Hawaii Five-0 Review: The Brothers McGarrett?

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"Aloha ke kahi I ke kahi (We Need Each Other)" was so jam-packed with car chases, bomb-throwing terrorists, dire hostage situations and secret possible-but-also-totally-bananas family connections, there was barely a second to catch your breath.

Hawaii Five-0 Premiere Scene

All of which makes sense - there is A LOT going on as season 4 of Hawaii Five-0 begins, and this episode did its absolute best to touch on all of it.

Is Kono still on the run with Adam? (Yep.) Is Wo Fat in the middle of something mysterious, as usual? (Uh-huh.) Can Danny find time in the middle of high stakes hostage situation/ terrorist car chase to still get in the best Hawaii Five-0 quotes of the night? (Would it be H50 if he didn't?)

But action aside, what really stuck with me about this episode was the final minutes. Could Wo Fat really be related to McGarrett? I had to rewind and watch that scene and rewatch, just to make sure I hadn't misheard him (though not sure what I could have misheard him asking Bergman about...maybe to check and see if Wo Fat is an Other?).

The skittish, mysterious Mrs. McGarrett was one of the most intriguing parts of Hawaii Five-0 Season 3 to me; her secrets, and the way her relationship with Steve is effected by them, defy easy explanation or solution, and gave the season a nice, spiky story to have running in the background.

It had never occurred to me, however, that her secret could have been one this big...or this bizarre. For me, it was a great, invigorating mystery to start the season with, though one that I have to wonder about actually being resolved any time soon.

One situation that seems like it's going to be resolved a lot more quickly: Kono's life on the lam with Adam. We know they're going to get her back to the island soon, but will it be in triumph over the Yakuza, or because Adam won't be able to outrun them? Either way, the pacing of this plotline is brisk and engaging, and kept me on my toes.

Chi McBride's SWAT Captain Grover was another nice resurrection of a character from the original show's mythology, as well as a brief (but vocal!) reminder that, though Five-0 plays by their its rules, not everyone is impressed by it. McBride's Grover was part of a proud tradition of 5-0 guest appearances - brief, but impactful. I dug his swagger. The door's open for more appearances from McBride this season, which I certainly hope will come to pass.

This premiere left me with more questions than answers about the fourth season, but hey, that's what a good season premiere should do. I'm desperate to find out about this most unusual branch in the McGarrett family tree, but what are you most excited about for season 4? Kono's adventure abroad? More carguments?


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I started suspecting Wo Fat might be McGarrett's brother when I saw Doris' reaction to Steve's questioning in the Season Finale. It would explain why she wouldn't kill the man responsible for her husband's death (remember her firing the rounds into her floor?). Additionally, I thought it was funny that the man they cat as Wo Fat (Mark Dacascos) looks like he could be an Asian version of Alex O'Loughlin, appearance-wise.


They probably stopped writing reviews of H50 because some people on this forum are so rude and disrespectful! Saying that someone would "probably beat their kids to death" (even jokingly) is beyond rude, or that people are "sitting on their lazy asses" because they don't agree with your opinion of things... good grief! It's just a TV show people.


@Michelle - Catherine didn't "quit" the Navy. Like Steve, she retired. They don't give award ceremonies to "quitters". I hope your child doesn't decide to retire without first getting your permission because you'll probably beat him/her to death because you won't have anything to admire.


As the mom of a US Navy Senior Chief, I was dismayed that Catherine quit the Navy. That is not how I would have wanted you to portray her, as I know from experience that these sailors NEVER QUIT!! The difficulties, both mentally and physically,that they endure are unlike anything in the private sector. You should not have portrayed any of these brave, exceptional, selfless persons as quitters. Now, she really has nothing to admire her for.....


@Mina...this is a forum for people to state their OPINIONS about the show, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, good or bad. That's great that you like Catherine, but not everyone does. So maybe you should worry less about others comments and just focus on your own thoughts and opinions of the show. And BTW, if you're going to criticize others' comments, perhaps you should brush up on your spelling and grammar first.


Yeah why no review 2 weeks in a row?


You all need to give Catherine a break OKAY ! She's freakin awesome and shes the love of Steve's life. ACCEPT THAT OR your not a true H50 fan!! She can kick ass and I'm sure you guys just sit there on your lazy asses and just criticise her. Just give her a chance. And she's a regular now and she ain't going no where so let it go. And the sooner you guys move on then you will start enjoying the show again. And I do understand when it's a 'crime' show but in all honesty going in depth into the main character's life is part of A SHOW. It what makes a show believable and enjoyable ! SO BACK OFF AND JUST ENJOY! Peace !


The second episode of season 4 was, in my opinion, the worst of all the seasons. The plot was very weak, the writing lame and Catherine's character has to be replaced. I agree with the previous post about her wardrobe; it's terrible. The story-line went no-where for 45 minutes then was quickly summed up at the very end. A poor start to a season if you ask me, especially when there is talk of the Friday night placement being a wind-down position for the show. Fingers crossed for a better 5-0 this week.


Gabrielle, why no review?


Meanwhile, the second ep of the season has aired, and there's no review posted.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Danny Williams: I just handed Wo Fat over to the feds--they're prepping him, getting him ready to transfer to a super max in Colorado.
Steve McGarrett: Did he say who was behind the attack?
Danny Williams: No, he wasn't feeling very chatty.

Adam Noshimuri: Are you sure you understand what this means?
Kono Kalakaua: No. But it's what we're gonna do. It's what we have to do.