Major Crimes Review: Fifteen Minutes of Fame

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"Poster Boy" was an essay about what can happen when a reality show reveals the promise of fame to an everyday Joe, one who is faced with emotional issues and clinging to that as hope of escape. But the reality turns out to be there is no escape via the entertainment medium, even if it seems to be their only way out.

The best part of Major Crimes finale was seeing the white board with "Suspect - (Nut Job)" written on it. That's not high praise, and I know I'll take a beating for feeling this way.

High Alert

For a summer finale, I was a bit disappointed. Alright, more than a bit. Major Crimes Season 2 started with the idea we would be seeing something happening with Rusty and the Stroh case, and all we got were a bunch of ambiguous letters. Letters that threatened the relationship between Sharon and Rusty thanks to DDA Rios.

The case for the finale was an interesting study on fame and our reality "fame in the blink of an eye" obsession, but there weren't any fun moments with it. There were no witty quotes to report back, no team distinctions that brought out their shine, making the case worthwhile to this viewer. There were glimpses of pity as each person realized the murderer had been taken advantage of time and again but - newsflash - so have we all. 

The rest of us just don't chose our roommates by murdering people who are either showing us kindness or being rude, depending upon the day.

I will say that I enjoyed the way the case unfolded as they followed the path of the suspect backwards and showed what he had done after the discovered the evidence. That was clever editing and filming on the part of the director. It made the case seem a lot more exciting than it really was. 

Then Chris showed up and told Rios about Rusty's letters. Rusty knew somebody would find out about them sooner or later and telling her was just stupid. She likes him, of course she would worry about his safety. But he is still new to being cared for and sharing secrets so it came back to bite him in the ass.

The only thing I found interesting about the letter writing was it seemed to me the hands inside those rubber gloves belonged to a woman. They were dainty and I finally realized they were trying to write in non-sexual way, not necessarily disguise their handwriting in another way. Any thoughts on that? Could it be his mother? Rusty keeps bringing her up lately and she might be nutty enough to be using it as some strategy to get to him, although I don't know to what end.

And...that was it. It was over. We have to wait until November to get any movement on Rusty, the Stroh case, to find out if we're stuck with Rios. Am I the only one who was left wanting? Tell me what I missed that made this episode a standout and I'll rethink my reviewing strategies for the winter. 


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Get rid of Rios. She is devoid of any emotion or character involvement.
i had an open mind when it followed The Closer. I do like it. That they continued with the team was a plus. I love the interactions and teasing with each character and the asides that I find funny. I am getting fed up with the Rusty story. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere and they writer just keeping throwing in another character to pair with Rusty. It keeps him in the story line and doesn't add anything. Add more depth or move on.


I really loved this season finale because all the characters were involved. I wish they would change the part of Rios and make her a more decent, likeable, caring person. Maybe she could treat Rusty with more dignity and respect. Everything that happened to him was not his fault and it's amazing to me that he's as well adjusted as he is. No matter what happens, I hope they let Rusty have a happy ending. Please, please, please!


I really enjoyed this episode. I did not expect to watch the series after Closer ended and I did not like McDonnell's character. However I think the show is much more realistic and all of the acting is very good. The actor who played the killer was excellent. The series reminds me of old Barney Miller show but MC has a much harder edge than that great show. I would like an end to the Rusty story before the show deteriorates into a family show about poor Rusty.


I love this show and thought this episode was excellent, but one thing has bothered me all season. How could Rusty keep the letters hidden? The first letter was delivered to his CYS caseworker. Wouldn't the caseworker have reported to Sharon that the letters continued to arrive? Wouldn't Sharon have asked Rusty from time to time whether he got any more letters? Wouldn't the letters have been a topic of discussion somewhere along the line?


The Closer had its moment(s) in the sun, when I watched that show I thoroughly enjoyed it, however it's gone now. Major Crimes on the other hand has managed quite nicely, keeping the old cast and developing a once loathed character devoid of any feeling or personality into a great lead in the series to carry the squad. Not many shows manage to pull this off, for those who want to jump ship, that's their prerogative, I for one enjoy this show, find the episodes interesting and the characters an excellent ensemble cast! I was surprised that Chris went to Rios and not the captain, I didn't see that coming. All in all an excellent episode, it sort of reminded me a little of American Psycho. I like the idea that he was caught and we don't have to chase that creepy guy into next season. They already have the one creepy guy after Rusty and now Sharon.


My reality reveals, and promises, no escaping the feeling of being high, for the summer. Just the idea of a witty case reporter blinking an eye; it's worth taking advantage of, time and again. I enjoy it. Rude? the case unfolds, they follow the path, discover the evidence; how clever. Is he new? Stupid Ass! disguised secrets is the strategy. Now wait till I move. Is he the only one? I'll rethink my strategies for the winter.


I thought the episode was well done. This is a great cast and this show has great writers. I look forward to it's return in November. This is how a finale should be, wanting for more. The hands in the gloves writing Dear Sharon. So, why Dear Sharon, instead of Dear Rusty? Is the person close enough to know that Rusty's letters have been discovered. Lots to ponder.


Comment continued! The final letter addressed to Sharon, was it Sharon Raydor or Sharon Beck?
Whose life is in danger?
This finale left the viewer with unanswered questions.
What will happen with Rusty?
Who is writing the letters? And to whom?
Will the squad forgive Rusty for being deceitful with them?
The summer finale left the viewer wanting more! It left the viewer anxious to know what is happening to/with the characters that they have come to love! It was everything a finale should be!


I have to wholeheartedly disagree!! This episode was excellent.
First of all, the guest star that played the killer...that was an Emmy performance! He was creepy, disconcerting for viewers, a psychopath with twisted justification for his actions!
The performances by all involved, particularly Mary McDonnell as she tried to talk the killer out of the house were again, Emmy worthy! Her final scene with Rusty, the love and disappointment in her face, it is a rare actress that can convey both emotions at once! Mary did that perfectly.
The disappointment of the team in Rusty for hiding the letters. A painful moment for them.
Andy trying to console Sharon over her self incrimination for a death that she feels she caused by her decision.
The final moment that Sharon confesses that she loves Rusty, yet we know that when they walk through that door their lives will be changed forever...or will it! We don't know what will happen to them, to Rusty!
The final letter addressed to Sharon, is it Sharon Raydor, or is it to Sharon Beck? Whose life is in danger?
Those are cliff hanger endings that leave you anxious, anxious to know what will happen, anxious for the next few months to go by quickly, anxious to know if the characters that you have come to care about will be OK!
That is a season finale worth watching again and again!!!!!


We're so hard on this show because it doesn't quite live up to "The Closer," but what it's easy to lose sight of is simply this: this show is head and shoulders above 90% of the junk that's out there. Compare it to Honey Boo Boo or any reality show and Holy Cow! It has a PLOT, a SCRIPT, REAL ACTORS playing REAL CHARACTERS you can actually care about. Yeah Rah, TNT, for giving us some genuine television!!

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Major Crimes Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Sharon: Although I hate that he has seen himself on TV.
Rusty: Why?
Sharon: Because if he is interested in being famous and that is all that he is interested in then he has accomplished his goal by killing people and so, he may continue to do that.

But you have to be passionate to be famous in Hollywood, right?