Grey's Anatomy Review: Every Connection Matters

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I just love Thursday nights, don’t you?! Thanks to favorite shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, I can always count on my trusty DVR to be jam-packed.

"Map of You" featured McDreamy at his finest, as he focused on a brain-mapping project and how important connections are. I absolutely adored that science and the medical cases were at the forefront of this installment. Also, I found it particularly awesome that he was the one narrating the open and close of the episode this time around.

Enjoying the Work

Thanks to a broken mug, glue was used in both Derek’s and Cristina’s cases. Unfortunately, Derek’s patient did not survive. I still have to give major props to Derek’s patient for being fearless and wanting a shot at life regardless of him knowing the operation could kill him. As for Cristina, she was successful with her groundbreaking surgery by using glue on a heart tumor.  

Meanwhile, we finally saw Shane dealing and struggling with his guilt over what happened to Heather. I know this is something many of you – including myself – have been waiting for since the season premiere. By the way, I hated the way he talked to Derek and I don’t think he’ll be able to keep his secret much longer. It’s clearly going to eat him alive. 

It was nice to see Richard being proactive by cleverly using himself as a study tool. There’s nothing quite like the drama of the doctors’ personal lives, but something I’ve missed seeing is the actual learning process for the interns. Since Richard’s willing to take on a teaching role, it means he’s open to getting better and we’ll hopefully see him in a more positive light. 

Elsewhere: Emma, Owen’s new girlfriend and also an attending at Seattle Presbyterian, was invited to observe a surgery. Though some would be quick to assume Cristina wouldn’t be cool with take your girlfriend to work day, she appeared to be just fine at first. However, she eventually tried to confide in Meredith that she was bothered Owen failed to mention their history together.

Meredith, who was acting noticeably different, was busy contemplating whether or not she should continue her mother’s research. She was a bit standoffish toward Cristina throughout the entire hour. Who could blame her, though? How could we forget that intense fight the two besties had just last week?

While Cristina got to do most of the talking during their blowout, it was Meredith’s turn this time around. She claimed that Cristina pushed her aside when she needed her the most. Mer also stated that she had always been there for her. Lastly, Mer claimed Cristina simply didn’t have time for people who want things that she doesn’t want. Ouch!

Are we going to see more hurtful words exchanged between this pair from now on? Are they growing apart? Whatever is happening, it doesn’t seem like there’ll be a resolution anytime soon.

At least Meredith and Derek now have a game plan. While Derek is going to take a step back from surgery and focus more on research, Meredith’s going to be able to shine. She still doesn’t want to become her mother, but she wants to have the best of both worlds – her career and her family. Basically, she wants to prove Cristina wrong and show that she can do it all.

Other thoughts:

  • Sandra Oh’s on her way out. Cristina was the one who decided that she and Owen should break up. Do you think Owen is honestly ready to move on? How would you like to see Crowen end up?
  • So, Arizona and Leah made out?! Seriously, Arizona has been making poor choices left and right. If and when Callie finds out, she can kiss her chances of a reconciliation goodbye.
  • How many of you were excited to see Alex’s storyline with his dad continue? You can bet my hand is raised. Poor Alex, though! I only wished that he could let Jo in on what happened with his father; however, I also get this is Alex we’re talking about. I’m ready to see more!
  • Did I miss something? Where was Jackson?
  • Don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes.
  • Be sure to return early next week to chime in on our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.

Overall, this was a stellar episode. Shonda and company really know how to keep us coming back every Thursday night. See you next week!


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Sarah silva

Christina Tam: Christina used the glue for a heart procedure not for a brain aneurysm.

Sarah silva

Also how did the coffee mug look so perfect when it was glued back together?

Sarah silva

This was a decent episode.
It looks like Derek and Meredith will be able to handle it all!
I do not blame Meredith for being upset at Christina and you can tell Christina feels bad about what she said. However Mer was spot on when she said that Christina does not have time for people that do not want what she wants. I really hope these two get back to how they were in the old days but as this is Sandra Oh's last season, I can see Christina leaving Seattle because she her husband has moved on and she and her BFF are no longer close.
Alex situation with his dad is pretty tough but he has to realized that Jo loves him and only wants what is best for him. He always complains about people leaving and making wrong choices with woman BUT he has a good one and he is pushing her away.
I guess Shane does not want to be on Derek's service due to the guilt of Heather's death.
I am not sure if I like Arizona and Leah as a couple but we will see!
Also how did the coffee mug look so perfect when it was glued back together?


Also, if Callie finds out?! This is a tv show, of course she´ll find out! Otherwise, what would be the point of making this happen?! Like I said, it´s a tv show, actually a soap opera like every Shonda´s show is!
For example, Meredith and Derek now have 2 children. I buy that with only Zola they were still trying to figure out how to make fatherhood and career work, because Zola was adopted and there were particular circunstances. But now they had the whole pregnancy to discuss things! What normal couple, with such absorbing and demanding careers, wouldn´t have used at least the 9 months to discuss and have it all figured out by the time the maternity leave ended?! Please!:)


I thought Mer was right on about what she told Cristina!and plus she deserves it! in life there is always something more besides work! and I know they are all awesome surgeons, they get to save lives, but sometimes it is still a job. I love Cristina, she is a life as well as in the OR, nonetheless she seriously treated Mer as sh* for wanting to be something more!a friend should't do that,ever!


I wasn´t surprised about Arizona/Leah; after last week I guessed it would happen!

Spindae 2o

It was a good episode! But guys to much happened and to many storylines to follow. The show paced so fast and it was hard to keep going.
There was:
Dreamy,Callie and the brain thing
Shawn, Edwards, Xtina
The intern mess
Mer-Xtina Overall it was okay but it all could be stretched out into 2 episodes. I love Grey´s but Shonda is rushing a lot.
I love the interns. They are quirky, loveable, annoying and all over their head. Jo the emotional one , Edwards the calculating one, Leah the pretty crazy one and Shawn the one with the big conscience. Of course they aren´t perfectly messed up like the Orginal ones but they are good.


i hate the interns... i resent the screen time they have. resent.


I have watched this show for the past 10 seasons with the utmost devotion. I didn't flee during the catastrophe that was the Izzie show, and I didn't flee during Season 7... but dear me. All these interns ruining the screen time is maddening. I like them (unlike many others), but why are regulars getting a few lines per an episode or none... Seriously, sort your stuff out Shonda.


And oh PS: why is the Alex & Dad storyline relegated to "Other Thoughts" in this review? The build-up to Alex's realization that his dad was STILL fathering kids and dropping responsibility was brilliant. It's probably still one of the genuine dark-&-twisty character arcs left on this show, and tonight it was done rather brilliantly. Just sayin'. :-)

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