Switched at Birth Review: Consequences

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There were a lot of big decisions made during "Departure of Summer," as the Switched at Birth episode set things up nicely for a brand new season this winter.

There aren't a lot of answers left dangling, but rather new beginnings to think about. People made tough, life-altering choices that put the thoughts of others before themselves. It was an inspiring episode.

SaB Summer Scene

We got an ending to the Toby and Nikki wedding saga; Genise got her wish when they went off, had sex and didn't go to hell; and and Nikki got to wear her dress when she and Toby married at the courthouse. Emmett was right at the rehearsal dinner: If they truly loved each other and wanted to be together, they couldn't let that moment pass and risk losing each other. They also couldn't stand in front of their family and friends if they didn't share in their excitement of their marriage. So they did it their own way.

I imagine they will face obstacles, but as they've faced so many hurdles together, they'll manage to jump them together and get through. Not every young marriage makes it, but not every one fails either. I'd like to have faith that this one will work.

Will seeing Ty walk out the door be the last we see of his character? He certainly did what he could to drive away Bay. I don't know if it was admirable that he cut her loose due to her young age or cowardly to let her believe he cheated on her and not tell her the truth like a man in love with a young woman should have done. I can see both sides of the issue and I really can't decide. 

The way it is now leaves the door open for many things: his return, his death, the truth to come out when either of those happen, her reuniting with Emmett and having to deal with any of the three prior thoughts and a tainted friendship with Marybeth. Bay throws herself into things with her whole heart and soul and Ty knew that. Maybe he did pick the easiest way to let her go, knowing she had her friends there to support her.

I'm saddened that Angelo was unable to make it work with his daughter, but happy he decided on the Three Men and a Baby scenario. He'll get to know his daughter and she'll have three loving fathers. Yes, it's a little strange, but this is a new world and there are lot of women in Angelo's life that are sure to make some hell out of that little girl's along the way. 

Finally, I never imagined that Senator Coto would think John was the mastermind behind the break-in into his office. It really showed just how blind he was to the affairs he was having. Not just of the heart, but in all matters of his life. Coto was completely ignorant that anyone would truly find him despicable enough to just want him to stop being an ass and that the agenda had to be a big conspiracy. As his phone rang off the hook at the end, I'm sure he was double thinking overlooking the little pieces of his world and jumping to the big guns.

We'll roll into Switched at Birth Season 3 with fresh story lines, a new school year, a young marriage in progress and who knows what else. What did you think of the Switched at Birth Season 2 finale? 


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I really want Bay and Ty to work out. My fiance is currently deployeed and the hardships we face make me want to pull more for them to be together in the end than any other couple in the series.


I really really love seeing Bay and Emmett together....really hoping they'l get back together.....:)


I really really love seeing Bay and Emmett together....really hoping they'l get back together.....:)


I don't think Emmett and Bay should get back together... Emmett cheated on her. I'm glad those two could make things right and be friends but I applaud Bay for making the right choice and keeping him as a friend. As for Ty, what a dumb ass. After Bay was cheated on, does he actually think that his lie would make things easier on her? What's worse knowing that he would be unfaithful to her, lie to her after telling her that he loved her or having him be killed knowing that he cared about her? Neither is easy but I'd rather know my boyfriend was a good guy and hero rather then someone who would betray me. But clearly Ty was scared and took the first way out. Mary Beth is obviously going to tell her, she's not the kind of girl who can keep that a secret so his plan will fail anyways. Meanwhile Bay wont know what to believe. Coto was a jerk, there were other, better ways to expose him but I'm not sorry that he went down. Not sorry to see Jace go either, what a dumb character.


I think the last season was great bt i dnt understand wats goin on with bay nd emmet ar they still in luv or wat bt i wuld luv 2 see ty in the next season actually bay nd ty make a cute couple


Season 3 needs Ty to come back. Emmett and Bay are better as friends. Ty and bay make sence. To kill Ty's character before making things right would ruien the show.


Season 3 needs Ty to come back. Emmett and Bay do better as friends. To kill off Ty before making things right would make this show imcomplete. Ty and Bay make sence.


I love Emmett and bay together<333


I got upset when Bay and Emmett split so i want them to get back together in the 3rd season!!!! Bay and Emmett<3


I am an avid fan of SAB. I have watched it from the beginning and can't
wait for the continuance. I have a few comments on the move ahead.
#1: Sign language is fine in short amounts and augmented with the
translation; BUT, too much is too much. PLEASE ALLOW your fans
to enjoy without forcing sign language on us and SLOWING the
interest of the majority of non-signing fans.
#2: Please don't involve the plot to the extent that it starts to seem too
tedious and evolved. Try to untangled the tangled mass that it has
become and remember to keep it sweet and light.
#3 Bay is my favorite character. I hope she doesn't become involved
with Emmet again. She is the one real jewel in that whole plot. I
would rather she come out this season with Toby's childhood friend.

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