Twisted Review: Bonding Rituals

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On "Sleeping with the Frenemy," Jo and Danny continued with their resolve from last week's Twisted to try to be more social, as both of the friends attempted to bond with their Green Groove classmates... albeit for different reasons.

Danny had his first soccer game as a Green Grove Grizzle and let's just say it could have gone better.

Difficult Times

Things started out fairly well for Danny on the squad. If his team was scared of him, he reasoned, just imagine how scared the opponents would be! Danny knows to poke fun of himself at this point. If everyone else is going to say it, he's not going to just ignore the taunts.

All kidding aside, it didn't take the team very long to see that he would be an asset and was an excellent player. Archie was reluctant to accept it, but Danny was able to get his first fist bump elsewhere. Poor Rico was jealous. I'm glad that Danny and Rico got to hang out on their own, they both really need a guy friend.

Girls are horrible snarky monsters. Give me guy friends any day. | permalink

It's safe to say Jo would have definitely rather been at the diner than Lacey's awkward sleepover. However, she sucked it up to try and get the inside info on Regina and anything else that might be helpful to clear Danny's name. Big ups to the writers and props department for having the girls play "Cards Against Humanity," which is the most inappropriate yes hilarious card game out right now. The majority of the answers would have been bleeped off of ABC Family.

I'm definitely warming up to Phoebe's character. She may have been a little Jessi Spano on speed-hyper at first, but at least she's not a sullen bitch like Serita. Sorry, but I am still not a Serita fan.

What do you all think about Archie's explanation for the DVD and his alibi? I guess they could easily add up, but that DVD wasn't exactly a highlight reel. It looks like Regina admired Archie for a bit more than his soccer skills. I'm not totally sold on Archie's innocence.

It also looks like Karen is no longer completely sold on her son's innocence now that she found Tara/Regina's necklace hidden in the cup holder of the chair. She clearly had no idea Danny had it. I still have this weird blind faith in Danny that I'm sure many viewers can relate to, but he needs to start giving us and those helping him some answers.

What did you think of the latest episode of Twisted? Is Jo set to have her heart broken? 


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All 3 of the leads are incredible but Danny and Lacey have romantic chemistry in spades. The only interaction between the two of them in the entire episode was a glance when Danny scored a goal - that made Archie furious and he ended up losing the game out of spite - but OMG even that one look was hot. But I'm surprised by the promo which shows a possible kiss between them as its completely uncharacteristic of Lacey's character to warm up that fast (in ONE episode??).

Sarah silva

Danny did not call Regina and I still think he is covering for his dad or someone else and that person killed his Aunt not him and being a kid would and did get a lesser sentence.
I do not believe Archie's story at all. I want Lacey to watch the DVD and see for herself what maybe Archie and Regina were seeing each other.
Archie losing the game because he did not want to pass the ball to Danny was childish and it looks like the team will be on Danny's side now.
I liked the Danny and Rico scene too.


I bet it was Danny's dad who left the necklace under the cupholder, years ago. When Danny destroyed Regina's copy he thought he was getting rid of THE evidence, I don't think he knew there was another issue! Sarita is so awful that is boring, this show is not great, but common! hello, writers? character complexity 101? Lacy is boring too. Her mum seems much more fun!

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