Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

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After what felt like the longest hiatus in history, Castle Season 6 kicked off with “"Valkyrie," an intense episode that didn't waste any time in producing the answer fans have been waiting an entire summer for.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

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Castle Season 5, of course, concluded with Kate having the opportunity to head to D.C. for a dream job, while Castle placed his heart directly on his sleeve and proposed on that romantic swing set. So... what happened?

Following some hilarious back-and-forth about whether or not Castle is somehow breaking up with her, Beckett said YES! In case you are still processing it: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are engaged! He put a rock on it! For real! Okay, back to the episode...

After six weeks of not seeing each other, Beckett is relocated to D.C. and Castle is returning from a book tour, popping in to surprise his gorgeous fiancée. Of course, he's unable to keep his head out of her case and, after getting her in trouble and getting abducted by a criminal, he returns home.

But little did Castle know he was coming home with a toxin that killed the man Beckett and company were on the hunt for. That's always awkward. Awkward and quite dangerous, that is.

In true Castle fashion, the twists and turns left us with a big “To Be Continued," as Castle supposedly has less than a day to live. What will happen to our favorite detective? We know he can't die. But will he get sick? Will this cause a problem for him and Beckett?

Sound off the comments with your theories and consider the following Castle Season 6 premiere notes:

  • Great to see the boys back in action! You have to love scenes with Ryan, Espo, and Castle.
  • How about Alexis’ boyfriend? This isn’t going to work out too well for dear old Dad.
  • First episode in and already no Lanie? Not cool.
  • Looks like Kate is doing just as well at her new job. But something has to happen. We want her back in NYC ASAP.
  • Who likes Lisa Edelstein as Beckett’s new partner? If you ask me, I prefer Ryan and Espo, and most importantly, Castle, any day.

What predictions do you have for the season? Will Kate return to New York? Will she and Castle really get married? Will they break up because of the distance?

Hit up the comments section and let us know what you thought of “Valkyrie.” Was it what you expected for the first episode or was it a bit of a letdown?


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Hard to believe that there are those who think Beckett shouldn't have taken the job. She was ready for a career change and to be more challenged. I agree get rid of Alexis boyfriend- pretty insulting to the person she is; also how come Martha and Dad are just pretending he doesn't exist. I expected more from both of them. Alexis needs to move on, school, job- her character is not developing and really she doesn't need to hang out a home with such a loser boyfriend.Castle can't keep going back and forth to DC-and bungling Kate- makes a fool out of all of them. I like the idea of Kate running a FBI division in New York. She will not be happy going back to the precinct- it would be a step backwards for her and her career. I also think Edelstein doesn't fit with Beckett- Edelstein plays better against a man. I actually think they should bring back Dana Delaney to work with Beckett for a few shows-maybe have Beckett working with a few different partners . I don't see a marriage in the future- I think the marriage will ruin the series (like others). Lots of challenges ahead for the writers.


I guess future comments carry over to Dreamworld


I am back with all my friends again. I just watched headhunters and the episode was anything but boring. in this episode we see little of Beckett but plenty of Castle. by jingo will Castle die tonight?


the good news in OZ is that we can buy series 4 on DVD , the bad news id that we can't see Series 6. They played series 2 last night!! you know 47 seconds is just plain silly just when Caskett is going to get together. not like the evil episode but the same stupid logic.


nottrampis. I hear you, but remember that right now we are in 'Dreamworld'! Sorry...I could not resist that.

Tonya b

Just a thought about Beckett and her lack of emotion. Did anyone remember how she cried when Ryan asked Jennie to marry him. She was all choked up about how romantic it was. When she gets her own proposal, there was not one shred of crying from relief that he was not breaking up with her, or happiness that he really did love her that much that he wanted to make it permanent, or from joy at how he chose to do it at the swings. Her only comment about the ring was that it was big (so I hear.) Just way too weird for me.


Thanks Vince,tonya, and nottrampis it would appear from your statements that marlowe has backed himself into a corner has he just lost it or because its fiction he feels he can get away with just about anything?


Our roy montgomery, in the real word Beckett would not have got an interview. She is not an all rounded detective and she was suspended for going rogue. As if A federal agency involved in national security would touch her! They would definitely want to know all about her relationship with castle so no she would not have need good enough to get the job and second not being able to hack the job after 3-4 weeks means she made the wrong decision in the first place. and what about the dope who offered her the job!


donna. That is a tough question. The fact that Beckett was good enough to be hired by the feds enhances her resume. I would think that she would come back with some kind of grade promotion. It is really hard to say because there was no precinct farewell that included a Gates conversation.

Tonya b

Donna, I think it is pretty obvious at this point that Marlowe could care less about 'believable.' He is just writing whatever stupid idea comes up to try to get himself out of the corner he wrote himself into.

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Oh my god! Oh my god! You're proposing!


Kate, I'm not proposing to you so you'll keep your job or because I'm afraid I'm going to lose you. I'm proposing because I can't imagine my life without you.