Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Brothers McGarrett?

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"Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi (We Need Each Other)" was so jam-packed with car chases, bomb-throwing terrorists, dire hostage situations and secret possible-but-also-totally-bananas family connections, there was barely a second to catch your breath.

Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Scene

All of which makes sense - there is A LOT going on as season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 begins, and this episode did its absolute best to touch on all of it.

Is Kono still on the run with Adam? (Yep.) Is Wo Fat in the middle of something mysterious, as usual? (Uh-huh.) Can Danny find time in the middle of high stakes hostage situation/ terrorist car chase to still get in the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes of the night? (Would it be H50 if he didn't?)

But action aside, what really stuck with me about this episode was the final minutes. Could Wo Fat really be related to McGarrett? I had to rewind and watch that scene and rewatch, just to make sure I hadn't misheard him (though not sure what I could have misheard him asking Bergman about...maybe to check and see if Wo Fat is an Other?).

The skittish, mysterious Mrs. McGarrett was one of the most intriguing parts of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 to me; her secrets, and the way her relationship with Steve is effected by them, defy easy explanation or solution, and gave the season a nice, spiky story to have running in the background.

It had never occurred to me, however, that her secret could have been one this big...or this bizarre. For me, it was a great, invigorating mystery to start the season with, though one that I have to wonder about actually being resolved any time soon.

One situation that seems like it's going to be resolved a lot more quickly: Kono's life on the lam with Adam. We know they're going to get her back to the island soon, but will it be in triumph over the Yakuza, or because Adam won't be able to outrun them? Either way, the pacing of this plotline is brisk and engaging, and kept me on my toes.

Chi McBride's SWAT Captain Grover was another nice resurrection of a character from the original show's mythology, as well as a brief (but vocal!) reminder that, though Five-0 plays by their its rules, not everyone is impressed by it. McBride's Grover was part of a proud tradition of 5-0 guest appearances - brief, but impactful. I dug his swagger. The door's open for more appearances from McBride this season, which I certainly hope will come to pass.

This premiere left me with more questions than answers about the fourth season, but hey, that's what a good season premiere should do. I'm desperate to find out about this most unusual branch in the McGarrett family tree, but what are you most excited about for season 4? Kono's adventure abroad? More carguments?


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Hawaiian people have HUGE EGOS.....They think they are different than Americas Americans....Truth is hawaiian people are Mutts....Half Jap-Half ?.....They're actually VERY UGLY PEOPLE....NOT TO mention ignorant as well....I wouldnt worry about what they thinkis kinda like being in school and worrying what the ugly nerd thinks....Doesn't matter what they think...They're idiots anyway...90% of them are Meth heads...at a anyway...Besides.....Doesn't. matter what age they are....They still have that "you're not Cool" attitude about em..


I agree Mrs Cleaver...can't believe they killed Billy off so quickly. I expected some more back story on him and then complications....
Hope the reviewer comes back whether it is Gabrielle or Jim ;)

Mrs cleaver

No more weekly reviews? Say It Ain't So TV Fanatic! I thought this forum had a pretty good amount of comments and relatively sane commenters, most weeks anyway.
I just wanted to say that I couldn't BELIEVE they killed the ex-boyfriend who was supposed to "cause trouble" for Steve & Cath off so quickly. Hard for a dead guy to break you up.
Hope the reviews & reviewers come back!!


@Janie Yes I feel the same way! I agree that the Kono/Adam story has gotten off track and is a bit ridiculous. I also feel that this season, at least so far, has focused way too much on Steve and Catherine. It's ok to have the personal relationships as secondary story lines, showing other sides of the characters, but it seems like they have become a main focus. It feels like the show has been 'dumbed down' for Friday nights, and it's more like a soap opera than a crime drama! I'd like to see where it goes from here, but like you said, it's become hard to watch.


I can't even watch Hawaii Five O anymore. Why do there have to be these silly side stories, like Kono falling in love with Adam, the good son of a crime family, trying to take the family business "legit"? What does that even mean? It beggars belief, that a cop would fall for a guy whose family fortune was built through crime. You want to go legit? Walk away from the spoils of crime, get a job like legit people do, and work your way up in the world. I used to admire Kono, now I turn the channel the second she shows up. Anyone feel as I do?


The Hong Kong Scenes were filmed in Chinatown in Vancouver, B.C. They did the best they could to make it look like Hong Kong, but I would imagine recreating a major area of a major city could be difficult. I believe they filmed parts of 2 more future eps also. I saw them setting up but unfurtionatly missed the filming so I don't know who was there. As for the license plate, you could find little mistakes in every ep of every show if you looked hard enough.


@kaydee: Yes, they do give you awards when you leave the Navy. It's called an "End of Tour Award", because when someone separates from service it's always end of your time at that Duty Station. When I left active duty, I was awarded a Joint Service Achievement Medal.


I miss the reviews and the follow-on fan comments. I am always intrigued by how everyone comes away from each episode with differing take-aways. It's always a good thing to get a critic's opinion on the episode and then see how fans perceive the same. Gabrielle, I hope you come back! I also enjoyed Jim Garner's reviews, oftentimes, I did not agree, but I sure appreciated his male point of view. Aloha 😊


the first 3 2 minutes of episode 4.... wow nobody has been to hong kong. First off the drive up, that's Hong Kong Island Central... not Kowloon. 2 the car, its not a legal Hong Kong Car. why? Mainland Chinese licence plate from Changsu Province, no Hong Kong Plate, which makes it illegal to drive in Hong Kong. Also Hong Kong plates are yellow. You can only have a mainland plate below the HK plate. Then there is the street they actually pull into. Obviously doesn't exist and done on a studio where H5O is actually filmed. Gets me is someone went to the effort of getting a Chinese Licence plate... and it was wrong. Anyways.. needed to vent.


@Alex... Yes I do know what this forum is about, and i do respect other people's opinions but not when it gets out of hand. My spelling and grammar has nothing got to do with criticising people and I wasn't criticising. And perhaps and most likely if you haven't realised, the forum has stopped making reviews for Hawaii Five 0 and that is because of people's 'opinions' that shouldn't go out of hand. People can give their opinion without being RUDE about it and maybe we can get our reviews okay? So how about it .

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny Williams: I just handed Wo Fat over to the feds--they're prepping him, getting him ready to transfer to a super max in Colorado.
Steve McGarrett: Did he say who was behind the attack?
Danny Williams: No, he wasn't feeling very chatty.

Adam Noshimuri: Are you sure you understand what this means?
Kono Kalakaua: No. But it's what we're gonna do. It's what we have to do.