Warehouse 13 Review: Full-Artifact Alchemy

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At points during Warehouse 13 Season 4, I’ve been happy that the show is heading towards its final conclusion. Over the past few episodes, many things have begun feeling like a retread of what's come before.

For much of "All the Time in the World," I was revisiting those thoughts. There’s only so many times an artifact can be used on an agent, and there are only so many times the closeness between our favorite agents is really just a never ending circle, in essence keeping the comfortable distances between them.

But I spoke - or thought - too soon.

Finding the Alchemist

Once Steve figured out how to communicate with Claudia again, everything began to pick up. The family was beginning to be reassembled, much like Nick, Charlotte and Sutton. And, much like the family losing their immortality, the stakes of the show finally began to heighten.

Paracelsus’ time in the bronzer brings to light the interesting topic of being lost in one’s own thoughts. Prior to this installment, I assumed that everyone bronzed had no function at all – body or brain – but with Claudia communicating with Steve and Paracelsus lost in his own thoughts of revenge for centuries... all of sudden HG’s bought of insanity isn’t so shocking. Perhaps it wasn’t Charlotte, but the bronzer.

Paracelsus being the former caretaker of Warehouse 9 is an interesting plot twist, but one thing is bothering me: this is Warehouse 13. Was Warehouse 9 the precursor to 13? Did I miss that part of the history? Nonetheless, Mrs. Frederick is in danger, but another gray hair isn’t the only thing she needs to worry about. She’s battled threats and forces outside of her control, but she’s never battled for her role in the warehouse.

Paracelsus plays fast and loose with the artifacts. Mixing their properties, and, for all we know, he may even be immortal now.  But there is a wild card: Abigail, now revealed as the Keeper. If the artifact she uses has all the memories of past warehouse, then there’s something in there that could be used to thwart Paracelsus.

But for all the drama, and all the plot twists, one moment stands out most: Pete and Myka. They risk their lives for the warehouse every day and they risk their lives for each other. The fear of death is not something they haven’t faced, but death when it’s out of your control and it’s affecting a person you care about? It’s an entirely different feeling. Pete realized those feelings as Myka kept trying to push it off for another day.

Personally, I’m ready for Pete and Myka to head somewhere beside partners and friendship, and, at times, Pete’s emotions led me to believe a kiss would happen; but I understand the desire to keep them as friends. No matter what outcome ends up happening between Pete and Myka, I’m glad Pete called Myka out on not recognizing that she has cancer.


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There's been 13 warehouses. Warehouse 9 was in Constantinople. Warehouse 12 was in London.


@Dreamrose: Thanks for pointing out that there will be 5 episodes left after this season wraps. The final arc could have nothing at all to do with Paracelsus. We'll see. As for who the keeper was before Abigail Cho (Kelly Hu), my initial thought was that it couldn't be Leena, because Mrs. Frederick would have known it was Leena, so Mrs. Frederick wouldn't have been surprised that it was now Abigail. On the other hand, it's very possible that the Caretaker isn't supposed to know who the Keeper is. I'm still guessing it wasn't Leena, but I'd give it almost 50:50 odds that it was. This revelation means, by the way, that Cho was almost certainly lying when she said claimed to have been dragged back into the Warehouse kicking and screaming. If Claudia is being groomed as a replacement for Mrs. Frederick, who is being groomed to replace Artie?


@WatchesTooMuch - Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel! ;-) Warehouse 13 isn't ending this season, it's ending next season. So don't worry about Paracelsus being the final Big Bad. If Kelly Hu is the Keeper, was Leena also a Keeper? Or was Kelly Hu always the Keeper?


The show is going to go out with Paracelsus as its final Big Bad? Really? What a snooze-inducing choice! I don't want to blame Giles, but, seriously, the guy has nothing going for him beyond a dirty robe and a bad attitude. Oh, and there's the fact that Warehouse 9 locked him up and, for what appears to be the lamest of reasons, didn't want anybody to know why. The new complications for the Warehouse itself were much more interesting than Paracelsus. There's a secret archive! It has flashy things! And letter that chase each other around and explode! And it's hooked into Mrs. Frederic because she's the, you know, whatever she is. And Kelly Hu is the Keeper or the Beater or something. As for the personal dramas, more Zs. Is Myka in denial, is she waiting for Paracelsus to make her immortal, or is she just giving Pete something to emote over? Are Steve and Claudia the most cuddly buddy-buddy buddies ever? Is weepy-eyed Nick ever going to get a for-real girlfriend? Don't really care.

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