Castle Review: A World Full of Grey

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Hi Castle fans.

We start this review with an update. Courtney Morrison, your regular Castle reviewer here at TV Fanatic, has stepped down due to scheduling conflicts and I'll be writing these reviews for the rest of Castle season 6... and hopefully many more seasons to come.  I've been a fan of Castle since the pilot episode and I hope I don't disappoint.

Now on with our show…

Scrambling to Save Castle

"Dreamworld" was an episode that kept me riveted with its story, but also made me long for more. I actually felt as though I was on an emotional see-saw for most of the hour. 

I know some fans took issue last week with Kate's lack of emotion when she told Castle he had less than 24 hours to live but I understood where Beckett was coming from. If she wasn't at the top of her game as an investigator she wouldn't be able to save him. So she compartmentalized as she so often does and shoved the emotions aside in order to do what had to be done.

She even used a time honored coping mechanism, classic Caskett humor, as she promised a dying Rick in this Castle quote

Beckett: I'm not letting you out of our engagement that easily. | permalink

Kate fought for Castle the only way she knew how: By diving head long into the case until she saved her man. 

That's not to say I didn't have my moments of disappointment, but we'll get to that. 

The man trying to fight off a death sentence seemed to be torn between being the eternal optimist and trying to figure out how his last few hours on earth might be best spent. In the end, I think Castle's calmness and use of humor won him some friends in D.C.

Castle: No one is more motivated than me to solve this and if it doesn't work out I'll be out of your hair by the end of the day. | permalink

How can anyone argue with that logic?

But I truly hated that they made Castle stay in the building for most of the hour when all I wanted was more interaction between Kate and Rick in his possible final hours. 

That didn't meant Castle wasn't thinking of Beckett. I appreciated his interaction with McCord when he asked if Kate was doing okay in her new job. He knew that if she was to survive yet another tragic loss, the job would be her main coping mechanism. If it didn't work out, if she somehow found herself failing when that was all she had left, what would become of her then?  

Knowing that McCord felt Beckett had great potential in her new position gave Rick a bit of peace. 

Of course Beckett wasn't his only concern. His phone call with Alexis was very sweet. Telling her the truth over the phone while so many miles separated them simply wouldn't have been fair. So Castle did the best he could to remind his little girl how much he loved her.

Martha was a different story. The woman was darn perceptive when it came to her only son. When she couldn't get answers from Castle or Beckett, she ended up at the 12th to grill Ryan and Esposito. She simply would not be stopped until she got answers.

Never underestimate Martha Rodgers. Despite the flightiness that appears on the surface, she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to her family. 

As the minutes ticked down, Beckett and Castle worked together to figure out how to find the antidote and I was ever so grateful that McCord backed them up and saved the day. And yet, I was disappointed.

I really thought we'd get at least one scene of desperate emotion between the couple, whether it be between Rick and Kate in the car as they rushed for the antidote or at the hospital after he woke up. But that scene never came. 

Don't get me wrong. I appreciated the scenes we got where Kate lamented that she never thought this would be so hard and Castle consoled her that sometimes it's the hardest things that are worth doing.

Castle: Tell you what though, next time I say I'm dying to see you let's keep it metaphoric. | permalink

But how about a kiss! The man is dying and they never share even one kiss?!? I'm afraid "Valkyrie"set the bar for this season pretty high and as much as I enjoyed this episode I was really hoping for one moment of serious romance. I never felt I got that. 

What we did get was more Pi. I think I'm ready to go on a diet. No more Pi for me. Unless there's an actual point to his presence (which I'm guessing there might be in future episodes) he really adds nothing to the story.

In the end, I was left wondering what Beckett was thinking as McCord left her with something to ponder.

McCord: You want everything to be black or white. I get it. But in this town it rarely is and to do this job you have to make peace with that. | permalink

Can Beckett be happy living in a world surrounded by shades of grey? Can she continue to do a job where she's frequently working for men with a similar moral compass to Senator Bracken?

Perhaps more importantly, is this the type of partnership she really wants? Time will tell as we continue with the Washington D.C. saga on this season of Castle.


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Apparently I was able to post, but only half of it!
when McCord asked how Castle was doing she answered "better than me"; and I loved when Castle passed away she called him "Rick" and the adoration in her eyes when they were talking in the hospital; and I loved the annoying face Castle made when he saw PI, made me laugh:)
I loved this arc because it made Kate realise what could be out there for her, she tried it and in the future she won´t wonder how it could have been; like she said in the premiere, it was her shot and she hadto try it or she would always regret not doing so!
And I´m saying this because IMO the end of the episode means she´s starting to think this job isn´t for her and next week when she´s back at the 12th she´ll see how much she misses doing her old job. Like McCord said, she likes black and white and for a person that has always seeked justice for the victims having the eveidence of someone´s guilt and not being able to act on it isn´t for her! And ultimately that is what will maker leave DC.


been thinking of doing some Castle fan fiction. Been doing some for farscape.
Moving on
They reset the characters and have them move on without dealing with issues of the past. For someone that claims to have so real to life characters writers sure didn't address issues of their past in S5.
I would have liked to see Kate snuggled up in bed next to Rick in the hospital. And when he woke if not a passionate kiss on the mouth at least a neck nuzzle.
Not feeling this Season yet.


boring and beckett looses her gun again.


Well, let´s see if I manage to have a comment posted, because with that annoying moderation thing I haven´t been able to do so... First of all, welcome Christine! Like you, I´m a die hard Castle fan since the pilot and usually I agree with your reviews (nothing against Courtney, I´m just more in sync with your opinions). I come to this site to check the reviwers opinions and see if I agree with them; If I don´t it´s always great to express why...the stars on the users ratings? We all know anyone can give 1 or 5 stars more than once and ask friends who didn´t even see the episode to come here and vote the way they want, so the stars on the users rating mean less than nothing to me:)
Now, about the episode...I enjoyed this and the last one very much! It was different and refreshing! I agree that Kate had to compartimentalize to be any help, but I didn´t feel any lack of emotion, every emotion was in her eyes and that for me is enough. For example, when McCord asked how Castle was doing she answered "better tham me" and I could see it in her eyes, there was no need for her to cry or meltdown. And I loved when Castle passed away she called him "Rick" and the adoration in her eyes when she was talking to him at the hospital! And I loved the annoying face Castle made when he saw Pi, made me laugh:)
IMO, this arc was great because it made Kate know what could be out there for her, she tried it, and everytime she thinks about it she won´t think what could have been! Like she said in the premiere, it was her shot and she would always regret not trying it. I´m saying this because I think the end of the episode means she´s starting to think that this job isn´t for her; and next week when she´s back at the 12th she´ll see how much she misses doing her old job. Like McCord said, she likes black and white, she´s someone who always seeks justice for the victims and having the evidende of someone´s guilt and not being able to act on it isn´t for her. And IMO that is what ultimately will make her leave DC.

Tonya b

I have read comments about this episode in several places. Two things stand out. First is that once again, Kate showed little real emotion, ie she did not shed a tear. I have heard every excuse in the book for this. The bottom line is that many fans are starting to view her as an ice queen. The next item is that there was not one kiss. How pathetic. Kate apparently saves Castle's life (I still haven't watched 1 or 2), they are engaged and supposedly in love, yet the writers can't be bothered to show any affection between them? Not one little peck even? Come on.


and for new commenters a story tony A class told us about A better Fate. if you read it tears will fall!


there is one great new story on Castle fan fiction. It is called Cracks in the sky. Beckett is pregnant but Castle has been killed. It is very moving.


keep at it WDM. It will eventually go away a bit like the DC job!!


You mentioned what bothered me the most: not even one kiss? These 'will they die' situations are used in a series to bring out conflict and tension between two characters, sure they linked the situation to Kate's job and if this is really going to work. But once the two main characters are already seeing each other we have to see a better resolution of the conflict at hand: that is Castle did not die! Compare this to the end of Still and you'll understand what I'm talking abt


great to see the writers bash the military and go yet again to the well of the wrongfully-accused middle eastern guy. Maybe someday there actually will be a non-American terrorist and it'll be so obvious that the dynamic duo won't even see it coming. Combined with all the other plot holes (how does the bad guy even know about this super poison, etc.), maybe the writers better stick with the NYC cases they're so good at. Next week's promo looks promising. 3/5 today.

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