True Blood Review: This One Time, at Vamp Camp...

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With Eric, Pam, Tara, and Jessica acquainted with Vamp Camp, it was time for them to take action on True Blood.

And thanks to the help of Eric's new protege Willa and a bold performance by Bill in "Don't You Feel Me," these members of the undead are officially biting back.

RIP, Terry

Of course the timing of Eric's plan would coincide with Jason Stackhouse breaking his way into the institution. This is the kind of stuff that happens to Jason. However, at least the romantic gesture won't be lost on Jessica when she finds out.

So... did anyone really think that Pam and Eric were going to fight, wound or possibly even kill one another? Puh-lease. Those two are like peas and carrots. They knew the game plan just through a few seconds of eye contact. Eric and Pam are Level One vamps and, despite Sarah Newlin's best efforts, nobody is desperate to give them the true death.

Burrell wants to wound Eric and feed him slow pain until he can find a "cure" for Willa. Newsflash Governor: Willa doesn't want to be "cured." She was more than happy to be a part of her new dad's plan and get the guards under their control. As far as the whole Hepatitis V thing, does anyone remember True Blood season 1 when Sookie warned Bill from being tricked into feeding on someone who had something similar? 

One thing to be said about Eric is that he takes care of his own. Nora is his sister and he will not let her die without a fight, even if that means crawling to Bill on next week's True Blood and begging for his help in healing her. Speaking of Billith, how badass was he when he walked onto the Governor's compound in broad daylight, taking wooden bullets left and right, altering commands and all around running shit? I also like that Bill isn't into Lillith's riddles and general irritating presence. She and her bloody minions can peace out.

Everything Else:

  • I think, and pray, that we've wrapped up the Alcide/Sam storyline. Sam realized that Emma needs to be with Martha. Alcide realized for two seconds that he needed to stop being a douche.
  • Rest In Peace, Terry Bellefleur. There was no way for Terry to reverse his own death wish once Arlene had him glamoured. At least he seemed happy in the last hours of his life. He died in the arms of his love.
  • Andy finally named his daughter! And gave her three extra names so she'd never forget her sisters. Aww.
  • Let's call it "The Adventures of Danger Whore." Sweet Jesus, is that what a faery orgasm looks like? Or did Sookie and Warlow just make a faery-vamp hybrid baby like some crap out of Twilight? Whatever, I have to say I'm digging their connection. 

Lafayette: Now let me get this hetero straight, so you’s a vampire that can come out in the daytime.

Warlow: Yeah, in a nutshell.

Lafayette: There go the damn neighborhood. | permalink

This episode really brought us into the second half of the season with a strong feeling. It seems like the writers have decided to trim the fat regarding the storylines and really hone in on the main focus of the show. If they keep churning out episodes like this, I'll be as happy as Lafayette when he's alone with his glue gun and a blunt.


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@Terrie : just saw the trailer. Sara ssid not tk let anyone know the governor is dead. Also, True Blood has been renewed for a season 7 .


Bill will kill Ben/Warlow... and leave Sookie with faery/vamp baby??. pffff just don't digging it!! what a waist!!!


I had a great time watching episode six ...From what was said during the Comic Con panel we can expect that True Blood is finally back on its orginal tracks and that we are getting more of vampire vs human storylines from now on than we had in the past ! Finally te writers seemed to listen to their fan basis urging them since years to go back to fondamentals ! Great job, keep on ...


Loved the new Bill, and the end of the governor. I didn't see the previews, but I don't know how Sarah is telling him not to let anyone know he is still alive since his head is sitting at the base of a statue. Sorry to see Terry go, glad to have the Sam and Alcide story wrap up. They seem extraneous this year anyway. Sam has seemed extraneous to me since the end of season 2. And yes, it has been renewed for another season just to answer Terrie's question.


Oh I forgot to mention Bill......yeah that was great and I knew it was getting close to time for the vamps to make their move.......


If you seen the previews for next week, You saw Sarah Newlin telling the Governor nobody could know he was still alive (I hope I didn't see that right-but anyway) can see the preview at Didn't see Terry getting killed that some have said it's time to trim the fat on this show.......I still think this season will be the last.......anybody heard anything on that? I still think we'll see a showdown between Alcide and Sam....Alcide told him to not get caught in Bon Temps........ Sookie and Warlow........what the!!!!........Is Sookie now like Warlow after being bitten so many times by Eric and Bill???? Is she a vamp/fae??????


Last nights show was AWESOME to say the least!! TEAM BILL all the way here.What he did in the courtyard was awesome to watch! Glad Eric and Pam got out of their mess. Feeling bad for Jessica. Hated Terry died, but so has some of the characters because of lack of storyline. Poor Alcide hasnt had much to ""growl"" about for a while now...lets hope that changes. Last nights show was the best so far this season. Lets hope it keeps it up!!


Jason is back. But that Sara bitch, I hope she gets turned lool. Poor Jess...still mad she killed Andy's girls, but that was humiliating.... poor James too...
Pam snd Eric fighting... yes and no. It was intense though. I hope they all get out. Except Steve Newlin. Bomb the whole thing.
Also, Bill drinking Warlow's blood, is it permanent? Will the vamps choose to do the same...
Can't wait for the nect episode !!!!


Goddamn this episode was awesome ! From start to finish. If the writers keep this up, it'll be the best season of True Blood.
First , very sad to see Terry go. At least Arlene was with him. But the guy who shot him was oh so hsppy to oblige... it wad strange.
Lafayette always on top ! I love him.
I soooo hope the Sam/Alcide arc id over. Good thinking, giving Emma to Martha.
Andy finally named his daughters ! How cute !
Sooo digging Sookie and Warlow !!! If that's what a faery orgasm looks like, I want one. Though I think they are getting sent back to "earth"... danger-whore, lol.
Bill was a total BADASS !!!!! wow. The whole scene was brilliant. So since governor is dead, who's in charge?
The vamps bite back ! Eric was just great. Baby Willa made new daddy proud. But poor Nora. I really like her. I so remember that epi in s1 when Sookie warned Bill about hepatitis V. But to put it in the Tru Blood, very clever...

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True Blood Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Every minute that you waste not fast-tracking me onto this having me on this fuck fanger police force is a minute wasted where I'm not out there fucking some fangers up.


Lafayette: Now let me get this hetero straight, so you's a vampire that can come out in the daytime.
Warlow: Yeah, in a nutshell.
Lafayette: There go the damn neighborhood.

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