Once Upon a Time Round Table: "The Heart of the Truest Believer"

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Once Upon a Time returned for season 3 this week, with Peter Pan looking for "The Heart of the Truest Believer." But it's anyone's guess what he'll do once he gets his hands on it.

Below, TV Fanatics Nick McHatton, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Gareth from Once Upon a Fan to discuss whether the mermaid should have been filleted and if Emma should started treating Regina like Henry's mom. Gather around and join the debate now!


What was your favorite scene from the premiere?

Nick: Neal. For all of his attempts to escape magic and the destructive nature that can be inherent with it he's pretty adept at reading his father and the magical world. All of those years of running from magic has taught him a thing or two about it, and putting him back in the Enchanted Kingdom gives him a purpose rather than his continual, on the run, attitude. He's not running away anymore; he's running towards a goal now.

Jim: I enjoyed seeing Neal/Baelfire with Robin Hood. Neal assumed Robin wouldn't believe him about who he was and Robin surprised him by doing so because who else would claim to be Rumple's son.

Gareth: Loved the scene with Rumple and Tamara and Rumple's scene at the end with Felix. Robert has referred to himself as "The Darker One" this season and you can see his character starting to go down that path. Really interested to see where his lone journey takes him.

Christine:  I loved Regina and Snow fighting over who ruined whose life. They've hated one another for so long, it was fun to watch the gloves come off and the two have an out and out cat fight.

Once Upon a Time RT - depreciated -

Who was right: Snow about letting the mermaid go or Regina who wanted to "filet the bitch?"

Nick: Politically, Snow's decision to let Ariel go rather than killing her is a much smarter move. They don't need anymore enemies.

Jim: Only time will say who truly was right, but it's pretty easy to figure out that doing the opposite of what Regina wants to do is probably the better way to go.

Gareth: Morally? Snow, but you have to love Regina's sass in this episode. Her awesome factor was off the chart. It was great fun seeing Regina and Snow slug it out. Been a long time coming.

Christine: I'm with Gareth on this one. I'm not saying Regina was right but it's fun watching her not even trying to hide her bad ass self. It's one of the reasons why I'm a fan of The Evil Queen.

Should Greg and Tamara have been kept around a little longer?

Nick: I was pretty surprised they decided to kill both of them so quickly, but it's certainly not something I disagree with: they fulfilled their purpose. There's plenty more to do in Neverland without the need for more Greg and Tamara story.

Jim: I think they filled their need for the plot. While I'm sad that both Greg and his dad died due their contact with Storybrooke, I can't help but want more clarification on how the lost boys fooled them so easily.

Gareth: I had a feeling they would be dispatched pretty quickly since fan reaction had been lukewarm to the characters at best during season two. I hope we get to see more of them through flashbacks though. How Peter Pan managed to recruit them both in our world is a story that needs telling.

Christine: Since I felt they were both pretty boring, I'm glad they're gone. Even better that 11 year old Henry basically got to call them idiots for their ask no questions policy. But I will be left wondering why Regina chose to kill Greg's father instead of just banishing him from Storybrooke.

Which possible couple do you think has the most potential this season: Emma and Hook, Emma and Neal, Neal and Mulan or Regina and Hook?

Nick: Emma and Hook have the most potential right now. He's willing to follow her and help her in Neverland, and he's already commented on Emma in general. Neal and Mulan are also a possibility since it gives Mulan something else to do aside from pining over the Prince.

Jim: I think a Neal and Mulan romantic pairing would be interesting, even if only for a short while, as Nick said, it would stop her moping about over "Prince Oblivious".

Gareth: I think Neal and Emma are destined to be together in the long term. Short term however, I do love a bit of CaptainSwan.

Christine: Yeah, I believe Emma and Neal are the long term plan, but in the mean time I'm willing to go with a love the one your with philosophy.  So I wouldn't mind seeing Emma and Hook or Neal and Mulan get a little cozy in the meantime.

Should Emma look upon Regina as one of Henry's parents?

Nick: Yes, absolutely. I'm always of the opinion that Henry has two moms. Regina's role in Henry's life should not be discounted. Regina is always going to bat for the kid, and she truly loves him. That type of relationship should not be ignored just because of Regina's past. Until Emma met Henry, she had no desire to find Henry and was perfectly content to live her life without him.

Jim: I have to agree with Nick, Regina spent over a decade as Henry's only mother and until Henry is ready to denounce her as a parent, Emma should respect Henry enough to include her as a parent.

Gareth: Emma has already accepted how important Regina is to Henry when he begged Emma to save her at the end of season two. She is very aware of the bond they share and I think she does recognize Regina as a mother to Henry now. Despite saying she is a mother, I feel that Emma still has a long way to go in terms of forgiving herself for abandoning Henry. I am sure the issues of motherhood and forgiveness is a huge theme for Emma this season as she continues her personal journey.

Christine: It really bothered me when Emma said that they group needed to find "my son" at the end of this episode as she stared at Regina. Regina was Henry's only parent for over 10 years. No matter what she done, I think she still has the right to be considered on of his moms.

Who had the best line of the Once Upon a Time Season 3 premiere?

Nick: Regina telling Charming to "Filet the Bitch!" when they were deciding what to do with Ariel.

Jim: I really liked Neal's comment about having run from magic all his life and now it was the only thing that could help him.

Gareth: Regina: And what, you'll win her over with your rainbow kisses and unicorn stickers?

Christine: Damn you, Gareth! You stole mine. I loved that line. I'll have to go with my second favorite, Snow: Threatening her isn't the way to motivate her.  Regina: Well I'm all out of fish food.

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That wasn't Ariel!


Oh that's why there wasn't even a mention of CS in the recap was because Chrstine Orlando is pro-Neal and Emma. hmm As for Neal and Emma as endgame, god I hope not. He didn't fight for her. Mulan even pointed it out to him and he admitted.


I agree with both Kellie and Hookified. Neal was never really committed to Emma. He didn't go looking for her or fight for her when he found out that she was in Storybrook and while I know Hook will do anything for her the person who always fought for her and gave up everything he had for her was August. He gave up so much that he turned back into a seven year old boy and while Hook is the one who is protecting her in never land I still maintain that her true love always was and always will be August and while I hope we see a grown up August again when they return to Storybrook I'm quite happy with her relationship with Hook for now and if true love is never easy and it must always be fought for then what August and Emma had was true love.


Nick should pay a little more attention to the episodes. the mirmaid WASN'T ARIEL, just a random mirmaid.


"Filet the Bitch" ... Memorable Quote!! =)


I know Kellie, that is what I do not understand. Even I will choose August over Neal for Emma even though I love her with Hook and with Regina although I know that Regina and her will never happen.


The show would be going against everything they have shown us about what True Love means. Charming "True Love is never easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it. It can never be replaced" Neal never looked for Emma for 11 years. Neal said himself on the show that he took the easy way out. Never tried. Doesn't sound like True Love to me.


The thing with Neal and Emma for me is.. If this was a show say like Gossip Girl, or One Tree Hill, they might be able to work through issues. But Once is about Fairytales, True Love and Happy Endings and True Love couples seem to follow a kind of formula on this show. Think Snowing and Rumpbelle. Neal and Emma no matter which way you look at it are nothing like either of those two couples. Too much stuff has happened. Trust was broken, Neal's belief in Emma seems non existent, Neal never fought for Emma and he, when it boils down to it, abandoned her. Then the most important thing of all he fell in love with someone else and moved on.(Eddy Kitsis said this, in the episode that aired before the premiere). True Love couples on this show have never been shown falling in love with someone else then going back to their True Loves. Ever. So for me personally, I just can't see Neal and Emma being Endgame. It just doesn't make sense. The show would be going against everything they have shown us about True Love and what that means.


The mermaid that they've captured ISN'T even Ariel!


1. Regina and Snow fight because really they both ruin each others lives.
2. In that moment, I would have to agree with Regina because it was obvious that the mermaid would not change her mind.
3. NO
4. Emma and Hook have the most potential and I had already called that Neal and Mulan will be a couple after the season 2 finale.
5. I think Emma should look upon Regina as Henry mom too because it is only her in that triangle that is not really accepting it. Henry always had accept it and Regina slowly accept that Emma is not going anywhere and Henry loves them both.
6. Most of Regina's quotes.

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