Burn Notice Series Finale Review: The Final Mission

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After more than 100 episodes, Michael Westen completed his final mission.

Bringing down James Kendrick, and saving Fiona from Sonya in the process, resulted in a "Reckoning" for Michael, and in turn he left the CIA, realizing that he no longer wanted to go back to being a spy.  

While I admit I still want more Burn Notice, I can say that this ending was so full of awesomeness I wish I could give it more than a 5 star rating. 

Final Moments

How incredible was Madeline’s sacrifice? Between her words and Michael’s tears, I couldn't stop crying. I had heard that a major cast member was going to die in the finale, but I honestly didn't expect it to be a self-sacrifice scenario. Well played Mr. Nix, well played indeed.

Of course, as I guessed last week, Michael prevented Sonya from shooting Fiona by shooting her first. I feel a little bad for Sonya; she either wouldn't see or couldn't see how important Fiona was to Michael. Had she realized that she was the key to Michael's loyalties, things might have gone differently.

Did anyone else catch the nod to the pilot (and the opening) with Fiona working in “Shall we shoot them?” There was also Sam’s now famous "You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls," and of course the hour closed with the line that has opened every episode, “My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy...”  

I will have to go back and see if Madeline’s or Jesse’s opening credit dialog was worked in, but even if not, those three are a great trifecta of winning for long time fans.

I'm guessing that Fiona, Michael, and Charlie ended up back in Ireland, while there were no signs that I saw, the haunting music that was playing seemed like a good indicator. I hope that Michael and Fiona are able to raise Charlie and stay out of trouble. May not happen, but it’s a nice dream.

Back in Miami you had Sam and Jesse, names cleared by the CIA, getting ready to have Mojitos and possibly take on a case. Or as most fans would like to call it – SPINOFF! 

There have been some rumors about a Sam/Jesse spinoff and this reviewer would love it! They could add in a few new characters to help round out the team and you would have me glued to USA for the next 7 seasons! 

In the end, we have to say goodbye and what better way to do it, than with a personal message: 

Mr. Nix, thank you for 7 wonderful seasons with Michael, Fiona, Madeline, and the gang. You will never know how much this show has meant to me, being one of the last things I shared with my mom before her passing. It was wonderful to get to speak to you and the cast over the years; you have made a fan for life. - Jim

If you are inspired, please feel free to add your own message below. To all the fans who have stopped by, it has been an honor to review this show, here is hoping we are all back talking about Jesse and Sam in the near future! 


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First 3 seasons were excellent. 4-6 were touch and go.. some clearly poorly executed, others very good. Season 7 was just sloppy, poorly written, badly acted, zero chemistry between actors, dull, excessively dark, and just seemed like a 'bonus' series, unrelated to the original 1-6 Season. Just to be clear- I am a huge fan of the show, but I am not a zombie who can't accept a very bad last season. The same thing happened to Nip/Tuck in Season 6..simply out of sync with the prior 5 seasons, but for Burn Notice it was more egregious.


I know I'm late to the party but I just recently finished the finale, I thought they went the wrong direction. Made me question why they ended the way they did. So James Kendrick offers Michael a chance to turn him over to the C.I.A. which would lead to the gangs freedom from life in prison, a chance to stop all the warlords/overall bad guys from going off unpunished.. So the big question is; why the hell didn't Michael tell Fiona and others that James will no longer be a problem, that's he's going to prison forever.. Sure Michael was to assume leader of James business endeavors but he could of taken them down if he wanted to without any blood shed. The way I look at it Maddie would still be alive, Michael classified as hero. I just don't understand why he would want both the C.I.A. and James after him in the end. So that's my little rant, something I had to get off my chest after being a dedicated viewer.

@ Ray

As long as Michael was alive the CIA would never let him go. Playing dead gave him real freedom. He was also too lost into James's scheme to be able to tell his friends about the solution. Lastly he realized one important thing: if the CIA was willing to free that crazy guy 2 months into his sentence, he would never *truly* take out a villain. James would be used by the CIA as well and all would have been nothing.


the only question that was left unanswered was how the heck did charlie end up with fiona and michael??????????!!!


The most disappointing part of the last season for me was Fi and Carlos. When they first appear together and they kiss it made me lose a lot of respect and faith for Fi. She was loyally with Michael for years and just because he had to work for the CIA some more (which he does mainly for her) she gets mad at him and hooks up with some other guy and removes Michael from her life.
And since Fi is now so happy with Carlos, when Sonya was introduced I thought her and Michael would be an awesome couple. And they did have a very good connection. Even though Michael was just doing his job I think he was falling for Sonya, and she was falling for him. I also felt bad for Sonya because, like she said, she never had a relationship before because of her work. And then Carlos leaves Fi and so she helps destroy Michael's plan (that would fix pretty much everything) and then gets Sonya shot.
The plot of last season made me believe that Fi only wanted Michael again because Carlos left her and that she was jealous of Sonya so she issued the ultimatum that made Michael shoot her. Its unfair to Michael and extremely unfair to Sonya.


This final season was more than disppointing. I was glued to this show for 7 season and end up with this? Talk about a let down. In the end, Michael is nothing more than everybody's b*tch, yet again. Oh well. The show did entertain me for hours, regardless. It's just a shame the finale did the show, and Michael Weston, absolutely no justice.

@ Sid Entity

Sid Entity
If you thought the finale was awful, you just liked it so much that you can't bear to watch it end. I am sorry for you.


well said. nothing more to add but couldn't agree more w every word.


I was overseas for the Navy and had to record the last 10 episodes. I just finished watching the finale last night and have mixed emotions. I love How they worked-in the individual lines from the opening, love that they ended the show with the same line (My name is...) that they open the series with...great symmetry. As much as I liked Maddies sacrifice, I hate that Mike, Fi, Sam and Jesse are not together. The four remaining characters are separated, and Jesse had explained that he had no one before and now had a family...then they separated Sam and Jesse from Mike and Fi...made me sad! Then again, my baby just went off to college and my wife and I are new empty nesters so I really miss family being together. That probably impacts my view.


What was in the credits I missed it there was an obiturary with a message thanks to....


I realized the other day if they did a spin-off, maybe Agent Pearce could become a regular. She and Jesse had some awesome chemistry and it would give them an "in" with the CIA.


I guess I'm the only one pissed off with Madeline sacrificing herself. I loved her character on the show. Why does every season finale have to have someone dying. Being a loyal fan to the show from the start and they do like the others do and kill of one of my favorite characters. That being said, I would watch a spinoff cause I love Sam and Jesse. Then again, why bother, they would probably kill off Elsa.

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Fiona: What you did early, plowing into that store and then jumping on the car, almost incinerating yourself.
Michael: It was a calculated risk. I need information.
Sam: Mike don't, we've known each other too long. There is a difference between a necessary risk and a death wish and you know it.
Fiona: Michael I know you are hurting, but what is killing yourself going to prove?

Madeline: I don't want to lose another son.
Michael: Mom. I can't make any promises, sometimes sacrifices have to be made.