Major Crimes Review: It's the Company That You Keep

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The title of this episode had nothing to do with Rios and the show's attempt to make her more agreeable, but to me, that was the big "Backfire." 

I'm honestly growing weary of many of the ongoing stories on Major Crimes and I desperately wish the show would find a balance between the crimes, the personalities of the characters and the relationships between them. As of right now, that's just not happening.

Criminal Operations

The case was somewhat interesting, mostly due to the fact that the judge came down so harshly on DDA Rios and the FBI's involvement with the murder suspect.

Regarding the Rios of the portion of the hour, there is just something about Nadine Velazquez and the way she portrays her that will never fit with Major Crimes. Maybe it's way she moves... or the slight adjustment of her eyes as she attempts to be sly never come off as appropriate to the situation. 

By the end of this episode, we were to believe she has bought so fully into making deals, something she was completely against at the beginning of the season when she was introduced that she was willing to backtalk a judge in an attempt to reprimand him for not taking another deal because a scumbag murderer was murdered himself. She was using that as a justification that could have saved a murderer's life. 

Rios didn't stop to think before bringing all of that up to the judge that if he had accepted her original plea agreement they may have never found out about Briana and her involvement with the FBI and Cory and many more innocent people could have died as a result. Just an all-around UGH for DDA Rios. With the summer finale coming in next week, and absolutely NO ACTION on the Stroh case for which she was brought onto the canvas in the first place, I am begging the production team to reevaluate her involvement with the show. 

The case also brought up extremely mixed signals from the perspective of Sharon and Rusty. The former already knows Rusty has been receiving letters he's not sharing with her and is uncomfortable even being friends with a girl because of his involvement with the Stroh case as a witness, yet she referenced, in his presence (more than once), that being around criminals will eventually make you a victim, a witness or a criminal yourself. Just what message was she trying to send?

If this was meant to be a confusing look into the minds of the group as they prepare for some freak that is coming out of hiding and into Rusty's life for the summer finale, I guess it worked - because I'm confused. There were mixed messages from every direction, a frightened teenage boy who suddenly had a hankering for the mother who abandoned him (where did that come from?) and an annoying DDA still left standing.

Whatever the summer finale brings, I hope it brings change because the first half of Major Crimes season 2 has been somewhat of a letdown after the powerful first season. Hopefully the references to Brenda Leigh Johnson mean something. I can wish, right?


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Loved Closer, miss Brenda. Major Crimes is better than thought it would be. Like it a lot. Rusty is good--but story is running to some kind of "end", don't want him to die, just develop character in another direction. I still think the AdA woman is connected to Stroh - will Stroh even "appear" again, Billy Burke has that Revolution series now (?)


Major Crimes can be enjoyable if you get rid of Rusty....the ensemble is falling apart and will soon be irretrievable unless you get rid of that overage 'kid'. His character is totally unneccessary and I can tell you that we will 'tune in' to see if he is in the episode and if so, there are many other entertainments. Won't be watchin if Rusty stays....get him off to boarding school or something....anything, get him off before you lose your show. -R


I notice that Rusty is now off the show for the season. We got to know Sharon thru Rusty's need for adult supervision. We saw that she wasn't as difficult to work with as she was on The Closer. As much as I liked The Closer, I like Major Crimes so much more. We see Sharon as being caring & respected. Rusty brought all that out of her. I hope you will be bringing Rusty back next season, even if it's only every other week. I like the two drama's going on, the major crimes part & Rusty's part. I realize he is probably going into witness protection, but there must still be a way to include Rusty in the show. I think the series would do well during the fall/winter season instead of just in the summer.


TNT has MC for a third season. It would be nice to have Brenda back but I doubt if Kyra wants that..:( That Rios can hit the curb and as Brenda said about Sharon "That woman!"


I like Major Crimes. It does stay true to many aspects that made The Closer much watch TV. That being said, can someone please explain to me why each week we are forced to endure anything having to do with "Rusty". I see no benefit to anything that his character brings to the show. I literally push the DVR forward now when Rusty hits the screen.


Carissa, you summarized my feelings about this entire summer season. DDS Rios is a nightmare, Rusty and his friend are allowed full access to the murder room including the whiteboard, Andy Flynn has been a nonentity (the whole bit about his daughter getting married was hurriedly and badly resolved), and Sharon is less sensitive to Rusty and his problems. Even the arc about Sharon's husband was superficial and rather lame. There isn't one episode I want to watch again and I saw many of The Closer episodes several times. I guess I could sum this summer up in one word...FLAT.


Well, aren't you Miss Crabby McCraberstein, Carissa? Lighten up! You've been way too harsh on these last few episodes and the season in general. (Last week's was a lot of fun and hardly 'a throwaway' and this week's was very intense and suspenseful and in its telling very different from the usual show.) The series is what it is and I think for the most part extremely well-written, performed and directed.


The difference between THIS season of Major Crimes, last season and its predecessor, The Closer, is that Major Crimes was better able to find that mix of drama and comic moments within the same episode to bring levity to some very deep situations. They're losing that ability now. Where were the comic moments in this episode, outside Taylor looking like he didn't know his job? That was only funny because he really didn't earn his position and it should have gone to Brenda. Major Crimes has the ability to do it right, it's just lost focus.


You judge much too harshly.. Major Crimes continues to follow in the footsteps of The Closer as a quality product.. A good mix of drama and some comic moments..

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Taylor: Chief Johnson would have found a way around this.
Flynn: She would have, but then we would be back defending ourselves in court.

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