Royal Pains Review: Hashtag Confused

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The episode title said it all, as once this latest installment of Royal Pains concluded, I was definitely sitting on "Pins and Needles" - and not in an enjoyable way.

From a completely misleading promo to an inexplicable encounter between Milos and Boris, I'm at a complete loss as to what's happening to this flailing summer favorite.

The Great Debate

Let's start with my confusion over the promo for this week's episode. Let's be honest, a disproportionate emphasis was placed on the idea that Hank's apparently ongoing struggle with post-trauma pain was going to threaten Evan's campaign. From my understanding, it was supposed to be a prominent feature of this hour, which it certainly was not.

I likely would have been appalled had the promotional interpretation come to fruition, however, as there have only been one or two scenes over the course of nine episodes that have alluded to Hank's need to use Hydrocodone to sideline some of his pain. These scenes were could have been interpreted in two ways:

  1. Hank really does have an emerging addiction that he's trying to mask.
  2. Hank's secrecy is his way of proving to everyone that he's back to normal, despite insisting on returning to work before he was completely healed and managing his pain appropriately.

Either way, they really haven't warranted the problems that will seemingly follow.

Another unwarranted plot point involved Paige's quick jealousy over Divya coaching Evan for his debate. Wasn't it Paige herself who wished to distance herself from politics, including her hubby's campaign? She has something better to do now anyway with her new internship. She's really got a knack for this whole art thing.

If there's one thing about Divya and Evan that's beyond well established, it's their status as BFFLs. Seriously, they've had a love-hate relationship from the beginning and a real tendency to become joined at the hip on things they mutually adore, underdogs included.

My only request is that Paige either release her jealousy or address it head on so as not to add additional and unnecessary pettiness to the mix. There's already enough funny business taking place in the Hamptons as it is. And I'm not referring to Evan's Red Hat Club fail either.

What was with Boris feeding Milos' delusions about the elixir and the time piece? The man is in a hospital trying to heal. I know he's probably curious as to what's fueling Milos' delusions. Then again, we know there's a genetic disorder his family suffers from, all of which rob its victims of time. Doesn't this obviously read as a psychological hangup Milos could be suffering from? Definitely disappointed we didn't put this craziness at the end of "Hammertime."

Are you as confused by all the plot changes and twists? Do you think Royal Pains Season 5 can get back on track?


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I agree, I'm confused. Though I did enjoy the dynamic between Divya and Evan. I miss old Paige. Her jealousy did seem to come out of left field, especially given that she didn't want to help Evan herself. And when has she opted out of helping Evan? I'm tired of Boris nonsense. The only thing that seemed like a logical derivation of previous seasons was Hank and his downward spiral. *sad sigh* Is it mean of me to think that the writers are bored and desperate? Because that's how they are making me feel.


I think the whole Boris/Milos story was to show that despite the fact that Boris was worried about Milos and what Milos could potentially do to harm him (Boris) and therefore had him arrested Boris is still feeling some affection for his younger cousin. Hence him going at the end to tell him again the fairy story he used to tell him as a child. I am a little worried about the Evan and Paige and Divya storyline though. I hope that Paige tells Evan how she feels and how jealously is rearing its ugly head. Although Paige did tell Evan that she didn't want to run his campaign perhaps she is having second thoughts. As for Hank and the pain killers........ hmmm..... not sure how this is going to play out. I would like to think that Hank will address it head on and realize that he has a problem and ask for help before it gets out of control. If he just starts to be clever and hide his pills etc. that will such a trite story line. Thank you for reviewing.

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