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Entertaining episode. Interesting to note that if Beckett became a Senator it would be Senator Beckett, not Senator Castle or Beckett-Castle. I wonder what last name they would give their kids. Maybe Castle could make up a new last name, like Reynolds...


I doubt Castle and Beckett will have more privacy for romance. Martha has already proven she has no compunctions whatsoever about walking into Castle's bedroom whenever the fancy strikes her, without knocking.


Alexis is Castle's daughter and exhibiting perfectly normal teenage behavior. We all went through that finding out who we are mode; this is Alexis' time. I applaud her on calling her dad out on his double standard (he lived with someone at 19, why not her). I also applaud that she was willing to pay her own way and save her dad money on the dorm. For a 19 year old, she seemed to be really trying to get it.
Yes, we may not have the total backstory on why Alexis has been inconsistent for the past 1-1/2 seasons. I could only speculate that the writers have been more focused on main or core characters. I think what we are seeing with Alexis is a progression that may not have been addressed due to time constraints of episodic television. As someone who has raised teenagers of both genders; she's pretty much behaving normally; trying to figure out who she is and find her way. Kate said as much in the episode. Remember that?


I wondered for a sec if there was another terminator movie in the works. Seemed so familiar lol.
Well Alexis is smart IQ but not smart worldly so I'm guessing she'll be back.
I mean we all know she's probably making the worst mistake of her life here. But she's legal now.
I did FF>> a bit by the time guy going OT in the station house.
Going into a building looking for a know, insane, multiple murderer without calling for backup and just Castle in tow had me rolling my eyes.
So glad to see PI gone.
Good Caskett moments.
Seem like we're back on track. Nice sneak peek into their future :)


This was a really fun episode! Also want to say I'm glad Alexis is gone as I haven't liked her much of late. I get the fatherly emotion the review appreciates, but I hope she isn't on the show much for at least a long while.


We can now say Marlowe and co have got their mojo back after badly losing it.

This was quite enjoyable but sorry we do not know why Alexis suddenly became badly behaved at all.

Yeah Tim russ was a hoot but the time traveller was fantastic. He was soo believable. and the coffee spilling. Beckett becomes a Castle before marriage?

I am so looking forward to the next episode now

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