Royal Pains Review: On Second Thought

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"Chock Full O' Nuts" is probably the best way to describe this season of Royal Pains as it stands in its seventh installment of season 5.

From Hank having to juggle his undercover clinical trial with the Symphony merger to Divya navigating her new living situation and Paige and Evan getting into their first marital spat, this episode continued the trend of incompleteness that's haunted this season since the Royal Pains Season 5 premiere.

Spinning Towards Health

I really liked that the hour started out with Divya raiding Jeremiah's fridge. I almost thought for a second she was going to be drowning her pregnancy cravings in a carton of Ben & Jerry's or something. But, in true Divya fashion, she only wanted some tea.

A part of me wishes I could explain how much I really do adore the idea of Jeremiah and Divya. They have grown on me as a romantic possibility. The thing is, I'm not sure that Divya even still really fathoms that he's the slightest bit interested in her, let alone completely and stupidly in love. I mean, the minute Jeremiah took the bookend out of his bookshelf, a genius point on the part of the writers, I was like "He wants to marry Divya, he's pushed so far out of his comfort zone for her." Props to Mark Feuerstein for the way that scene was shot and played out.

You'll probably think I'm way ahead of the game, but the more the storyline trends towards these two getting closer together, I can see Divya and Jeremiah finally having a talk, or Evan somehow getting involved to make the thing move forward. It's exciting in the midst of Divya's pregnancy and the circumstances.

That said, did anyone catch that weird moment when Divya was super excited with Hank about her walk-in closet nursery? First of all, who owns a closet big enough to make a nursery out of? Second, did anyone else think the way she acted was completely out of character? So. Weird.

Another thing I thought was interesting was the fact that Hank was so gung-ho about the merger with Symphony. Not only was he on board, he hired Ken and yelled at him and Shelby Shackleford to come up with a deal. Of course, they also shacked up in the process. But apparently the only thing important was that they came up with a reasonable agreement.

Point is, doesn't the fact HankMed has officially joined Symphony cancel out Evan's run for public office? If they sign on to work in the confines of the hospital, they don't have to rely on the zoning laws that caused them to cross paths with Blythe Ballard in the first place? Way to leave that unaddressed.

The redeeming part of this reality is that it allowed Evan and Paige to have their first marital spat over a pricy piece of art, which did more for individual character growth than a campaign rally could have ever done. Paige and Evan really do have a marriage one might wish to aspire after. I love that Evan went and bought the piece back for Paige.

What I did not love about this episode was the fact that this whole Boris/Milosh business is still lurking around in the background. And now next week Hank is going to be in the crosshairs of a seemingly rogue Russian? Not sure how I feel about that, or how qualified Hank even is to be dealing with something of that nature. This plot line really is starting to get weird and overdone. But, alas, we have no choice but to have it dominate the upcoming installment.

What was your favorite part of this week's episode? Is the Divya/Jeremiah relationship growing on you?


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Actually, my Mom's neighbor has a walk-in closet big enough to be converted to a nursery. And, I'm sorry, but this definitely wasn't Evan's and Paige's first marital spat. Their entire relationship is a series of spats followed by cutesy make-ups.


Grey, I think you hit upon something with "Divmiah"; I propose a slight variation: "Div-Emiah". Looks strange, but I think it needed a vowel sound in the middle. When this show first aired, there was heavy emphasis on the "medical mystery" angle. Then they added the whole "Boris von Mysterioso" thing and that upped the intrigue. Now they're thrown so much else into the mix (Evan and Paige's romance/marriage, Symphony, Evan's running for office, Paige's internship, Divya's pregnancy) that the medical stuff has been diluted out.


Too much of nothing going on? disappointed.


If Hank is now working for the hospital as an employee, why does he need Evan??? One advantage of working for a hospital company is you get a big salary (important you would think for Malpractice Insurance which would be under the hospital umbrella) and not worry about the business side.. thus no reason for Evan R Lawson... I only like this show because it is shot on LI and has been on location in Locust Valley near my family which substituted for some other small town out east..


Divya was actually having hot chocolate when she was in the kitchen - she went to the fridge to get whipped cream to put on top. She then offered Jeremiah a cup of "cocoa" I actually like the way this season is progressing. I like that everything doesn't get wrapped up in a neat little bow at the end of each episode but that storylines continue. Thanks for reviewing.


Keller is single. That clothing designer was married to a guy named Tom. I can see why you mistaken him for Keller... They look similar! Well, just a little! Check ep 1 season 5 :)


I have always loved the prospect of a Divya-Jeremiah relationship, so I am,admittedly a bit biased. I just hope that she doesn't break his heart.
The rest of the episode was disjointed. So disappointing.


THANK YOU Mickey...I wondered about Keller's marital status too. You could drive a semi through that plot hole. :-) Meanwhile, there was some SERIOUS douchebaggery goin' on. Keller's "negotiation skills", Evan pestering Hank while he's on the phone and acting like a total philistine about the art (and yes, I saw the ending was no doubt visible from space) .... Kudos to Jeremiah for not blowing a head vein over the mess in the kitchen....and returning Divya's plant to the kitchen. I'm with the reviewer on the Boris/Milosh thing....speed it up boys, the audience is nodding off.


mickyg no bud. you are mixing him up with someone else earlier in the season.


Wasn't the lawyer, Ken Keller, living with or married to a clothing designer. I remember she made clothes for hospital patients. And she passed out and burned her leg with an iron. now he's with Shelby? This show has gotten so uneven in its story telling. I keep waiting for the writing to get better. Even Hanks self medicating is a hit and a miss. Divya is all over the place and Evan and Paige seem to only live in one room at the castle! Weird!

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