Pretty Little Liars Round Table: A-nswers!

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There you have it folks, the big summer finale of Pretty Little Liars, "Now You See Me, Now You Don't."

The episode, of course, left viewers with one huge question and cliffhanger: Is Ezra really a?!?!?!? We dig into that issue and many more with Leigh Raines, Nick McHatton, Teresa Lopez and Carissa Pavlica in the latest edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table...


Ashley is FREE. Did they really close a story on Pretty Little Liars?

Leigh: I think/hope so! Ashley's been under fire all season. Now they have Cece as a suspect and she probably did kill Wilden. Leave Ashley be. Let her get a jug of wine and have some sexy time with Pastor Ted.

Nick: I sure hope so. Ashley is much better outside of jail being a little mysterious and devious than being locked up and confined in prison.

Teresa: I hope so. I'm a little worried because Travis said "I don't think I can do this" (or something like that) and then we cut to Ashley being freed. Is there something else going on here? It was too deliberate to be something we can ignore.

Carissa: Ashley didn't do it and someone came through, she was charged and let go. With a new suspect in the pipeline that has 95 lives, I'm going to believe that she's free. God Almighty, she's free at last!

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Ali is confirmed alive, if we can believe Gruenwald. Where do you stand?

Leigh: I think she is alive. I've thought so for a long time. But is she red coat? Is she posing as A to keep herself safe and try to pull strings? Is she protecting the girls?

Nick: I'm standing squarely with the twins put forward from the books. A lot of doubles were put forward in these 12 episodes and it's likely foreshadowing of what is to come.

Teresa: It makes sense, and it would be a way for the show to avoid copying the books with the whole twin angle. But of course, we all want to know, who's body did they find?

Carissa: I think it's Ali, and the body was probably Courtney's. I still think someone from the family was in Radley and that's why Mrs. DiLaurentis went there so quickly expecting to find Ali when called in her story to Emily. 

Who was the "she" Mona was referring to when speaking to Shana? What do you think she's up to?

Leigh: My best guess is CeCe. Maybe Jenna? Jenna is in the hospital though. The bets are definitely on CeCe. As for what she's up to? Ummmm, best guess is Mona is hiding from someone and trying to make moves with Shana as her minion.

Nick: Uh, I have no idea. There are many ladies on PLL. I think CeCe is a good guess. Mona is still in her long term plans. She probably has information about Ali.

Teresa: Possibly Red Coat. I don't think they were talking about CeCe since Shana is trying to protect Jenna from CeCe. By the way, where is Jenna? Still recovering?

Carissa: I admit to being lost during that portion of the hour. I couldn't make out what they were up to at all. I think Jenna has been in the hospital too long with no word on her well being. The actress who plays her must have other commitments. Shana seems to be the new Jenna for the time being. Can't figure out why Mona would be hanging with her.

Is Ezra truly A?

Leigh: Well, shoot. Look, when I first saw Ezra go into the lair and flip out, I absolutely didn't think he was A. I saw that hashtag and quite honestly thought "eff that." He asked Emily weeks ago if they were being harassed again and knew she was lying when she said no. He cares about Aria and wants to know what's going on. Then again...after reading some theories and reactions on twitter, I'm wondering if this is the biggest twist of all time.

Nick: I really, really want it to stick. Ezr'A' would open up his character is ways and opportunities mild mannered Ezra would never have otherwise. Some things don't add up - like Ezra seeing the text from A and breaking up with Aria thinking their relationship was exposed - and some things do - his cash influx could be from the shell corporation (and he does comes from money), his typewriter, and his appearance on the train during in the Halloween special.

Teresa: I think it's a great move especially because both Ezra and the show were getting a little stale. Sure, it's kind of a repeat of the big Toby reveal (a trusted boyfriend turns out to be your hooded tormenter *gasp*), but my fingers are crossed that they stick this one out. Let Ezra be evil like Toby and Mona weren't allowed to be. I will be very disappointed if this EzrA thing gets retconned. However, it does raise a whole bunch of questions and makes me think this was more of a spur of the moment decision than a well-thought out plan. Was Mona working alone or with Ezra in the beginning? If so, why did Red Coat visit Mona? During the last season finale, Mona sure made it seem like she thought Red Coat was the puppet master. But then how would she know about Ezra and Aria unless Ezra was pulling the strings? And by the way, was the N.A.T club just a complete waste of time?

Carissa: If they make Ezra A it would be the best thing the show has ever done. So...I doubt it will stick. He'll likely have just followed Aria and is pissed off that she's back with the A business. But, him being A would address so many inconsistencies. Teresa made a very compelling argument in her review this week, and it would answer why a teacher would get involved with a student and stay involved. Any other answer is just pedophilia, so I want there to be something more nefarious. Plus, Ezra is boring as hell. This would finally make him interesting.

Caleb climbed on board the spin-off bus. How do you think he will get stuck in Ravenswood?

Leigh: According to interviews, Caleb will discover something in Ravenswood that will make him want to stick around and Hanna will encourage him to follow that path. I'm gonna miss Haleb!

Nick: I have not read any spoilers about the show, so I'll take Leigh's word on it.

Teresa: I'm betting Caleb will see that ancient looking portrait of his doppelganger that was teased like crazy last night. This will certainly suck him into the mysterious Ravenswood.

Carissa: The thing is, Ravenswood is so close by that I don't see why he would have to stay. I'm betting he can't leave. Something is going to keep him from leaving. He may not realize he's being kept there, but would Caleb ever leave Hanna? Not at this point in their relationship.

Have any predictions for the Halloween episode and the Ravenswood two-hour extravaganza?

Leigh: We will definitely find out if Ali is alive or dead. We will also find out if Ezra is just another red herring A the way Toby was. In previews he's standing with the girls in Ravenswood so maybe he will admit to following them? Let's see what he fesses up to and then judge whether or not he's a suspect.

Nick: Ezra will most likely be vindicated, and we'll see exactly how Caleb will stay in Ravenswood.

Teresa: I doubt the girls will find Ali, but they just might find out about Ezra. Fingers-crossed that Aria is in on it too!

Carissa: It would be really cool to discover Ezra is A and that he's going to keep deceiving the girls, living amongst them. Viewers on the inside for once. Maybe Ali could turn the tables and start terrorizing him and he and his minions could finally be on the run. Find out what it is about Ravenswood that mutes colors and throws the aura off in that town. Why five strangers get stuck there, other than photos of themselves from the past. 

Carissa Pavlica is the managing editor and a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter and on Google+.


its quite possible grunwald made up that story of Ali being Alive. I mean for all we know, she could be on the A team


I was really tired of hearing about her and the cop so I hope its over. They were leading it on too much.
I believe Ali is ALIVE but I also believe the twin thing too. So the body they found probably was the twin.
I have no clue who the she is Mona was talking about.
Ezra A ? I don't know what to think about that. I don't want him to be A because it would mess up his "relationship" or whatever it is with Aria. But he could have been in the N.A.T club & we never knew about it ??? Or maybe he was Alison's beach hottie that got her pregnant ... or was that actually Wilden.
Caleb and Ravenwood. I really didn't care much about Caleb but he was a big part in helping the girls find A so there has to be some BIG changes for next season.
I hope on the Halloween special they find Ali & someone explains this whole A thing and why she was playing dead if the older lady was telling the truth. And we find out what the N.A.T had to do with any of this. I need answers to all the suspicions they just left with no answers. Like why did they kill Maya & the other characters ??


1. I feel like the Ashley-Wilden storyline is another Malcom & Maggie. No one here actually thought she did it, cause the writers were making it look like she did, so....What was the point of all of it?
2. Ali is alive and Cece is helping her set up or draw out into the open the person who tried to kill her.
3. Frankly all I was think about in this B-storyline (or are down to C, D or E?) is that Toby is now in possession of Caleb's Mercedes. Does Caleb get that back before he spins off into the sunset? Or does he give it to Hanna?
4. I don't think he's A. I think he's stalking Aria and that was his reaction to finding out someone else is stalking her too. Maybe he realized he's out of his stalking league?
5. He's deserting us, and Hanna, so it better be a damn good reason.
6. All I'm interested in at this point are the costumes.


I think this is the best cliffhanger they've done throughout the whole show. It certainly could be a red herring but even if so, it's still the most exciting one. Ezra has always been my favorite character so it is nice to see him finally nominated. I don't however believe he's actually A. While certain clues could try to give it away such as appearing mysteriously on the halloween train, but he's meant to wind up with Aria so I doubt they'll make him the bad guy. I can take him either way as long as he wound up with Aria. It would be very cool if she were in on it too.
I for one though haven't been this excited to tune into the show since it started.


@Carissa the actress that plays Jenna is pregnant. So that's probably why

Spindae 2o

1.Ashley is free.
I hope so. She got the worst treatment from all the moms. She and the priest deserve some one on one nasty time. But neither did we discover who killed Wilden so the story can comeback and bite us in the :::
2.Ali Alive.
I like the version the scary Lady presented to us, and it's quite believable. How I see it MOna and Shauna are covering for Ali and playing the A game to trail Esra away.
3.Who is "She"?
As stated in my previous answer it's Ali.
4.Esra= King "A"
I really hope so. Them leading us on again would be bad. And Esra being is more or less good. Remember how Ian was surprised when he saw who was under the hood. And Esra was the only strong one who could hold him. Esra should be the guy.
5. Caleb/Ravenswood
In the preview in one moment you see and black/white picture of Caleb. Its probably some relative and that will involve him into a mystery. I just don't know how he will leave Hanna. They are rolling strong.
A present time appearence of Ali is what we need. Some one to explain where Jason is and a bit Esra(A) resolution.

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