Major Crimes Review: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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"Poster Boy" was an essay about what can happen when a reality show reveals the promise of fame to an everyday Joe, one who is faced with emotional issues and clinging to that as hope of escape. But the reality turns out to be there is no escape via the entertainment medium, even if it seems to be their only way out.

The best part of Major Crimes finale was seeing the white board with "Suspect - (Nut Job)" written on it. That's not high praise, and I know I'll take a beating for feeling this way.

High Alert

For a summer finale, I was a bit disappointed. Alright, more than a bit. Major Crimes Season 2 started with the idea we would be seeing something happening with Rusty and the Stroh case, and all we got were a bunch of ambiguous letters. Letters that threatened the relationship between Sharon and Rusty thanks to DDA Rios.

The case for the finale was an interesting study on fame and our reality "fame in the blink of an eye" obsession, but there weren't any fun moments with it. There were no witty quotes to report back, no team distinctions that brought out their shine, making the case worthwhile to this viewer. There were glimpses of pity as each person realized the murderer had been taken advantage of time and again but - newsflash - so have we all. 

The rest of us just don't chose our roommates by murdering people who are either showing us kindness or being rude, depending upon the day.

I will say that I enjoyed the way the case unfolded as they followed the path of the suspect backwards and showed what he had done after the discovered the evidence. That was clever editing and filming on the part of the director. It made the case seem a lot more exciting than it really was. 

Then Chris showed up and told Rios about Rusty's letters. Rusty knew somebody would find out about them sooner or later and telling her was just stupid. She likes him, of course she would worry about his safety. But he is still new to being cared for and sharing secrets so it came back to bite him in the ass.

The only thing I found interesting about the letter writing was it seemed to me the hands inside those rubber gloves belonged to a woman. They were dainty and I finally realized they were trying to write in non-sexual way, not necessarily disguise their handwriting in another way. Any thoughts on that? Could it be his mother? Rusty keeps bringing her up lately and she might be nutty enough to be using it as some strategy to get to him, although I don't know to what end.

And...that was it. It was over. We have to wait until November to get any movement on Rusty, the Stroh case, to find out if we're stuck with Rios. Am I the only one who was left wanting? Tell me what I missed that made this episode a standout and I'll rethink my reviewing strategies for the winter. 


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This is one of the worst TV series I have ever seen. A bunch of old men. Terrible terrible show, I can't believe they make a season 2 but not a season 2 of Boss.


GET RID OF RIOS, she does not belong!!
I love the show and all the other players, I'm looking forward to the next season to see what happens.


You keep complaining of the lack of funny moments but you do remember this show is a drama, right?


I'm tired of the Rusty storyline. Seems like the writers don't know what to do with him now that the task of humanizing Raydor has been accomplished. I'm hoping Rusty gets written off the show. There hasn't been enough of the personal lives of the characters for me this season. I'd keep Tom Berenger, have Sharon start seeing Andy, and get rid of that ridiculous cardboard Rios character. That woman couldn't act her way out of paper bag.


I loved this episode. I was on a roller coaster of emotions the whole time. The ending, in which Sharon finally revealed her feeling to Rusty, was so emotional to me. Both actors portrayed so much feeling with just their facial expressions and a few words. It was a beautiful and painful moment. I also thought the crime of the week was fascinating and it was interesting to see Sharon Raydor's maternal instincts also extend to the killer. Overall, I thought it was one of the best episodes of Major Crimes and the Closer.


I was very disappointed in the ending. I really care about Rusty and I do not want him to be separated from Sharon. That is a key part of the show! That is the main thing for me. That relationship is what has made Sharon a likable character and there is such depth to it.


Carissa, I do agree with you on the Rusty storyline. It feels like the writers made it such an integral part of the crossover last summer and pushed it to the side this year. I am glad, however, that a little headway was made in the very last minutes of Monday's episode. Seeing Sharon so upset tugged at my heart strings. Hopefully this sets up a more solid second half of the season when it returns in November. I thought the case was compelling. I was on the edge of my seat wondering what this kid could possibly do next. Credit must be given to the writers on this one for having the detectives travel backwards; it made for a dark and creepy case. Kudos to the actor who played the killer. He was outstanding in that role. Despite there being no witty bantor thrown into the mix, it was still a great, suspenseful, finale.


THOUGHT It's either the " girlfriend" or her mother.


Coco14' I too agree with everything you said, though your Michael comment made me laugh out loud. Yes the Rusty story reminds me of Red John and I'm sorry that part isn't over. I also hate how Rusty says "sharon". It just irks me. Sounds disrespectful. Anyway I truly disagree with this writer. I thought the episode was excellent and the sociopath played his scenes well. I enjoy all the cast, even the newly added Sykes, and Rios is growing on me. I think ppl should give her a break. While I loved the Closer, I've grown very fond of this show and don't miss an episode.


I love the show - but am definitely getting tired of the Rusty story - reminds me of The Mentalist - on and on with the Red John stuff - I don't mind if he is a continuing character, as he has softened Sharon - but I want the drama of his situation to be over and done, with an(unrealistic) happy ending. I think the show more than lives up to The Closer, as it is truly a different show. It is amazing that the same cast is there yet the show is not the same. Oh, and can Michael please find another show to critique?

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Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Sharon: Although I hate that he has seen himself on TV.
Rusty: Why?
Sharon: Because if he is interested in being famous and that is all that he is interested in then he has accomplished his goal by killing people and so, he may continue to do that.

But you have to be passionate to be famous in Hollywood, right?