Chicago Fire Review: The Hunt for '51

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After a stellar first season, Chicago Fire returned with "A Problem House."

But for most of the hour, the show’s core felt mostly missing. Hopping around from one call to the next and one dangerous predicament after another gets old. The pillar of the series has never been the calls; ironically, sometimes the only escape from the drama and tension is to run out and douse a real fire.

Targeting Severide

The attempts to broaden the stakes a little more don't feel genuine. Michelle Forbes’ Gail is certainly not afraid of wielding a cost-cutting axe, but the threat of shutting down the house never really works out so well since the house is the basis for the show. Without it, Chicago Fire wouldn’t be quite the same.

If the cost-cutting drama is an avenue for Mouch to run for Union President, I’m much more willing to tolerate whatever comes 51’s way.

Jeff Clark is the other result of the broadening. I’m not opposed to seeing more of him. Clark ups the hotness factor of the house and he jumps in and gets to work with the rest of the team without a fuss. Gail’s attempts at manipulating him into being a spy only make me hate her even more, while threatening to hold Clark’s job over his head certainly feels like grounds for losing her own. Hopefully, she leaves the red pens to the professionals (Revenge) and packs it up soon.

Chicago Fire Season 1 ended with Renee surprising Kelly with her pregnancy - and now she’s missing in action. I’m not surprised. Sarah Shahi is now kicking some butt on Person of Interest, but it’s unfortunate that one of the outcomes of this plot point is Shay has to be the bad guy that breaks it to Severide that Renee’s due date does not match up with their last foray in the sheets.

If Kelly wasn’t stressed enough as it is, there’s an arsonist trying to kill him at every turn.

Finally, there’s Casey. The poor guy just can’t catch a break. He offers Darden’s widow and her friends another round of drinks on him, while on duty no less, and later finds Heather a DUI later and one of her friends in pretty bad shape. The “Problem House” certainly has a problem now.

Casey’s predicament is one of the better plot points of the hour. It’s full circle with Voight and his son’s intoxication. Casey didn’t look the other way for Voight, but with Heather is Casey wiling to stick to those principles? I hope he does if only because he has zero chemistry with Heather.

Chicago Fire has never had the best premieres, and this was no exception. The sooner we get back to telling compelling and emotionally driven stories rather than shock value plot points that will ultimately lead nowhere, the better Chicago Fire Season 2 will be.

Two More Thoughts:

  1. Mills’ application to Chicago PD is quickly swept under the rug.
  2. Mouch and his girlfriend are adorable together.


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I really like this show and am sorry it will be ending. Chicago Fire had a different twist that the current police department shows don't have. I'm disappointed there taking it off the air.


It was a rather blasè premiere, but I know how this show picks up. I'm not a fan of Casey and Heather, but this development with her being charged with DUI and vehicular manslaughter, I presume, could be interesting with his Voight history and taking care of the kids for her, especially given how much he wanted kids of his own. Casey goes through hell all the time, but should be interesting. I hate that Shay comes across as the bad guy for looking out for Severide. Hate that they aren't roommates anymore because I adore their friendship. I'm curious about who is after him and why, but Jeff always finding the piece is suspicious.I wasn't a fan of how out of the way they went to make him appear nefarious with the looks and all. Gail made me cringe but if it leads to Mouch stuff than fine. They really did sweep the Mills bit under the rug.


I liked the Season Premier! Two Thumbs Up!
Kelly - Shay (as a friend) was correct in questioning the due date. Just in seeing Renees reaction (how could she NOT think that question was going to come up?) although I believe Kelly could have phrased it differently!
Mouch - I misunderstood something last season, I thought the GF was moving here? LOVE HIM!
Casey - Really?! Give the Guy a break already!
Jeff Clark - I don't like him, thought it was ALL too convenient that HE kept finding the incindiary (sp?) devices?!
@Mrs Alex O'Loughlin - we must have the same (excellent) taste in shows - see you on all the same Reviews as me!! :)


I Love Mouch and His GF together. When I saw him starring at her picture in the locker room. I thought it was going to quit Firehouse 51 and go be with her in whatever country she's from. I'm glad it was the opposite and hope to see more of them together. Jeff might be bad news now but I think he's going to come to love being at Firehouse 51 and will have come conflict choosing sides later on. I acutally really like the premiere. I didnt feel like it was bland or anything.

Sarah silva

Dee: They had to double up on lockers as they now have to store equipment from the firehouse that was shut down.

Sarah silva

This was a good episode back!
I want to know who is targeting Severide and why.
So I guess Casey will become an instant father, at least for a little while.
I am glad that Mouch is running for Union President, he has my vote.
We all know 51 will not close down but it will make for an interesting season.
So there was no room for Mills on Squad but yet Jeff eases in, I guess it was the bribe that Gail needed for him to spy on the house. I think Jeff is bad news, I know he hesitated to be the snitch, but there is something about him I do not trust.
Shay has a point, if the due date does not add up the Severide is not the father.
I am looking forward to this season.


I did not understand how the fireman sharing lockers was going to save money. If the lockers re already there unless they added a lot more fireman and were planning to buy more lockers how does sharing lockers save them money unless the lockers w ere rented?

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