The Vampire Diaries Premiere Peek: Talking to the Dead

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On this Thursday's season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Damon enjoy naked time in the bathtub together.

But Bonnie and Jeremy won't be so lucky, considering the former is dead and everything.

However, while Bonnie tries to make the best of her unique situation ("How many people die and still get to talk to their best friends?" she asks), Jeremy focuses on the downside of their relationship in the following clip, responding: "How many best friends can't feel each other?"

Despite her ghostly status, look for Bonnie to play a significant role on The Vampire Diaries Season 5 premiere - and for her to also suffer a major heartbreak.

Check out the sneak peek now, courtesy of TV Guide, and return to TV Fanatic immediately following the episode for my detailed recap and review:

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Omigosh! Someone else who feels the same way as I do right down to the bit about the Originals! Hah. I seriously was beginning to think by comments I've seen here and elsewhere I was the only one who was underwhelmed. Not because the originals will not be on the show, on the contrary. I like that they are getting their own show. I'm giddy for the Originals.


I seriously could not be more unenthusiastic about the premiere.... In seasons past I would practically be doing cartwheels right about now in anticipation for the new season. instead I am just "blah" about it. although on the other hand I have been doing a great many round of cartwheels for the originals :)

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That pit is called guilt. You feel terrible because you broke Stefan's heart. And that nagging feeling is your brain waking up to tell you that you've made a horrible, yet completely reversible, mistake.


You brought a panini press?

Elena [to Caroline]