Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peeks: Fun with Yang

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Oh, Cristina Yang. How we'll miss you next year.

ABC has released two new clips from Grey's Anatomy Season 10 and both demonstrate the total awesomeness that is Sandra Oh as this beloved character.

In the first sneak peek, we see Yang walking with Arizona, refusing to give her a compliment on her new look until prompted... and then hilariously making her way out of alone time with Owen out of fear of the two of them once again going at it in the hospital. Watch for yourself:

Next, it's Cristina making herself crack up by torturing Alex over his love life. Is there a secret penis involved in it? What exactly is going on between the sheets between her colleague and his new girlfriend?

Check out the scene below and then return to TV Fanatic Thursday evening for a detailed recap and review of "Everybody's Crying for Mercy."

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I love Christina on the show. Her character has changed so much over the years. I love her and Owen together. They have some of the best love making scenes on tv. I will miss them together. I can not stand Arizona. i wish she was leaving the show instead of Christina!


I agree that Cristina is awesome. It's supposed to be light hearted fun to show she can engage and tease others, unlike the first season when she's all business. Cristina has come a long way as a friend and a teacher. She's also more emotionally vulnerable now, first season Cristina wouldn't admit to loving anyone EVER, not to mention giving playful hugs to Alex in bed. Sandra Oh is an awesome actress, I'll miss her on the show but I'll be looking forward to following her on future projects!


Gag to the thought that someone thinks Cristina behaving like a 12 year old kid is awesomeness, as shown in these videos. It is no wonder that Sandra Oh is departing Grey's at the end of this season. I too would be sick of portraying a character with stunted growth after 10 seasons.


Christina's brother?
Arizona's dad?
Alex's sister?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

Cristina: Haircut.
Arizona: Yes, you can't just say haircut. You have to say nice haircut. Otherwise, I'll think it's a bad haircut and I'm wearing a dress and I got a haircut because I want to look nice. Do I like nice?
Cristina: You look tense.

He's hungry. My nipples are of no use to him.


Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Episode 3 Music

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Garrison starr all fall down All Fall Down Garrison Starr iTunes
C2c because of you Because Of You C2C iTunes
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