Warehouse 13 Review: One Life to Live

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"The Truth Hurts" was a mostly quiet outing, considering this was a Warehouse 13 season finale. It placed more emphasis on relationships, dynamics and emotions than flashy explosions and special effects.

And it ended up being a stronger season finale specifically for that reason.

Capturing Paracelsus

Paracelsus is not the most engaging of villains to ever do something to the warehouse. But he is one of them, and his power and appetite for what surrounds him is all consuming. Those drives were the perfect catalysts to stir the pot and dish out maximum emotional manipulation.

With the ribbon completely voiding all connection to the warehouse, Mrs. Frederick can only put a voice to the connection Claudia has with Warehouse. Throughout Warehouse 13 Season 4, Claudia has stepped up and shown even more initiative. She’s up to the task of being the new caretaker, and, while Paracelsus might be able to mix and combine artifacts, I doubt he can keep up with Claudia’s quick thinking and knack for getting out of jams.

Artie telling Claudia the DNA to keep her alive while bronzed came, not from Joshua, but from her sister was a bit of a plot twist. Artie’s secrecy around the subject didn’t raise any flags about the people Claudia lost in the car accident; I assumed (like Claude) they were gone for good. Artie’s secrecy made me wonder if their familial relationship was much closer to the truth than I had ever believed. The questions now are this: Where is Claudia’s sister, and how bad is she?

As for Pete, Paracelsus manipulated him perfectly. Paracelsus was able to see how scared Pete was over not having any information about Myka's surgery and was able to exacerbate those emotions. Thus, taking over the warehouse.

Pete’s final look back as Paracelsus expelled everyone from the warehouse was filled with weight and regret from many different things. Pete considers the warehouse his home and he’s very much being kicked out; he considers everyone in it his family and their lives are in danger as they run to the exit; finally, he made a vow to use whatever was on the shelves to save Myka, and that opportunity is gone too.

Warehouse 13 has a lot of cleaning up to do in its final six episodes season next year.

Odds and Ends

  • Has Claudia’s sister ever been mentioned before?
  • Pete really had the best solution for Paracelsus: tiny little pieces.
  • Steve hasn’t really been given much to do this season. I hope he gets a bit of spotlight next year.
  • What is Mrs. Frederick’s next role? Will she become a regent since she has an insight into how warehouses and caretakers operate?
  • The Janus coin seems to be the key to take back the warehouse. If Paracelsus' mind can be split from his immortal body, he really has no way of wreaking any damage.


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I am huge fan of the show but this episode just seemed like a downer. I thought the purpose of this show was to catch artifacts, but with Myka having cancer was a reality. I kept thinking when she told Pete, she was having surgery, why is she going by herself? I would want a family or friend with me.
James Marsters was funny when he said that his shoulder was not healing and it hurts. I wish that he and his son would have stayed to help them fight Paracelsus. Anthony Stewart Head is great as an evil villain. You just want to hate him and as Pete said, chop him up to tiny pieces.
I am wondering as well is how they are going to wrap up all the story lines. I read that it was a six episode season next year. We have Claudia fighting to be the keeper of the warehouse, Myka's cancer, Pete feeling guilty that he was duped and not being able to help his friend. Mrs. Frederick is slowly fading away and also finding out that Claudia has a sister. That is a lot to cover just in six episodes.


Good but doesn't make up for a crappy season.


All I can say is wow. This show is so amazing with cliffhangers. I mean come on, Claudia becoming Caretaker of the Warehouse, Myka's cancer, Claudia's sister actually being alive but a horrible person, and finally, Claudia battling Peristalsis. And the song at the end was perfect! I love the song now! It's called No Light, No Light. I think every song they use is awesome. I love this episode. This show should be continued on Netflix. There have been rumors but nothings definite. Oh and possibly a movie. Again, the show keeps getting better and better!


I also wish that we see more of Kelly Hu. I just love her and her character and we must also get another visit from Genelle Williams by the end of the month.


I really wish SyFy would give them a 13 or 12 ep order just so they have enough time to do everything that is needed. I mean they should cut Defiance because that is so much more expensive to produce than Warehouse 13.
I thought this season was good, it really brought a lot of issues to light. Its a fantastic show!!!!!!!!! Damn you SyFy! Damn you to hell!
I agree with Nick, Steve wasn't give much to do except with the whole metronome thing and that was a good ep. I think that Claudia's sister was conveniently introduced as the villain for next season. Paracelsus should be gone by ep 1 or two. Anthony Head was brilliant so was James Marsters. I wish they could get Alison or Sarah for one ep. That would be great.


P.S. @Nick, it's "Janus," the two-headed Roman god, not "Janis". Janus appeared on ancient coins, and it's at least somewhat fitting that Janus would be associated with an artifact that turns one into two, splitting the body and the consciousness.


Great season finale. So curious about Claudia's sister. 6 episodes just doesn't seem enough to tie everything together. I'm so going to miss Warehouse13!


1. There were times when this show had just the right balance between banter, mystery, weirdness, humor, and suspense. Those were the days. It's too bad SyFy didn't kill the show off this year so they could (wishful thinking, for sure) greet us with something fresh, new, and exciting in 2014. 2. They have the gall to tease the fact that Claudia has an evil sister and then tell her absolutely nothing else about her? I'm pretty sure that Claudia never mentioned a sister before, BTW. This is a last minute invention to give them something to do next season. Sis will probably help defeat Peristalsis before becoming the final bad guy of the series. 3. How is Peristalsis' takeover the Warehouse not Pete's fault? 4. It will be nice to see Claudia doing cool things with the Warehouse next season, but it will be too little, too late.


Loved the finale. I was suprize to find out Claudia has a sister but its not surprising that she's never talked about her because she thought she died a long time ago and by the way it sounded it seems like she was to young to remember anything. I knew something was going to go wrong when Pete started letting Paracelsus help him even though he didn't trust him and was going to be careful I want suprized when everything went wrong. I can't wait will the next season. It's sad that it will be the last season and that it only has 6 episodes how are they going to wrap this all up especially since they talked about Claudia's sister and how she was dangerous.


I liked this season. I haven't kept up. Didn't realize that there's only six more episodes left in the next / last season. That's a bummer.

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Warehouse 13 Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

I'll use everything on the shelf to save Myka even you.


Mrs. Frederick: Paracelsus has the Warehouse.
Steve: And he has Claudia.
Artie: How?