The Vampire Diaries Season 5: First Footage!

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Prepare to meet the other Doppleganger, TVD Fanatics.

At today's Comic-Con panel discussion, key cast members and Julie Plec teased a number of upcoming developments (full recap coming soon!), but the hour-long event kicked off with a sizzle reel that featured our very first look at The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

And it's clear Paul Wesley is having a blast as Silas.

The concluding seconds of a series retelling features this ancient witch addressing a town full of Mystic Falls residents, talking about the blood he's swallowed and his plans for the town. Cue Bonnie screaming... Caroline running... and Delena kissing.

It's your first look the October 3rd season premiere. Sit back and enjoy, readers:

UPDATE: The premiere title has been announced! The opening episode will be called "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

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cant wait looks awesome waited so long and finally its nearly here whoop whoop x


Damon look hot Elena and Damon look sweet together :) the new season going to be very very very good can't wait to watch it :)


That new season very good I can't wait when it on itv2 am going to watch it :) Damon look very hot


elena is such a whore! how could she love someone and then another one...


Uhh did Silas just kill Bonnie's dad in that clip??


This looks awesome!!!! Can't wait for October!!


Is that how you felt about the last season before it began? Haha. Let's not get our hopes up too high. They don't keep people happy for long on this show so I don't think any shippers should be thinking that this is going to be a good year for their couple.


This looks amazing...Can't Wait !!!


Me too.
It really looks good.


I can't wait for this season it looks really good.

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