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"Time Will Tell" continued one of Castle's best season to date. It was classic Castle with a sci-fi twist, some Casketty future goodness and a father/daughter moment that broke my heart.

Let's start with the sci-fi…

A Time Traveling Killer

Castle finally got his time traveling killer. Simon Doyle was exuberant and determined enough to sell his story, yet crazy enough to make me question it too.

The thought of future Energy Wars was just believable enough to be scary and I appreciated Castle asking the questions about the butterfly effects of changing the time stream and Doyle's explanation that while some minor changes were self-correcting, others could undeniably change the future.

As usual, Beckett was the skeptic but I liked that. Someone has to look at the evidence logically and not get swept up in the fanciful theories. As a cop, that's her job. I was relieved when Beckett pointed out that the way Simon knew the numbers 1258 were because he'd been to the crime scene and seen the victim's watch stopped at 12:58 a.m. 

For every crazy sci-fi theory, there was also a logical explanation, if you were willing to look. 

The story also explored the ripple effect of not only time but people, as Dr. Wickfield wasn't the person who solved the energy crisis or stopped a supposed future war but his work may have inspired the kid who one day would.  The effect you have on those around you is something you can never predict. 

And for us sci-fi geeks, how cool was it to have Tim Russ who played Lt. Commander Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager as Dr. Malcom Wickfield? (Yes, I really did yell out, Hey it's Tuvok! when I saw him on the screen.)

Also, who would have guessed that Espo was a Dr. Who fan?

On to the Casketty future goodness…

Beckett got tackled by the creepy Garrett Ward and Castle came to her rescue, only to be almost strangled to death but the super soldier from the future. I was hoping for more of a moment where Castle and Beckett made sure the other was OK after the attack but with so much going on it wasn't meant to be. 

Instead, we got something even better.

Simon not only told us that Rick and Kate would indeed get married but that Castle eventually begins writing serious literature (Hey, I like the mystery novels.), she becomes a senator and they have three kids. I found it telling that Castle focused on Beckett becoming a senator while she appeared more shocked by the three little rugrats they'd be having. I would have loved to have seen a more private discussion about that one later.

And yes! I really did want to know the kids names.

However, I did love it when Beckett spilled the coffee on the note and made the connection between her actions and the picture from the future. Even the most logical of us have to believe that there are some things in life we cannot understand.

And I know Castle was still reeling from Simon's apparent disappearance but when your fiancee mentions a plan for a warm, cozy bath I believe the expected response is, Can I join you? Of course poor Castle had other things on his mind.

Like Alexis…and Pi…and the future coming too soon.

Thankfully, this episode answered some questions that have been lingering all season. First, that Alexis is at the loft because the college semester hasn't started yet. That made some sense if you figure at the start of the season Beckett had been in training for two months. That would have started us off somewhere in July in the Castle time line. 

I was also glad to hear that Alexis wasn't expecting Castle to pay for her new place with Pi. That would have been too difficult to wrap my mind around. 

It was good to see that Castle finally hit his limit of having the free loading boyfriend sleep on his sofa. Even the most patient parent has their breaking point but he wasn't exactly thrilled with the resolution as he told his daughter in this Castle quote...

No Alexis, I do trust you I'm just saying deciding to share an apartment with someone you met on a banana plantation a month ago just doesn't strike me as the smartest decision you've ever made. | permalink

I also loved Castle's response to Ryan when he broke the news…

Ryan: And you're letting her?
Castle: Well apparently the only way to stop her is by locking her up but according to Miss By-the-Book here that's unlawful imprisonment. | permalink

The final scene where Castle had to watch Alexis walk out the door was truly heartbreaking. The realization that all those moments between he and his little girl were long over flashed through his eyes and boy did it hurt. Having her go off to college was one thing. Having her move in with a guy clearly had a deeper impact.

For Castle it was far too soon. For Alexis it was time to move out on her own.

The good news for Castle is that Pi doesn't seem truly harmful, just kind of goofy…and a guy. And if it all falls apart, she can always come home.

The good news for fans is that Castle and Beckett should have a lot more privacy for the Casketty romance we all crave more of. 

Once again, Castle managed to engage my brain with a brilliant mystery while tugging at my heartstrings with amazing characters. That's why I call them #HappyCastleMondays


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Time Will Castle episode EVER!


Our roy montgomery, I really find it hard to believe the writers do not understand fans understand the canon pretty well and if it \changes want nay demand answers. Really have they learnt nothing about the outcry of the final arc. I have tried to make sense of it. try not trampis. tumblr. com There is actually a debate about it!


nottrampis. Agree. The Kate 'first guy moving in'� thing was put in as a convenience for writer purposes. IMO. The comment was not consistent with Kate's past history. She is engaged to Castle now, but to know that Beckett had previously moved in with more than one guy, yet hasn't moved in with Castle despite the seriousness of their relationship as well, it just doesn't make sense. If that happened more than once before her mother's murder that would surprise me given that Kate was only 19 at the time. If it happened too soon after her mother's murder, I would have a hard time believing that her dad would have been involved in her life enough to be upset because of his drinking issues. Plus, after her mother died it has always been implied that Beckett may have had relationships, but none that were that serious because she didn't really love any of them.


Christine she would have had to be left quite a bit of money and she does have an expensive wardrobe! I think the writers put in the living with someone at 19 with no thought to previous episodes. thus we now have a changed canon. i write today on how it is unlikely with Castle, actually it is impossible so either the writers were clueless about previous episodes or Alexis thought 20 and 19 were close anyway. Unless one of the two has a reasonably good job I would have thought living together would be very hard! As I said look up my tumblr blog if you are interested.


hormones plays a roll in their decisions too. The writers are fulfilling their objective, we all are talking about "Alexis and her moving out" A/M and his muse are such an impressive writers, episode 6x05 was a nice change of pace, I like "Time will Tell" albeit I had to watched it twice, I watch a lot of "Castle" episodes twice for different reasons, this time I watched twice because Joshua Gomez (Doyle) spoke too fast and I missed some of the dialogue. "Number one Fan" 6x04, which I consider the best episode of the season until now, was an tough act to follow and A/M and his muse brought to the table a poignant and intriguing episode and they were able to deliver.


I am so surprise that a lot of fans think that the comments of Beckett about her moving in with a guy when she was 19 were out of line for her character, we all know that kids do crazy things when they are young and they think it is normal, I had a nephew (who was a straight arrow with a good job and going to college) he was 19 yrs old, dated divorced women of 25/26 yrs old ("older women" for him) with children and move in with them!! nothing we could do! We kept quiet and waited. Today he finished his college education and is an Area Marketing Director for a 500 company and is happily married to a beautiful girl and has three children, Girls will do the same or worst, some will only move out for few months especially the ones that are smart and independent, "it's an adventure" they are living "their life" they said. I happen to believe that it is not scandalous or inappropriate, it is just a "phase" their way to grow up and find themselves, not everybody does it but a lot do, hormones play an important roll in their decisions too. The writers are fulfilling their objective, we all are discussing Alexis and her "moving out", A/M and his muse are such impressive writers. Episode 6x05 was intriguing and good, I had to watched it twice but I do that with a lot of the "Castle" episodes for different reasons, I watched "Time will Tell" twice because Joshua Gomez (Doyle) spoke too fast and I miss some of the dialogue but in general It was a nice change of pace, 6x04 "Number one fan", which I consider the best episode of the season until now, was a tough act to follow but A/M and his muse brought a poignant and intriguing episode to the table and they were able to deliver.


Also, anyone having problems with their comments getting stuck in moderation can click on my name and send me a private message. We get a lot of spammers and our spam software is always adjusting to block them out. Sometimes regular posters get caught up in it. Usually if you aren't posting spam or links it will let you through after a few days. If you're having problems send me a message. I can't guarantee I can fix it but I'll definitely try. And I apologize for any inconvenience. We definitely want to continue to see you here at TV Fanatic. :) Christine


Continued... -Beckett's apartment. I wish they'd given us some sort of explanation but given NYC real estate, I can see her subletting. That apartment in the West Village would be anywhere from $1 to $2 million. Ridiculous on a cop's salary but I read something long ago that said Beckett was left money when her mom died. That's the only explanation that comes close to making sense but it's never been mentioned on the show. I love the place so I just write it off as a TV apartment…like on Friends where Rachel and Monica were able to afford their apartment. In real life it never would have happened.


HI All, I just thought I'd add my 2 cents into the conversation. -Timeline issues: At least Alexis being home was sort of explained. I'm going with it's late August in the Castle world. As for all of the things we'e seen over the last couple of episodes with October dates…I have to chalk it up to continuity errors. That the visual effects folks and the writers weren't on the same page because of the Alexis timeline. It's annoying but I'm letting it go from here on out. Of course if this next episode talks about Halloween then none of it makes sense. :( -Beckett's ring: Personally I'd think wearing that ring on the job would just be asking for serious trouble. I can see her wearing it on a chain while at work but I don't know that it would work with every outfit. I suppose it's a personal thing because I don't always wear my rings so I don't take it as seriously as some others do. Continued...


For anyone interested I write about Castle/Beckett and Alexis all moving in with someone at 19 at mt my tumblr blog. just type my name then tumblr then com. Tel mt what you think. Like the timelines I believe thee are writers errors here, Castle's can be explained away. a year out but Beckett's cannot be. I think it adds to my married man thesis! These are only minor faults in a good episode but I agree with Captain Cook Marlowe does nothing ( intentionally) to undermine Beckett but Castle is another thing entirely! I did write yesterday on my google blog on how he has unintentionally deliberately made Beckett look stupid and selfish but for a good reason!

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Castle Quotes

I can't help it if you got off by putting things in my mouth.


Castle: They're going to kill you Kate, and if you don't care about that, please think about how that's going to affect the people who love you. You really want to put your dad through that? What about Josh?
Beckett: And what about you Rick?
Castle: Well of course I don't want anything to happen to you. I'm your partner, I'm your friend.
Beckett: Is that what we are?
Castle: You know what? I don't know what we are. We kiss and then we never talk about it. We nearly die frozen in each others arms, but we never talk about it. So no, I got no clue what we are. I know I don't want to see you throw your life away.