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Where was Squintern Finn? He was the only Squintern, outside of Zach Addy (who I am guessing is still in jail) not involved in the ceremony...


I read that Hart mentioned the lack of Christine in the episode. He said that the twins were on the set but they were both scared by all the strange people and they couldn't get either of them to work out in the scene. And I understand that "Russ" and "Jared" weren't available for that date. But Cyndi was wonderful singing "At Last!" What an appropriate song for their wedding! And the episode had me teary almost the whole time! This will go down I think as my new favorite episode. And I could see Bones in the midst of a crisis grasping at the familiar--solving a crime--even if it was a cold case.


Christine was not the only one not attending. Where were Booth and Bones's brothers?


Meh! I actually watch the reruns on TNT and the shows were so much better then. Sort of like NCIS - most popular TV show - how?


I am thrilled that Brennan and Booth got married. It lacked a little bit because there wa Christine was not in the picture.


I wish I could have seen the episode... My Tivo hates me and refused to record it. :-(


The writers had a lot to accomplish in this episode but the end game, the wedding itself, remained the focal point. This episode is the writers' way to reward the show's loyal fans. With callback references to past episodes such as the series pilot and the "Aliens in the Spaceship" we are reminded how far this couple has come. A cold case, a church fire, and even Max's questionable stash, serve only to accentuate the many obstacles these two have overcome in their relationship.
The vows from each were very in character and Brennan's especially showed
the changes experienced by her character because of her relationship with Booth.
On another note, Cyndi Lauper's rendition of "At Last" did Etta James proud, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate song for these two.

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