Royal Pains Review: Signals Crossed

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I would like to extend an "Open Invitation" to the writers of Royal Pains to go back to the drawing board as they prepare for and film the next season of this flailing summer favorite.

Yes, this episode had some redeeming features, but it's a hard sell for me to believe they can turn this runaway train around with only two episodes left in Royal Pains Season 5.

Eddie's Back

If there's one aspect of the hour that I still am not completely sure I understood, or am understanding, it's Hank's need to continue treating Don. Why does he feel responsible for him, beyond the fact he promised his spoiled and rather immature daughter that he wouldn't allow anything bad to happen to him?

Neither Hank nor Mollie ever left his side for more time than was absolutely necessary. To be quite honest, I don't know many doctors who would do such a thing, real or fictional. She should have been grateful he didn't just leave her sit there to be bombarded with medical speak she didn't understand with respect to her father's treatment.

I'm not completely heartless as to not comprehend her desire to be at her father's side, nor that it's very scary and sometime people act out when they're afraid. But let's be real, her attitude totally stinks. I would not have tolerated beyond my first encounter with her. Seriously.

Hank's attitude towards his addiction was lingering dangerously close to a similar level of immaturity. Then again, when you're body is in pain and, even as a trained medical professional, you're misinterpreting the signs, I almost understand where he was coming from and am ready to grant his behavior reprieve.

One highlight of this installment had to be Divya and Jeremiah's initial encounter where they discussed the merits of a breakfast room. If I wasn't so convinced that the feelings Jeremiah has for Divya were one-sided, I would have loved to see these two really hit it off.

It seems strange to me that all the hoops Jeremiah has jumped through, right down to inviting her to move in, didn't raise any red flags that would have caused her to question Jeremiah's intentions. Though I suppose pregnancy and all the internal and external stresses of that have likely occupied spaces her in mind she didn't even know existed, effectively silencing any questioning of that nature.

Was anyone else feeling especially hurt for Jeremiah when Divya approached him about moving out and delaying her breathing exercise classes? I mean, I think I would be a little off-put to suddenly learn my roommate was head-over-heels for me, too. But did she have to rush to judgment on the thing so quickly?

Maybe I am just shipping something that should not and cannot exist. But seriously, I've grown really attached to our resident awkward physician. I think he deserves to be happy.

So do Evan and Paige for that matter. Given his behavior, I wasn't so sure Eddie R. felt the same. What on earth would possess him to fabricate or intimate feelings between Divya and Evan that may or may not have ever existed? I am still in the camp that says Evan had a baby crush on Divya when the series started. Yet when you have the parties involved are refuting your claims in stereo, one would assume it would behoove the accuser to rethink their position. For Eddie R., that just wasn't so.

I did appreciate his observation, once all was said and done, that it was never Divya that was the problem. Now it's just a matter of figuring out the source of Paige and Evan's marital troubles, and we might finally get back on track to marital bliss for our resident love birds.

By the way, did anyone else wonder what was happening on Evan's campaign? Yeah, about that....

Two episodes left, Hamptonites. Do you think this show can be rehabilitated?


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I loved this season until the last few episodes, but they have really become ridiculous, and hope it goes back to normal soon. Paige and Evan's sudden jealousy and issues just don't really make sense to me... they have already been through so much with her sick mother, and Hank's accident - it just seems like something to 'pass time.'
The storyline with Molly and her dad was boring from the first episode and i can't believe they dragged it on sooo long, neither of them are likeable characters. I know Hank has had some special friendships with past patients such as the Golfer who died of Lupus disease, and the young boy with the bleeding, but they were reciprocal - this one makes no sense. Poor Jeremiah, he is lovely!


Molly's character is really too much. I don't know how Hank can handle it. She has been heaping abuse on him for about 5 episodes now, when all he has done is help her and her family, plus could have almost ruined his career about the drug prescriptions. Teenagers can be angry and frightened and afraid, but I don't think it's normal for anyone to be so hateful and vengeful to the only person there for their family over and over again. I also think it doesn't seem normal for a teenager with a sick parent (the only one left) to continue to act out so much - usually a child goes into nurse or 'parent mode' when this happens, Ive seen it with my own family.


I think that you messed up Divya character by her being pregnant. I think you need to write that out. The show is not as good as before. What were you guys thinking?


Solid episode but I'm in awe that Divya was so cold to the idea that Jeremiah is in-love with her. So what? Now all of a sudden she is too good to stay at his house and play nice-nice together? It isn't like he was pawing at her. I too have grown to love our neighborhood awkward doc! As for Paige... She married an immature dude with money and position on the brain. What the heck does she expect? Why is this news?


Thanks for bringing back the Fonz...he is funny and genuine and really brings life to the show.


Let's talk about Hank. Does anyone else find it a problem that the previews show Shelby still treating him like an addict? I could tell a couple weeks ago that he was still having LEGITIMATE pain & needed something. That's completely different from being addicted. He made it clear he was taking them according to instructions. He only went to the clinic b/c of Jeremiah's overreaction. He's never shown any indication of being impaired while treating someone. I'm just thankful they finally found the true source of the problem & treated it. Lastly, I found it crazy that Molly didn't understand the concept of dosage! Seriously, Hank is a grown man who could easily be twice her weight. That's gonna affect the dose of pills he was given. While it may not have been the perfect solution, shouldn't she be glad he had something at all? Was she just taking it out on him cause she's scared for her dad?


Good grief, Chandel, do some proof reading before posting. This review is riddled with grammatical errors! ????? As for the episode; you make some valid points and yes, "Royal Pains," needs a little tweaking (not twerking, lol) going into next season. They have lost their way a little. I don’t feel they’ve lost their way as badly as everyone else seems to but things are definitely a little off with this show.


I disagree with Kelly, Molly is horrible. She attacks Hank even after he saves her and her dad more then once. Also this is not Hank's normal M.O. he is the walk away guy. When there is stress between people he normally walks away. I think if Don recovers he should walk away from them and if Don dies I am done with this show. I know so many people that stopped watching it because it left its original fun formula. I am about to join them.


Hank insisting on being a part of Don's treatment makes perfect sense to me. Don was his patient from the beginning and now Hank must be wondering (even if not consciously) if his drug use impaired his judgement and caused the complications that led to Don being in a coma. Hank's never been one to let go, especially when it comes to his patients. I don't mind Mollie. She's already lost one parent. I think she's been a normal teenager given her circumstances. And like it or not, Hank's continued drug use is an he'll most likely now have to answer for.


I agree with you that Hank was way more involved with this case than normal. And to make treatment decisions, even with the other doctor's approval, and make the injection, when he had just been treated himself for a serious nerve impingement, was just plain stupid. And Mollie decided that was the time for her to go take her shower? The time to hang around is when the doctors are doing something, not when they're not. Paige was annoying. Divya was panicking. Poor Jeremiah. Divya always goes for the exotically handsome bad boys. And hasn't learned her lesson there yet. All of my friends and family gave up on this show early this season. I still hope it's going to get back on track. Some day.

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