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I've been talking with a friend of mine about what it is with the last season or so that makes us still loyal but... kind of bored with the show. At least on my side, I figured out that I missed the medicine, the freaky-ass cases and personalities that used to be a regular part of the show up until, say, season 7. Today's episode included a lot of interesting patients, a lot of interesting patient personalities, and... just a LOT. But in a good way. Down to the way the different scenes changed, a lot of scene slides following character action. All in all, this has been one of the most satisfying episodes I've seen since S8 ep2 (...it was called Remember the Time, right tvfanatic.com editors?)


What does this mean that Derek is stepping back? If they put him in the background, that will finally be the end for me with Grey's. Get rid of all these interns. They have no chemistry and they are boring.


a plea for Shonda Rhimes.

.. I've read the news, by now, that Season 10 is Sandra Oh's last..
therefore Cristina's exit must be imagined and written.

we've seen divorce on Grey's Anatomy. romantic pairings, both casual and serious, end. deaths. unexplained departures. career changes. all those exits- and more- are possibilities for Cristina Yang.

but please don't sever the friendship between Meredith and 'her person'! no matter that they've chosen differently.. how to live and be women surgeons!

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