and the perception of hearing. Basically I know the REASONS why hearing people value their hearing sense but I will never understand it fully. Same goes for hearing people; I hope they try to know the reasons but they will never understand it. Are you getting what I am saying?


I am deaf and from birth too. So I am stating my experience purely from being deaf from birth.
Well, about cohlear implant; in Emmett case, he got all these information about deaf community from his parents; inspired by them and all. When he get to know that his father is getting implant he was shocked at first; it is his father who is getting implant; from whom he grew up believing that implanting mean deaf people are being fixed. not only that; the fact that he is having a hearing girlfriend and that he is implanting a cohlear implant baffled him. I mean like "oh my father is doing that for his girlfriend and he did not even bother to put an effort for custody of me".
Yes, i see your point of you never want to be deaf ever; it is because you are hearing first. But to those people who is deaf from birth or deaf at very early age, some of hem would not want to get implant; because for them implanting mean getting fixed. Which they dont to be fixed. You asked"Do the blind turn away the chance to see if given the opportunity, does someone who lost a limb prefer to live without it?" For those who are born with being deaf, How they are missing something when they dont have it in first place? You replaced your tooth without hesistant because you know its value.When a deaf from birth people tried to listen to sound be it either from hearing aid or cohlear implant; they will always be confused by it. Like for me, i still dont get why a cetain song is so loved by many or why people loved talking, etc. I can hear sound from the hearing aid but I dont have any favourite songs. I can talked with people but I feel more tuned and comfortable by chatting with people through texting or chatting in messenger. I know the reasons why hearing people value their sense of hearing but I will never ever understand FULLY about the sense of hearing because I never had it to begin with. Same goes for hearing people. They will never ever understand the sense of being deaf, because they never had it. Basically, hearing people will not understand what it is like being deaf and deaf people will never understand fully what it is like being to hear fully. And I think cohlear implant is most controversial because it is mostly suggested to implanted at deaf babies. Most parents implanted it because they think their babies are missing out the sound in their life. And they don't look for other options. It is harder to live with something that I naturally dont have and need to work on forever. Trying to hear is a work for us. And there is more important works than this. I did rather to do other important work which is useful. :)


ok, im all ebay, I mean, everyone deserves a second chance right? Especially when you say your relationship can get through anything, and then you end it!not cool. I do NOT like ty anymore, he is very romantic, but he and bay just don't have that connection that emmmett and bay do. It makes me wannna cry that he and bay are no longer trying to reconnect. that was my favorite relationship on the show.


Half my comment got eaten ... I'll try to retype the rest: My situation is a little different in that I'm hard of hearing rather than deaf so I do consider my hearing loss a disability but I still wouldn't get one even though I could be a candidate for one (totally deaf in one ear mostly deaf in the other). Though my reasons are mostly medical in nature in that I don't feel that CIs work well enough to be worth the time and effort at this time. You can't even turn the CI on until the surgery site heals (which is understandable) and then once you do it's a constant cycle of testing and adjusting to get it working correctly in all situations. It's possibly a little easier for someone like me who's already had speech / understands speech but there would still be an adjustment to get used to. To me it's just not worth it. People act like it's a magical cure for deafness when it's not - it's basically a better version of a hearing aid that takes time and effort to work with and isn't a guarantee of anything.


The cochlear implant issue is complicated and you're going to get different answers even within the Deaf community. That said the key thing to remember is that for many in Deaf Culture they don't see their deafness as a disability any more than you would consider hearing a disability. It's just a difference. So why would they want a cochlear implant? Also the whole issue of implanting children - yes it's true that it's better for spoken language understanding to implant early, but there's all kinds of questions and emotions tied up in that. Especially when parents refuse to learn sign language after their kids get cochlear implants: a) there's no guaruntee that the kid is going to be able to understand speech right away or at all so why deny them a method to communicate while they're learning and b) the minute they take the cochlear implant off or the batteries die or something breaks, they're still deaf so again - loss of communication method. My situation is a little different since I'm hard of hearing rather than completely deaf (deaf in one ear, mostly deaf in the other), so I do consider my hearing loss a disability. However I personally wouldn't get one and I don't like the way the show sometimes acts like cochlear implant would be a magical cure for deafness. Especially the episode where Daphne almost caused a fire and then almost got hit by a car. Those things didn't happen JUST because she was deaf, they happened because she stopped paying attention to her surroundings - and that can happen to hearing people just as much as deaf people. Also there's still no guarantee that a cochlear implant will work 100% - especially in noisy situations just like hearing aids. Not to mention the amount of work it takes to even set one up - you can't turn it on until the surgery site heals (several months) then you have to adjust all the settings and get used to how it works and basically learn how to hear. Then if you weren't able to understand speech before you have to learn how to do that as well. There's all kinds of WORK involved in getting one. it's not just "turn it on and you're cured!" - which is why I hate hate hate all those videos of people trying their cochlear implants for the first time and the video focuses how AMAZING it is that they hear. Great they hear a noise... wonderful... but do they understand speech? Will they be able to? Will the cochlear implant continue working for years or will they need to replace it? I'm not going through the time and expense of surgery and putting something in my head that might not even work correctly. I'll stick with an external hearing aid for that.


Regina her inability to understand the havoc she created by keeping Daphne and Bay separate from the moment she knew about the switch is baffling. For those who don't know. She knew when they were 3 years old. Bay subconsciously believes that Regina prefers Daphne to her own biological daughter. Daphne believes that she is choosing to be with her biological child and Angelo. The Kennishs no matter how much they have opened their home are pissed off because they missed all the years of their daughter's life, as any parent would be. They accept her because she is Daphne and Bay's mother, they will never be able to get rid of her. However Regina should know that her choice to make this decision alone will haunt the family always.


Why do people get so angry about what Bay and Daphne are doing. I say again they are teenagers. They will annoy one week and love them the next. John, I love this character and I love to hate him as well. He is the best character on the show. Why you ask, it is not easy playing the recalcitrant, stubborn, see it my way or the highway character with moments of unabashed charm and thoughtfulness. If you haven't seen all facets to his character then you haven't been watching from the beginning of the show. I hope they don't change him to meet audience expectations but grow him as a character due to the circumstances of having a new family embedded into his life.


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Great episode except that they showed Regina doing CPR incorrectly. You no longer need to check for breathing first - just check the pulse and start chest compressions as quickly as possible. You are also supposed to give breaths in a ratio of 30:2 with doing the chest compressions - she counted her compressions but forgot to give any breaths. I guess they need a better medical consultant.

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Switched at Birth Season 2 Episode 14 Quotes

Emmett: Suddenly being deaf isn't good enough for you?
Travis: Come on, Dude. That's so old school.

I can't believe you went to a deaf school. That is so you.