NCIS Season Premiere: First Photo, Official Synopsis

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It may be the most anticipated season premiere of the fall, though for a very depressing reason:

Cote de Pablo will exit NCIS following the September 24th opener.

And in anticipation of the episode, CBS has released the first photo from "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," along with an official network synopsis. First, check out Mark Harmon (as Gibbs, of course) alongside special guest star Colin Hanks, who will portray Department of Defense IG Investigator Richard Parsons.

NCIS Season Premiere Pic

As for what fans can expect from the NCIS Season 11 premiere, aside from a lot of tear-shedding? Here is the CBS description:

An explosion at a D.C. event that results in a casualty connected to the agency changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs and the NCIS team.  Meanwhile, without badges, DiNozzo and McGee investigate the case as civilians, despite the case’s dangerous ties to each of them.

UPDATE: CBS has also released the first official premiere promo:

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why why why the show must go on I love you Viva good louk in what your going to do the team wont be the same but God bless you


Well thank you Rank.I am glad you believe Diane Neal. It was so nice of her to post it on twitter. New York is a hub I believe. I am glad Mis de Pablo is back in the US.I did not know very much about Cote de Pablo until it became obvious she was leaving NCIS.I would like to Apologize for the use of the term Ziva haters.I liked the character and have enjoyed watching her today so I do not really care what the people who refer to themselves as that think.


@Jean That's funny you say Cote is in Patagonia at the moment since Diane Neal (Agent Borin) posted on Twitter not one day ago she and Cote were in IKEA in the NY area. I think I believe her.


Sorry Bearbrain I do not know were Ziva is going but as to her returning as a guest character that is entirely up to Cote de Pablo.She is in Patagonia at the moment Gary Glasberge but she should be in the Santiago back end of October November because it snows in Patagonia. We were that way back in 2000 for a month in late February/March. We did South America again for six weeks in 2009 but did not go that way again.It is a great continent.Look forward to seeing Ziva's farewell but then that is it for me as far as NCIS goes.Two years on a show you can replace someone. Eight years well we will see. As for the Ziva haters well I guess you got what you wanted!


Don't kill off there other ways for people to leave ...... Promotion, retirement, a new job, gives opening to visit and not as a ghost! Don,t date a co-worker rule could dictate Ziva moving to another base and affair continues at a distance until contact is strained because of distance and poof she.
,s gone altogether! New Team member to not try to fill the gap.


I disagree. Tony and Jeanne had nice chemistry. I wish they could meet by chance and at least have an honest discussion about what happened. As for Tony having lied to Jeanne - he was doing his job, and he was very torn about it. Jeanne was very confused and heartbroken when she accused Tony of murder. She also said that she herself had committed the crime. She seemed very undone in the end. IMO Tony would be crazy to get with Ziva. She is an out of control, physically violent, entitled and arrogant person who treats Tony horridly, unless she is seeking sympathy for herself. I really hope that Tony is allowed to move on from this sick "relationship".


I agree with you guest.I really liked Ziva and will truly miss this character.I hope Cote de Pablo comes back from Chile here is hoping they have a bad winter this this year but it is unlikely. Time Wanner I cannot stand you.


You people who hate Ziva and are advocates for Jeanne just crack me up. Really? What self respecting woman would take Tony back after he basically LIED to her about his intentions toward her? Did he develop feelings for her? Yes. But, what guy wouldn't develop feelings for the hot girl that he had to become intimate with? Those lines are too blurred for them to ever have a healthy relationship. Let's not also forget that Jeanne falsely accused Tony of murdering her father. What screams healthy relationship about them? I find it interesting that Ziva is vilified for pointing a gun at Tony after he KILLED her boyfriend but you all want him to be with a woman who accused him of a crime he didn't commit. I just think that Tony needs some me time and he needs to reflect on what kind of man he wants to be instead hooking up with another woman at this time.


I see ABC moving Marvel show to Thursday in fear


I will be SOOOOO glad when Ziva is gone. I am so sick of hearing about Tiva. The show will NOT drop its ratings. It is not about Ziva. It is about Gibbs and the TEAM. They are NOT killing Ziva off. She's just going back to Israel.
I hope they do not kill off Fornell. I like him and Gibbs together. Bring back Jeanne. She was the best thing for Tony and WAY better than Ziva!

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Tony: One other question, I know you're an expert in English history. And I was just wondering, have you ever heard of Archibald Drummond, the 17th Earl of Trent?
Ducky: The Earl of Trent. No, I can't say I have. Why?
Tony: I was just wondering. Thanks.

McGee: All right. Well you should probably know that Abby and I used to date?
Bishop: Ew. Like, each other?
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: Wait - isn't that a violation of rule 12, never date a....
McGee: It was a long time ago. After we'd broken up, one night I went to her lab. Found a scribbled piece paper; a list. Potential boyfriends had to fulfill certain conditions by a pre-arranged date or else, goodbye.
Bishop: Such as.
McGee: Things started off relatively normal: opening the door for her, flowers, putting the seat down. Then around number 8, it gets uh...
Bishop: What?
McGee: Does she know you have these?
Bishop: Does she know you have these?
McGee: Yeah she wasn't happy when she found out.
Bishop: These are all very specific.
McGee: Yeah.
Bishop: These ideas apply to you?
McGee: No those rules weren't in place when we were together. At least I don't think so.
Bishop: What's with the two month cutoff? Abby's sabotaging herself. I've seen stuff like this before. We have to talk to her.