Drop Dead Diva Review: A Hot Mess

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Wild, crazy chocolate sex can be dangerous... but so was Jane’s look of betrayal on "The Kiss."

The Wife Swap Incident

It’s understandable that Jane would be shaken up over Stacy and Owen finding comfort and passion in each other’s arms and perhaps the former should have confided in Jane earlier about her feelings and desire to pursue them. However, Jane has no right to be selfish and invoke the girl code on Stacy (I’m sure Leigh will be upset with me).

Stacy has done a lot for Jane: keeping her secret; constantly lending a ear and a shoulder; and trying to mend things up with Grayson. Frankly, Stacy has earned every right to follow her feelings with Owen and Jane just needs to take a step back and examine why she’s so upset over it. Jane’s been nursing a broken heart and trying to cool down her hot mess of a life and it’s probable that a lot of her anger at Stacy and Owen is Jane just wanting to find love again.

Grayson – a man who ran after Jane and got summarily rejected – has moved on and now Owen – a man nursing his own whiplash after a whirlwind engagement to Jane – is starting to move on too. That leaves Jane left out and mostly alone.

I do want to give Drop Dead Diva Season 5 some commendation for having the guts to write this kind of story. Relationships are constantly being tried and tested, but those relationships are typically between Jane and a man. It’s usually Jane and Stacy that are on constantly solid footing and their friendship tends to survive even when their outside lives are not.

If Jane and Paul are willing to make some new rules instead of sticking to the old guardian angel handbook (therefore bending the very rules of life), then surely there’s some wiggle room for rewriting of the girl code amongst best friends.

The cases this week were the typical Drop Dead Diva fare. I found Frank Inc. to be a time sink for Grayson. It completely pulled him out of the main story. However, as much as I love Grayson, tonight wasn’t about him; and with the way things went down, it was probably best he was nowhere in sight.

The crazy chocolate sex couples, however, were pretty interesting. Just taking one look at the couples and you knew the swap was beneficial to all parties. The two headstrong spouses were better suited for each, as were the two quieter, softer-spoken couples. These pairing also brought along Old Jane’s therapist bearing new information about Old Jane’s five-year plan and I’m confident Jane can do Old Jane justice with the plan.

Finally, there's Paul. It's about time that he's given a little bit more to do aside from taking his shirt off (not that that's not enjoyable). He's trying his best to help Jane move on and the guy he sets her up with certainly looked good on paper until he stole Jane's car.

What are your thoughts on Jane and Stacy? Should girl code be enforced?


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I loved Drop Dead Diva.....but after watching this season's debacle with Stacy and Owen, Grayson not with Jane again, no more Fred....it is no longer scheduled to record on my DVR.


I think a good way to have ended last season was instead of having old Jane go into Owen at the wedding. Maybe Owen could have been rushed to the hospital and "flat lined" then cut to black until the new season started. Then either have him either in a coma, or slowly getting his getting his health back. As for Stacy, I think she's be totally selfish, and they shouldn't have even written Owen in for his sperm, they writers could have gone with someone who is a complete opposite of Stacy, and a relationship builds from there.


What makes me mad is that I know the writers will somehow try to justify an apology from Jane. She is not in the wrong for being upset. Like many have already stated, sure Owen can date whomever he likes...but NOT his ex-fiance's BEST FRIEND!? His character has just become spiteful and selfish, not good humored and carefree like it used to be. Stacy's character doesn't even make sense. First she kissed Grayson and now she's dating Owen? And having his child? The only good addition to this season is the new relationship between Jane and her guardian angel. Aside from that the writers need to tie up the loose ends and end the show before they ruin it any further.


This is either a diabolically brilliant plot by the network to get us to stop watching the show once and for all, to get the easy-peasy cancellation denied them last time. Or, an incredibly stupid move by the writers to whip up sentiments in a way that shows they clearly have no clue what made DDD such a lovely, watchable show.


Did they get new writer's this season? The storyline that is going on between Jane and Stacy is horrible, and unfathomable if you value the friendship with your "best friend".


Stacy is so selfish! I've watched this show from day one and she has been so self involved. If my best friend were to tell me she wanted my ex fiances sperm I would freak out too! Then for Stacy to actually get mad at Jane and say that Jane is depriving her from being a mother, I wanted to scream at her! The Stacy acted like a total diva when she was on that show. Let's see: she let Grayson kiss her, she cheated on Fred then acted like a snob, she asked for Owens sperm and she all of a sudden has feelings for him? I can't stand Stacy now, she crossed too many lines. I do like her as an actress, just not her character.


I like stacy and owen together....


This is getting ridiculous. They should have left jane and Owen together. Grayson is too flaky.


What are the writers thinking? There are a couple of lines you NEVER EVER CROSS and this is one of them…. It started when Stacy asked for Owens sperm, a true best friend would never in a million years do that. Jane did kiss Grayson on her wedding day, she cheated and Owen should move on (too bad, I really liked Owen for Jane), but with someone else not Jane’s best friend. This behavior is above and beyond repair. Was Owen really the only man in all of LA with all the qualities that Stacy was looking for in a sperm donor?
I’ve watch DDD from the beginning….what are you doing to my show? I was so happy when the fans were able to bring the show back, but if it continues in the direction it’s going I just don’t know…. You want to tramp it up for a night or a phase – feel free, but this. Jane needs to find a new best friend.


Owen is right, he does not owe Jane anything and they are both free to date whoever they want EXCEPT her best friend. That is just mean on his part and I don't know what on Stacy's part. At the very least, Stacy should have talked to Jane BEFORE having dinner with Owen. � this is not what it looks like. We are not on a date. We're trying to decide how to tell you we want to date. See?? Its all very innocent...� If this was real life, it makes me wonder how long it would have taken for Stacy to realize she wanted Owen for herself if Jane and Owen had gotten married. You know, since he'd still have all the qualities Stacy wants in a man.

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Yeah, well, I'm a hot mess.


Owen: What? You already sold your shares?
Teri: Who the hell bought them? Tell me or I'll cut you!
Grayson: You can't say that.
Teri: I thought you said it was a hostile takeover.