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I fully agree with a poster here that Paige should know that Evan just does stupid stuff because of his need to be grandiose.. I don't think he knows how to be underhanded and be involved in some secret relationship.. Of all the USA Shows, this is the one that has stayed the same for the most part.. all the other shows have turned darker..


How did the ungrateful brat know anything about Hanks addiction? Out of the five people he is closest to, Only Jeremiah has some inkling about what is going on. And Evan's relapse into his old self is almost as painful to watch as the writers trying to use pregnant Divya as a jealousy plot. Anyone who has watched this show from the beginning, knows that they tolerated each other for Hanks sake and that though they are friends they have never been close friends. And Paige? They have taken a sweet reasonable character and turned her into a neurotic wife!


This ep was just rife with people being stupid and it did nothing but irritate me. Evan was more buffoonish than usual, that brat is lucky to be alive but narcs (no pun intended) on Hank anyway, and Paige REALLY didn't know her boss is gay?

I know that as a summer show, it's supposed to be light and fluffy, but this was the television equivalent of a dumb blonde.


["Once again I harp on the fact that the whole Hank the pain killer addict thing didn't pan out in either a confession or a test proving such is the case as the promo somewhat mistakenly promised. No, not all promos are supposed to spill the beans or promise certain things will come to pass, but when will we finally address and deal with Hank's clear problem."]

What on earth are you talking about? Why is it so important that Hank's pain killer addiction is resolved so soon? Is that what you're harping about? That he didn't automatically come clean about it or acknowledged it in this episode? Why is that necessary?


It was OK episode. but can they please stop showing that teen brat

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