Burn Notice Series Finale Review: The Final Mission

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After more than 100 episodes, Michael Westen completed his final mission.

Bringing down James Kendrick, and saving Fiona from Sonya in the process, resulted in a "Reckoning" for Michael, and in turn he left the CIA, realizing that he no longer wanted to go back to being a spy.  

While I admit I still want more Burn Notice, I can say that this ending was so full of awesomeness I wish I could give it more than a 5 star rating. 

Final Moments

How incredible was Madeline’s sacrifice? Between her words and Michael’s tears, I couldn't stop crying. I had heard that a major cast member was going to die in the finale, but I honestly didn't expect it to be a self-sacrifice scenario. Well played Mr. Nix, well played indeed.

Of course, as I guessed last week, Michael prevented Sonya from shooting Fiona by shooting her first. I feel a little bad for Sonya; she either wouldn't see or couldn't see how important Fiona was to Michael. Had she realized that she was the key to Michael's loyalties, things might have gone differently.

Did anyone else catch the nod to the pilot (and the opening) with Fiona working in “Shall we shoot them?” There was also Sam’s now famous "You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls," and of course the hour closed with the line that has opened every episode, “My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy...”  

I will have to go back and see if Madeline’s or Jesse’s opening credit dialog was worked in, but even if not, those three are a great trifecta of winning for long time fans.

I'm guessing that Fiona, Michael, and Charlie ended up back in Ireland, while there were no signs that I saw, the haunting music that was playing seemed like a good indicator. I hope that Michael and Fiona are able to raise Charlie and stay out of trouble. May not happen, but it’s a nice dream.

Back in Miami you had Sam and Jesse, names cleared by the CIA, getting ready to have Mojitos and possibly take on a case. Or as most fans would like to call it – SPINOFF! 

There have been some rumors about a Sam/Jesse spinoff and this reviewer would love it! They could add in a few new characters to help round out the team and you would have me glued to USA for the next 7 seasons! 

In the end, we have to say goodbye and what better way to do it, than with a personal message: 

Mr. Nix, thank you for 7 wonderful seasons with Michael, Fiona, Madeline, and the gang. You will never know how much this show has meant to me, being one of the last things I shared with my mom before her passing. It was wonderful to get to speak to you and the cast over the years; you have made a fan for life. - Jim

If you are inspired, please feel free to add your own message below. To all the fans who have stopped by, it has been an honor to review this show, here is hoping we are all back talking about Jesse and Sam in the near future! 


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Jesse's line made it in too, although it was changed a bit. His original line was "That's how we do it, people." but the line used in the last episode was "I guess that's how we do it."


I will miss burn notice the characters awesome��. I hope they play it on tbs or cloo like they do all the other shows. Can someone tell me what is the name of the episode that Michael kept punching a man that was beating on his son. Cause mike father always beat him.Then at the end he tells the kid about eating yogurt. All the episodes are awesome and Burn Notice will truly be missed. And yes I realize all the lines that they started in the beginning, that was very😜😄. A spin~ off with just Sam and Jesse don't know about that. Michael and Fiona made the show.


Burn notice is one of the few greats that will go down as a classic. Thank you for such a wonderful show, well rounded characters, and a great hero to believe in. This world needs more Michael Westens and the gang, and more selfless love like Mattie showed in the end. I loved this show, and will miss it so much, but if a Sam / Jesse spin off is in the works. Hey, I'll give it a try if it gives us some well balanced characters to believe in.


"Someone needs your help, Michael" turned into 'Michael, you need someone's help". Isn't that the summation of the entire story line? He had been a spy and was doing side jobs and trying to recover his life. All along the way he kept including more and more people into his circle. In the last season, as he tried to shed those people and the burden of responsibility he felt for them, he got further and further away from who he was. It took his mother to see it for what it was and to present it to him in a way that really brought him back.
Brilliant ending to a great show! I will miss this one but am glad it went out on top - the story lines would have gotten REALLY old if they kept it going much longer. This way they rallied for a great end, and I'm glad to say I saw every episode.


Loved the finale and Maddie's sacrifice, telling Michael she was proud of him, I felt some tears as Michael was realizing this was a final goodbye to her. Loved all the Easter eggs Nix threw in there as well. As for the end, I don't think anyone can say Fi and Michael are in Ireland. Remember the "Long Way Back" episode when Fi was going to leave Miami for good and return home? Then Thomas O'Neill happened and Fi's brother came to Miami to help out. Michael had to return to his Michael McBride cover, but by the end, O'Neill outed Michael as an American spy and both Fi and Michael were told they could never return to Ireland.


I can't begin to express how much I have enjoyed all 7 seasons of this exceptional show. It ranks right up there with: St. Elsewhere, E.R. and Supernatural as shows that I will watch over & over. The writing/story telling was so realistic (at least in my mind-of course, I've never been a spy), the acting was perfect, the casting was right on, the visuals were breathtaking at times & very scary at others-what can I say? I really loved the show. I know all good things must end-doesn't mean I wanted it to. I will miss Michael, Fi, Sam, Jesse and Madeline. As a Mom and Grandma, I thoroughly understand how she could sacrifice herself for her son, grandson and the team that became a family, as heartbreaking as it was.
I've seen some negative reviews of the finale and the last season-but it seems to me that eventually someone like Michael-who had gone through and done what he did-for his country-it would be difficult NOT to become disillusioned and look for a better path. I think Mr. Nix portrayed that feeling of abandonment extremely well. So glad Michael and Fiona were satisfied to get out of the "spy life". They will make great parents for little Charlie-much better that Michael had it. And Jeffrey Donovan's performances-no one could have played Michael as well. He was perfect in this role. Hopefully knowing how much the fans loved his work will make up for not receiving awards.
I too hope we get to see Sam and Jesse in adventures of their own. They make a great team, especially with Sam's sense of humor.
RIP-Burn Notice. You will definitely be missed.


(absolute power corrupts absolutely). Michael was so hungry for the ability to do what HE thought was right, he didn't see how it would end up being wrong (that was likely what turned James into what he was). You have to have been paying really close attention to this season to see how it made sense. Therefore, I LOVED it. SO well-played.


A lot of people are saying that some of Michael's actions weren't believable - not telling Sam and Fi about the plan, hesitating briefly. Mike was "trying to find a solution" with Fi and Sonya - remember James saying "I know you, I know you're trying to find the way out" - that's what it was, wasn't "hesitation". How can he save both the mission and his love? Remember too, that the plan to have the CIA capture James was *JAMES'* plan, not the CIA's. He was about 90% on the other side UNTIL Fi got through to him ON THE ROOF. He knew Sam, Fi, and Jesse would not support him working for James and getting sucked in (he'd been getting more and more drawn in for about 4 episodes now - that was intentional). So, he had to keep them at arms' length. His fight with Sam was sincere. He was so tired of doing things for the wrong reasons - this was an opportunity to make all the decisions. Sam was right - what happens when you start making the wrong ones (absolute power corrupts absolutely). Michael was so hungry for the ability to do what HE thought was right, he didn't see how it would end up being wrong (that was likely what turned James into what he was). You have to have been paying really close attention to this season to see how it made sense. Therefore, I LOVED it. SO well-played.


джимчо, много �и тъп! и дебел!


MarkP, We don't know how much time passed between Sam getting out of the building and Jesse leaving the house and them turning the hard drives over to Strong. They could have easily sent Michael, Fiona, and Charlie on their way before going to see him. Or as Nancy pointed out, Strong is pretty smart, and owed Michael. Given that he fought to get Michael his star on the wall of CIA heroes, I would give him the benefit of doubt that he would have helped him "stay dead" too.

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Fiona: What you did early, plowing into that store and then jumping on the car, almost incinerating yourself.
Michael: It was a calculated risk. I need information.
Sam: Mike don't, we've known each other too long. There is a difference between a necessary risk and a death wish and you know it.
Fiona: Michael I know you are hurting, but what is killing yourself going to prove?

Madeline: I don't want to lose another son.
Michael: Mom. I can't make any promises, sometimes sacrifices have to be made.