Burn Notice Series Finale Review: The Final Mission

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After more than 100 episodes, Michael Westen completed his final mission.

Bringing down James Kendrick, and saving Fiona from Sonya in the process, resulted in a "Reckoning" for Michael, and in turn he left the CIA, realizing that he no longer wanted to go back to being a spy.  

While I admit I still want more Burn Notice, I can say that this ending was so full of awesomeness I wish I could give it more than a 5 star rating. 

Final Moments

How incredible was Madeline’s sacrifice? Between her words and Michael’s tears, I couldn't stop crying. I had heard that a major cast member was going to die in the finale, but I honestly didn't expect it to be a self-sacrifice scenario. Well played Mr. Nix, well played indeed.

Of course, as I guessed last week, Michael prevented Sonya from shooting Fiona by shooting her first. I feel a little bad for Sonya; she either wouldn't see or couldn't see how important Fiona was to Michael. Had she realized that she was the key to Michael's loyalties, things might have gone differently.

Did anyone else catch the nod to the pilot (and the opening) with Fiona working in “Shall we shoot them?” There was also Sam’s now famous "You know spies, bunch of bitchy little girls," and of course the hour closed with the line that has opened every episode, “My name is Michael Westen, I used to be a spy...”  

I will have to go back and see if Madeline’s or Jesse’s opening credit dialog was worked in, but even if not, those three are a great trifecta of winning for long time fans.

I'm guessing that Fiona, Michael, and Charlie ended up back in Ireland, while there were no signs that I saw, the haunting music that was playing seemed like a good indicator. I hope that Michael and Fiona are able to raise Charlie and stay out of trouble. May not happen, but it’s a nice dream.

Back in Miami you had Sam and Jesse, names cleared by the CIA, getting ready to have Mojitos and possibly take on a case. Or as most fans would like to call it – SPINOFF! 

There have been some rumors about a Sam/Jesse spinoff and this reviewer would love it! They could add in a few new characters to help round out the team and you would have me glued to USA for the next 7 seasons! 

In the end, we have to say goodbye and what better way to do it, than with a personal message: 

Mr. Nix, thank you for 7 wonderful seasons with Michael, Fiona, Madeline, and the gang. You will never know how much this show has meant to me, being one of the last things I shared with my mom before her passing. It was wonderful to get to speak to you and the cast over the years; you have made a fan for life. - Jim

If you are inspired, please feel free to add your own message below. To all the fans who have stopped by, it has been an honor to review this show, here is hoping we are all back talking about Jesse and Sam in the near future! 


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Maybe I'm being over critical and simplifying things too much but couldn't Michale have told Fi and the others about the plan to for james to let Mike turn him into the CIA? He did not have to tell them he was going to stay and work with james organization(if he was really going to do that). I don't know how explosives work but couldn't maddy have thrown the bomb out the front door and with Jessie to protect her and charlie made it out the back ? Again maybe I'm over simplifying things but...I think it could have worked out differently. again maybe being too critical but with the fire from the bomb spreading as fast as it was I don't think Mike and Fi could have gotten out.


I knew it was Maddie that was going to be killed. It made me cry. It was the best ending of a series that I have seen in years. Very well done everyone. I will miss Burn Notice


LOVED the finale! So happy Michael and Fiona moved to Ireland to raise Charlie. It was very fitting since they met there. I am going to miss Burn Notice! My favorite show on tv...


I've watched this finale about 3 times since it aired, and I LOVE IT! Amazing ending. Jesse and Maddie were also able to say some form of their lines from the opening sequence. Jesse said it while he was in the car with Michael where Michael asked Jesse to look after his mom and Charlie as he, Fi and Sam attempt to break into the communication facility and get the hard drive. Jesse's line was more somber and would've been easy to miss. He also did not say, "people" at the end, but rather, "that's how we do it." Maddie's line came when she was on the phone with Michael one last time. It wasnt exactly her saying, "Someone needs your help, Michael." Instead, it evolved to be, "Michael, you have protected me enough, and now you need my help." I think the change in her life really brings her character full circle and gives us a type of closure with Michael's once strained relationship with his mom.


I am going to miss Michael Weston so much..kinda wish he stuck around for a couple more seasons. But phew! what a finale. Thank you Matt nix for these wonderful characters. "My name is Michael Weston..I used to be a spy until.."


Was I the only one who notices the house Maddie's Jesse and charile were in? I believe that was the house that Anson blew up killing that family when he reveal himself to Michael and the Gang. The fake death thing has been done to death but I guess it was okay Kinda of wish Michael got the last words


This was one of the best endings ever seen for a TV Series, Shall we shoot them !!! , You know spies, bunch of bitchy lil' girls !!!
My name is Michael Weston !!! , I used to fast forward the intro, but today after 7 God Damn years it felt closer it felt personal to bid adieu to this exception star cast, Madeline's self-sacrifice was done with Panache befitting her character, I loved the show, wish things would have continued for another season but hey, this was a fantastic ending, can't top this off , Now get me some Sam & Jesse Action as a SPIN-OFF soon. I give it 5 Exploding Hearts for this finale


On one side of the coin it was the best ending a series as good as Burn Notice could ever have. I can't add anything to what has already been said. I'm happy the series ended with them at peace. But, on the other side of the coin, I was hoping for a much different ending. I was hoping for Michael, working with Sonya, to head up James' organization to take out bad guys without the restraint of the government interference. I mean let's face it. Just because you put a "Government" approval to something doesn't make it any more right or wrong when someone gets killed. Our government is certainly WRONG most of the time with its False Flag Wars! The spin off I was hoping for was that James' organization went on doing what it does and after a time Michael and Sonya stumble upon none other than another fantastic spy that's also a bit disgruntled at how he's been treated over the years. Michael Weston meet Jack Bauer.
Now THAT would have been the Spin Off of Spin Offs!


Job well done---intrigue, excitement, sadness. The best to all on this awesome series - jeez, never been this emotional about the ending of a program. Love yaw'll.


LOVED it! Loved the fact that Madeline got to take care of her boys... and loved the fact that the CIA remained oblivious to the fact that Michael and Fi made it out, so they can NEVER CALL HIM BACK IN AGAIN. Finally, there is blessed peace and quiet for Michael! And Fi gets her house in the country. Loved how Sam and Jesse knew that they were still alive and kept it quiet from the CIA. Felt kind of bad for Sonya and James for trusting Michael a bit too much... but glad that he didn't completely go to the dark side in an "anti-ending". Overall, one of the best series finales I've seen. Left you feeling touched and happy and peaceful and justified all at the same time. Great job, Burn Notice!

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Burn Notice Season 7 Episode 13 Quotes

Fiona: What you did early, plowing into that store and then jumping on the car, almost incinerating yourself.
Michael: It was a calculated risk. I need information.
Sam: Mike don't, we've known each other too long. There is a difference between a necessary risk and a death wish and you know it.
Fiona: Michael I know you are hurting, but what is killing yourself going to prove?

Madeline: I don't want to lose another son.
Michael: Mom. I can't make any promises, sometimes sacrifices have to be made.