Beauty and the Beast Season Premiere Pics: "Who Am I?"

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There are plenty of new faces coming to Beauty and the Beast.

Blair Redford will portray a veteran friend of Vincent's. Annie Ilonzeh is on board as a reporter who causes problems. And Amber Skye has been cast as a female version of this monster.

But The CW has released photos from the Beauty and the Beast Season 2 premiere and they focus on a quartet of familiar characters: Cat, Vincent, JT and Gabe. How will this foursome react to the traumatic events from May's finale?

Click through the following images now for a look ahead and remember: Beauty and the Beast moves to Mondays and returns on October 7.

Comfort for Vincent
Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Premiere Pic
Gabe and JT
Vincent in Action
Concerned Vincent
JT and Vincent
Cat, JT and Gabe

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Miss Vincent's longer hair and scar BIGTIME.
As for Gabe, whatever...
Counting the days now!


I also like Vincent with short hair he looks way HOTTER and SEXIER. Drooling here!!! For some reason I knew Gabe was not going to die on last season finale. He died when he was at his beast state maybe he has something on his system that did not allow him to die and kept him alive. It was too obvious as he knows information that can help track Murfield and help Vincent as well and also Gabe joining Vincent, both of them who were victims of Murfield in their own way can work better against the organization and find more about Catherine mother. Robert: What brotehr are u talking about that has Catherine and the other questions you have?


Joey!! Didn't you watch our Comic-Con coverage when Kristen confirmed Sendhil would be back? She left me speechless! ;-)


Wait, hang on...Didn't Gabe die in the season one finale?


I like Vincent with shorter hair he's much hotter. I can't wait for this season.


Cat's sister and brother?
Vincent's dad and uncle?
JT's mom?
Gabe's mom and love interest?

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Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh, hey, Cat, how's it going at 5 a.m.?


Cat: Bright side: In the meantime, we get to fall in love with each other all over again.
Vincent: What makes you so sure we will?
Cat: Cause we don't have a choice. I told you - we're meant to be.
Vincent: You really believe that, don't you?
Cat: I do. And you do, too. You just don't remember it yet.

Beauty and the Beast Season 2 Episode 1 Music

  Song Artist
Wanderhouse lights Lights Wanderhouse iTunes
Song Just Another Bossa The Thom Rotella Quartet
Dave thomas junior i cant make you love me I Can't Make You Love Me Dave Thomas Junior iTunes