Haven Review: Too Many Secrets

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The Troubles continue to wreak havoc in Haven and since Audrey's return the situation seems to be getting worse. 

People expected the Troubles to go away on the regular cycle and when they didn't it compounded the issue. Are they actually worse? Or, is it just an illusion? They've always been bad, but now the tension has heightened because no one knows what to expect or how to stop them for sure. All the secrets that the main players are keeping aren't helping at all.

Brother Trouble

Jordan created a monster in Wade. As in control of his Trouble as Duke is, Wade was the opposite. He turned into a killing machine, who believed he was helping the Troubled and the town just like his father did. He was obsessed with the power and sense of control. He had been lacking that in his life before his Trouble manifested and it fulfilled a craving for purpose.

Did Duke have to kill Wade? That's going to be a question that will vex Duke. Given the situation, I'm not sure if he could have stopped his brother from killing Jennifer in any other way. The cost was great though. Duke has lost his own Trouble. It remains to be seen if he will view that as a positive or negative. He's used it for good in the past, but it was also suggested that he use it to kill Audrey. He no longer has to worry about that.

Given all that's going on, Duke's decision to keep it a secret from Audrey and Nathan will end up be a problem. Will they be in a situation to need him to use it for the greater good and he won't be able to? Even though Jennifer flinched when Duke went to touch her, I hope that their relationship gets stronger over this.

Duke isn't the only one with a secret. Now that Jennifer knows that Agent Howard from the barn set up her adoption, she could use someone to lean on too. They both need each other and these recent events make it even more true.

The relationship between Audrey and Nathan just got awkward. Nathan hated "Lexie" and recoiled at her comments and personality. Though, he gave off mixed signals about what he wanted Audrey to do about it. He wanted Audrey back one moment, but then the next he was concerned that someone would figure out the secret. His waffling was irritating.

It's not like Audrey wanted to be "Lexie." And, really, she was doing it protect his life. He needed to chill out and just deal with it. There may be more to the story though about Audrey/Lexie. Both in Nathan's sexy dream (Nice bod!) and at the end, Sarah was mentioned.

Audrey never seemed to care much about Nathan and Sarah, but that appears to be bothering her more now. Is there a reason? And, Nathan was thinking about it too in his dream. Is it possible that Sarah could be making a return visit? Or, with the destruction of the barn, could Audrey also have Sarah's memories? I'm not sure where that's going, but it seems important.

When Audrey dismissed Nathan and said they couldn't be together, I was thrilled to see Nathan man up, come back and declare his love for her. He's had a tendency to be wishy-washy and this time he wasn't. He loves her. Does she love him back? And, will that lead to her being forced to kill him? So many questions....

The "Lay Me Down" Trouble of the Week involved dreams that crossed over into reality. The Trouble itself and the investigation wasn't all that special itself. It did though provide much insight into Haven happenings. There are two mysterious men who are involved with the Troubles. It's unclear why they are there or what they are doing.

The newspaper carrier was mugged, her Trouble spread, and she was left with a silvery hand mark on her back that only Audrey could see. And, then the men would staking out Audrey. With everything else going on in Haven, I'm not sure adding another mystery is necessary. I hope that it ties into one of the other stories going on and isn't an entirely new Trouble issue.

Should Nathan stop complaining about "Lexie" and accept the persona is necessary? Or, should Audrey just reveal herself? Should Duke see the end of his Trouble as a positive or negative? And, what's up with the two men and the silver hand mark?


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Well, I'm probably going to be full of unpopular opinions, but I really dislike this season so far. For me, the first 4 episodes were really slow- it took too long for Audrey to get back to Haven and in the meanwhile they just reiterated stuff we already knew. And now that we're more than half way through the season, it feels like they've rushed through all the new story lines! I could understand why Audrey would pretend to be Lexi so she wouldn't have to kill Nathan, but two episodes later and everyone has or is about to guess the truth. I would have liked to see that play out slower or better yet, have Audrey come back as Lexi for real. It would have been a fun way to sort of reset the show instead of getting stuck in this repetitive Audrey loves Nathan-Nathan loves Audrey-but they can never be together- and she's unwilling to kill him and he won't let her go- loop. I was kind of hoping that if Audrey came back as a new incarnation of her self there might be a real chance at an Audrey/duke relationship, so that probably explains some of my frustration with Audrey/Nathan this season.
I also feel like the whole duke's brother showing up, triggering his curse, and going evil arc happened much too quickly. He seemed pretty level headed in the first few episodes and for him to just up and decide to stab someone without a moments hesitation, felt unrealistic to me. And now duke, without his trouble, is basically obsolete. I suppose this could be a way of forcing Audrey's hand, with the barn destroyed and duke's trouble gone, the only option left is for her to kill Nathan. But at this point, I think we all know how empty that threat is.
This season has been both too slow and too rushed and lacking in general focus.

@ Suzie

I'm with you on this one Suzie. I generally review Haven, and have been stating this same unpopular opinion all season. From slow motion to whip lash with Wade the killing machine. To think I was looking forward to Duke having a brother. Their arc for him was completely unrealistic. I understand that Troubles change people, but that was ridiculous. Maybe Season 4 is Troubled.

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BobR: Agreed, William would be the more likely candidate for the new/variant Bar(n) rep/Agent Howard, although that seems a little too obvious... It's interesting that there are so many "'mystery men" connected with the barn, considering she was apparently (with the exception of her son) alone in the barn previously. I wonder where the Colorado kid is, and why he hasn't been mentioned since Laudrey was evicted! I suppose Jennifer could be a new Audrey? But I'm a little taken by the idea of her being connected to to the barn as a Agent Howard character type character, she only developed her trouble once Howard had been shot, he facilitated her adoption (it would be too weird for Audrey to have more than one kid right?)


i dont think dukes trouble is gone forever, i have a feeling its going to come back.


Troubled posted "Jennifer (I reckon she's the new barn rep, the new agent howard)". William seemed to me to be a better candidate to be the replacement for (or other version of) Agent Howard. OTOH: If she is the new Barn representative, that explains why she could hear it as well as her history of the Agent Howard being involved with her adoption (so far as the records she produced claim).


Does the reviewer not watch Haven regularly as they missed a few obvious things from previous episodes in this review like the fact that Audrey told Nathan she loved him and the mystery men being those from the bar(n)!! I was very happy to see Nathan go back to Audrey and kiss her that's been a long time coming :) It's going to be interesting to see how Duke losing his trouble will affect things from now on?!


Brilliant episode! Really loved the homage to "the Colorado kid" novella, with Jennifer's interview! Also the Dexter call out was great! Audrey told Nathan she loved him at the end of the last episode, that was why she was so annoyed at him (which was reflected in his dream), she pretty much said the reason she's pretending to be Lexie is because she loves him and therefore doesn't want to kill him. Those two "mystery men" are the same guys from the barn, who were possibly working with/for William. Presumably who they are, and their apparent role in amplifying the troubles will belong to the greater arc of William, the bar(n), and maybe Jennifer (I reckon she's the new barn rep, the new agent howard)

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Dave: Aww. Good. You're catching on quick, Lexie
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