Royal Pains Season Finale Review: Time to Unwind

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Another summer in the Hamptons has finally come to a close.

And while I've had "Bones to Pick" with this season of Royal Pains since its outset, I can honestly say that this ending has probably been one of my favorites of the entire series.

Divya in Crisis

What made the Royal Pains Season 5 finale stand out?

It all comes down to what we got to see from Jeremiah, who I've had my eye on this entire season due to his more prominent character growth. From his deepening feelings for Divya to his recent falling out with Hank, he's really come into his own as an individual. That's probably the best move that could be made by the writers, considering the fact he's now in charge of HankMed. I don't think I would have bought him becoming head honcho in the same state in which he started the season.

Even so, I can't say I'm not a little disappointed that Divya and Jeremiah decided to keep their relationship in the friend zone. I suppose that's because, as I've said over and over again, this couple is too cute to pass on. I mean, their final shot together in the finale was the two of them chilling by the pool each reading a book. I can't you guys, I just can't.

But was anyone else a little terrified that Divya might have to give birth to that baby early, or, even worse, might lose it? Definitely would have been a little dark and perhaps a little over-dramatic, but when you weren't really sure where they were going with Divya and Jeremiah and that dynamic, it might have been worth the risk in storytelling to make it happen. I'm just glad the writers took the route they did.

Another thing I really appreciated about this finale were some of the twists. We've seen Paige and Evan's romance sour a bit over the course of the season, no doubt a result of all the things that have kept them from focusing on their relationship; like Hank's surgery and Evan's campaign to name a pair.

It really came down to the last second to see whether or not those two would proceed in signing their marriage papers and redo-ing their vows or take a legit break. Glad to know these lovebirds are going to have some time to focus on each other and return next season perhaps stronger than ever.

Let's hope Hank returns next season in a better state than he left as well. Though I suppose I would return in a lot better state of mind if I had gone on a world tour all year. That was the other twist which I kind of liked. Him leaving Jeremiah in charge was pretty epic. I hope it goes a long way in repairing their friendship. Let's hope some time away provides clarity for our favorite in-house physician. 

What was your favorite part of the summer finale? What do you think next season might have in store for our favorite Hamptonites?


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Evan proves to be a pill, however, I am hoping his wife can "raise" him out of childhood, to a better Chief of the business. Hank, I am unsure where his role is heading, being connected to only one patient. I wish there were a recapping of supposed ocurrances of divia's pregnancy, like trips to the dr. And perhaps the ultra sound w/ Jeremiah participating in the veiwing of and learning sex of child. Do they get excited? Do they hug ( as"friends")? Does she ever accidentally say, our baby? I have thought of some ideas for the couple, however, the writers probably have a plan for them.


I thought this episode was a bit chaotic, but they did wrap it all up well. My only question is this: Wasn't Russell Boris' original choice to travel with him when Hank first said no? As I understood it, that is why he offered the position in Paris to Paige. With Hank now agreeing to travel with Boris, wouldn't that send Russell back to his position in Paris, thus closing the door on Paige's opportunity? As for Paige, I think she has some issues to work through in regards to being a politician's wife. Since she spent much of her early years "filling in" for her mother when her depression got bad, Paige seems to have a bad taste in her mouth for continuing that role with Evan. I think she needs to understand that she is NOT her mother. Also, at times I've found her annoyance with Evan a little irritating. Granted, you take things to a new level when you get married & begin to live with someone 24/7, but it's not as if she didn't have a clue how impulsive & child-like he can be.


The scene with Jeremiah proposing friendship in the hospitalto Divya was so touching I almost had tears!! It is such a very sweet and pure relationship. I think that Hank going with Boris is great. he needed some time away and he also has a very strong relationship with Boris, it actually did seem to make sense. Beautiful ending to the season!


Love Jeremiah, and I really hope that he and Divya get together as a couple. I hate that we have to wait until next summer for new episodes.


I really love this series - I am VERY happy Jeremiah's character is becoming so much a part of the inner circle and can't wait to watch his growth!! The other thing is I can't help but HOPE really HOPE the "friendship" grows into something much deeper and that Divia and Jeremiah come to realize their deep and abiding love for each other - sounds very romantic but Jeremiah in particular really deserves it!! Let's hope the year goes by fast and next summer brings a longer richer season!! I for one am really looking forward to it already and can't believe we have to wait an entire year for "characters" to return! Bring them back with GUSTO! Thanks


Mr. Write: Last year the season ended in September but they had the mid-season two part wedding movie. And I didn't say Hank would be back. I said he and Boris would be "seen in several exotic locales" -- "all over the globe". The show might not be back mid-season, but this would be the first time ever.


Can not believe ROYAL PAINS is taking a whole year off...WOW!


Spenser, are you sure there's going to be a mid-winter season? At the end of this ep, USA said the series would be back next summer, not this winter. Also, tonight marks the series finale of "Burn Notice" (which also used aired on a split season), USA may use the winter season to introduce new shows. Besides....didn't you hear Boris say he may be back next SUMMER?!?!?! If Hank is with Boris, how can Hank "be back" before then? :-)


Good episode - felt more like a series ending than a season ending for me. Searched around the internet to find out there is going to be a Season 6 and indeed there is going to be.
Good call to put Jeremiah in charge and get out of that other partnership. Felt more corporate than partners.


When the mid-winter season returns I think we're going to see: 1) Divya, 9 months pregnant, she's now in love with Jeremiah but afraid to admit it, the baby will be born and love will finally bloom. 2) Evan and Paige are in Paris, he's telecommuting as both CFO and councilman. They'll return before the end of the winter season, happily married (maybe pregnant). 3) Hank is half way through the one year commitment he made to be Boris' personal physician. They'll be seen in several exotic locales as Boris participates in the clinical trial and sells his properties all over the globe. Boris gets better, and upon his teturn to the Hamptons sells Shadow Pond,and HankMed has to move.

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