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True Blood Season 6

Bill in Thought

Bill learns that salvation isn't free on the True Blood Season 6 finale. Elsewhere, Sookie considers her future with Warlow.

Pic of Sookie
"Life Matters"

Eric puts a vamp camp plan into motion on True Blood this week. Elsewhere, Sookie intervenes when Bill tries to remove Warlow from the faerie world.

Bill on Season 6
"Dead Meat"

Sarah does all she can to keep the Tru Blood flowing on this True Blood episode. Elsewhere, Jason gets to know Violet and Arlene prepares Terry's funeral.

Mourning the Governor
"In the Evening"

Sarah vows revenge against Jason on this episode of True Blood. Elsewhere, Eric pledges allegiance to Bill.

Stare from Pam
"Don't You Feel Me"

Eric makes a major discovery this week on Trye Blood. Elsewhere, Bill seeks out Lilith for advice.

Powerful Sookie
"F**k the Pain Away"

Jessica pays Jason a visit on this episode of True Blood. Elsewhere, Sookie summons her parents and wonders if she can trust Warlow.

Jessica and Her Fangs
"At Last"

Bill continues to work on a solution on True Blood this week, while Eric hits the Governor where it really hurts the most.

Return of Steve
"You're No Good"

Eric gets closer to the Governor's daughter on this episode of True Blood, while Steve Newlin returns!

Arliss Howard on True Blood
"The Sun"

Jason learns the identity of his new friend on True Blood this week, while Eric confronts the Governor and Bill learns more about his abilities.

Bloody Eric and Pam
"Who Are You, Really?"

True Blood is back with a new season! And Bill is as evil as ever.

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