True Blood Review: Deeper Shade of Soul

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With just three episodes remaining in True Blood Season 6, several characters showed some uncommon sides of themselves this week.

"In the Evening" featured some of the most intense scenes of the season and provided the stage for the likes of Jessica, Arlene and Eric to showcase just how complex their characters are. 

Week in and week out, Jessica is thrown into situations of major consequence. As she has become an integral fixture on the show, I often forget just how young a vampire she is. In her scenes with both Jason and James,, we saw a woman who has matured emotionally, but still possesses a sort of innocence that makes her both attractive and tragic.

I should have known better, but I found myself shocked when Jess reminded us that she has never been with another vampire before. She knows what her future holds and her impending fate, but still searched to for answers to what it really means to be a vampire. James was as insightful as he was sexy during their whole encounter. Their naked showdown was one of the hotter scenes in the show's history despite being one of the least graphic.

Goodbye, Nora

For as much of this show exists in darkness, Arlene has always been a ray of light and a reminder that despite all the supernatural craziness, people still have to get up, go to work and try to live their lives. Such is why seeing her so torn apart this week was as impactful as it was. I was momentarily relieved when I saw her clutching a can of PBR and a rocks glass, but drunk as she was, her pain was still evident. The fact she lashed out at Lafayette, who she cares deeply for, was evidence of just how bad she was hurting. 

Without question, though, the most emotional moments of the episode were those featuring the grief stricken Eric. Early on, I loved seeing him masterfully escape the camp with Nora. It is always a treat to see him flex his vampire muscle, but we soon saw how fragile a heart he has as Nora began to fade. Eric praying to Godric, the flashback to plague stricken London (complete with that guy in the top hat and creepy bird mask), followed by Nora noting how they would end as they began, made her eventual death so emotionally charged.

It was hard to watch as the virus crept up her arms, into her face and eventually consume her in gruesome fashion. Eric's pain was palpable, but so was the rage welling up inside him. I took solace in the shot of Bill's anguished face as he looked on, because it signaled to me that the once formidable duo were going to reunite and seriously bring the pain to those responsible. 

While the aforementioned characters displayed some uncommon sides to themselves, it was fantastic to see one character looking like her old self and even getting a little yoga in. Pam was back and better than ever, as she seduced her therapist. Prison blues never looked so good, as she bewitchingly shifted about on the couch and repeatedly brushed her long locks away from her chest. The good doctor may have had only one thing on his mind, but I greatly enjoyed hearing her talk about her time at Fangtasia and her extensive insight into human desire.

Pam has never been anyone's lap dog, but since being taken captive, she has been forced into a level of obedience not usually her style, so it was great to see her take back the reins. 

While things heated up behind bars, Sookie and Lafayette were busy uncovering startling truths about Terry's murder. Lafayette, as always, provided plenty of laughs to keep the episode from getting too morose. He is never short on words, but some of the looks he doles out - like the one he flashed the woman at the bank after she handed Sookie the safety deposit box -are just as hysterical. 

Speaking of looks, did anyone else think Nicole was going to do something bad to Sam, just before she stripped and joined him in the shower? The look on her face was very menacing, but vanished as the two shared a steamy shower scene. I'm just glad no one slipped and broke their neck. 

Alcide quickly found himself in a slippery situation as well when Rikki exposed his lie to the pack and produced the very much alive Nicole and her mother. Alcide's dad appeared to be right: pack life does not seem to be for him. Let's hope Alcide can at least save Nicole and her gorgeous hair before retiring to a lone wolf existence. On a larger scale, I still am not sure what role if any, he will play in the eventual vampire LAVTF showdown. 

Lastly, how about Sarah Newlin asking the Senator to call in his version of Ray Donovan so that she could try her hand at being Olivia Pope? Drop one octave and repeat after me, that is one bad bitch on a mission. Loved the dress too Sarah. 

Only three episodes left, what did you think? 


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Henri, Bill was clearly threatening Andy, implying that if he retaliates more harm will come. There really wasn't a whole lot Andy could do in that situation. You seriously couldn't see that?


Nice episode. Very sad as well. I kinda liked Nora. Eric brkke my heart. The only timr I saw him like this was when Godric died.
Bill walking in the sun. I wassurprised. .. it's only by the reaction of the group that it REALLY hit me.
Lafayette and Pam were the jewels of this episode ! Though I hope shr doesn't have sex with the therapist. Ewwww !!!
Jessica never had sex with a vampire... yep I was shocked because I never realized lol.
Sookie... yeah, she's kinda boring... Btw, I totally agree with the comment about The vampire diaries.


Although this season is an improvement over last year there are still moments where I roll my eyes at the cheesy stolen-straight-from-a-romance-novel writing. From Sookie and Warlow's "my mate, my one true mate" relationship to Jessica's "even though things are dire, all I want to do is sex you" bit. I could understand if Charlaine Harris was writing the scripts but she isn't. Or maybe she is since one of Andy's daughters is named after her. Has the show's writing been turned over to a fan? Sad Terry died and wished it could've been Holly, Tara, Jessica, Alcide or heck it all even Sookie. Yes, she's the main character, but she's about as necessary to the series as Nora.


I thought it was slow but pretty good. Pam was the best part of the episode because the whole to horny to be hungry thing just made me piss myself. Seeing Pam flaunt it was pretty great although I really hope they don't show a sex scene with that guy because I might vomit. I've been waiting for Pam to have a see scene but please not with Mr.Tuna-fish therapist.


well thank god for variety being the spice of life, because I still f*cking love me some true blood... I would rather drown myself in some true blood vampires than the blood sucking misfits that vampire diaries has become. the love triangle of Stefan elana and damon is so overrated by now, it would suck if you were meant to be with one person forever, because nothing does last forever. those silly little vampires in vampire diaries really need to get over their teenage angst and grow a pair. is it not about time they grow up and sink their teeth into some more adult subject matter, thank god for true blood at least something us adults can appreciate...


This was a weaker episode, but it still better than anything from last season. This season has been an improvement on the last two. I'm surprised some of you commenters are still watching. I'd rather them give some characters nothing to do than give them something pointless to do, which they've done with a few like Sam and Alcide. Most of the characters that have died have been pointless filler anyway. Tara deserves to be underused as well.


The whole episode fell apart for me when Andy and Bill shook hands. Jessica killed three of Andy's daughters and he is willing to forgive and forget? I was absolutely delighted when Nora met the true death and only wish she suffered more. With the possible exception of Tara I can't think of a single vampire in this show that I am rooting for any more. I hope Hepatitis V wipes them all out. Yes, I guess I've become a very disillusioned True Blood viewer. Not even sure I'll bother with next season.


I use to look forward to True Blood; now, not so much. I still watch, hoping it will get better. The writing of the series seems to have taken a steep decline in the last two seasons. Very saddened to see characters I once enjoyed being given nothing to do or being killed-off pointlessly. I know the cliche of pay-cable is that the plot is just an excuses for sex scenes; way to go True Blood to prove the cliche!


I'm actually sick of True Blood. I used to be a huge fan but now I'm seriously bored. Who cares about past encounters of Eric with yet another Female Vampire to be, such a waste of screen time for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I love Eric but I think we see too much of him at the expense of other equally important characters. For instance, Tara is totally underused which is a pity, I actually got to like her (althought I must admit it was an acquired taste), Sam has suddenly become super boring and let's face it, useless (they should have explored his relationship with Tara imho), Sookie is again having sex outdoors with some creature (and it's all she's doing really despite the fact they are trying to keep her busy with inferior storylines like this going to the bank thing)and Jess is so f***** annoying. I don't understand the appeal, I mean, why here? Thank God, Lafayette is there for some fun relief and to remind us that he is the only really interesting character. I much prefered older episodes with mysteries that were all Bon Temps based. I'm sick of Lilith, governors and other Great authorities that take our characters into high scale stories that are not even developped properly. I miss Lettie Mae (she was just so hilarious), Antonia Gavilán, Maryann Forrester, Anne-Sophie and Vampires trying lo live among humans, etc. So destroy the Nazi facility and kill the pack storyline ASAP and bring Sookie, Tara, Sam, Jason and yes, even Terry, back to Merlotte because so far, season 6 of True Blood is the one I like the least.


loving Anna Camp as Sarah Newlin this season

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