Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Mean Mermaids, Multiple Deaths and More!

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Ready to take a trip to Neverland?

Once Upon a Time Season 3 kicks off on Sunday, as most of our favorite characters are on board the same ship, heading to Peter Pan's home, desperate to rescue Henry.

Having viewed advanced screenings of the first two new episodes, I can safely say they do NOT disappoint - and I can warn fans about the following spoilers as I offer up a few teases and tidbits regarding what's on tap...

We're Hooked
  • All our characters are figuring out whether they're believers and/or need to accept who they truly are. This is definitely not an easy task for any of them but especially for Emma.
  • Ever been stuck on a car trip with people who easily get under your skin? That pretty much describes the voyage on Hook's ship. (The bickering is fun but watch for punches to be thrown - and not only by the men!)
  • If you think all mermaids are sweet and full of goodness like Ariel (JoAnna Garcia Swisher, who we'll meet in the November 3 episode), think again.
  • Someone voluntarily takes a swim on the voyage.
  • More than one person dies in the first hour.
  • Though I won't say Captain Swan shippers will be completely satisfied, Hook definitely doesn't hide his interest in a certain blonde on the show.
  • Gold/Rumple does what he usually does: takes matters into his own hands. (He is so not a team player!)
  • No signs of new romance for Regina... yet... but Lana Parrilla does have some of the best lines in the episode. And, as you'd expect, the sea air does not stop her from looking amazing!
  • We know Neal is alive and we'll see him encounter more than a few familiar faces.
  • Henry is still a believer in magic, but that doesn't mean he's out of danger.
  • We meet someone that even Rumplestiltskin is afraid of.
  • Hook may have some new competition in the dream boat department when we meet Robin Hood (now played by Sean Maguire).

Once Upon a Time Season 3 gets underway on Sunday, September 29 at 8/7c.

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NEVERLAND here we come!!! Cannot wait for what all the characters get up to and esp seeing how they are and what they are. CAPTAIN SWAN


I am all for the slow build up and i dont expect a rush story with Emma and Hook... i know that i have chosen and liked a angst ship. But the fact these two understand each other is the heart of everything that comes their way. CAPTAIN SWAN!!! I want to see what Peter Pan's whole reason is now and wanting Henry




Thanks for the scoop! I'm even more excited for the season to start now, it sounds like the show is really back on track! I won't lie during the back half of last season I felt like the characters got swallowed up by the plot...I'm also looking forward to some progression between Hook and Emma, loved their dynamic last season.


Great teasers! excited to see the punches thrown. I miss seeing the snow/regina rivalry regina's love life hmm i thought we meet robin hood in episode 1. unless robin hood is in flashback. And i'm sad about the "won't say captain swan fans will be completely satisfied" :( i feel like something bad will happen. nooo! or emma will be ignoring hook :( or neal will find his way to neverland already ugh. it's okay it's only the first two episodes, it's just the beginning! I'm just so excited to see some Captain Swan scenes!

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