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On How I Met Your Mother this week, Robin and Barney hit yet another speed bump on the road to marital bliss, getting caught in a lie along the way.

The Maid of Honor will often give the bride something borrowed and something new, but Lily was none too pleased to learn she and Marshall's story of how they met was stolen by Robin and Barney. Ted also paid for a bad choice when he jumped the gun and went for Anna Camp's character of Cassie.

Marshall then rounded out the trio of story lines still on his cross country journey with Marvin and Daphne.

Ted's Bad Choice

As "Knight Vision" began, we saw 45 hours still remained until the wedding.

Barney selflessly had his friend's lack of recent lovemaking on his mind as he and Robin issued their collective scouting report on Ted's possible options for a weekend hook up. As great as it always is to see Camp, I don't think the writing gave her much of a shot to be as funny as she has shown she can be on shows such as HBO's True Blood

Marshall, sadly, still has yet to arrive at the wedding, but this week I enjoyed some of the road trip scenes. The one where Daphne pretended to be Lily and Sherri Shepherd's voice played over Alyson Hannigan's lines was pretty funny. Still, I felt bad for little Marvin trying to catch some sleep in the car seat behind them. 

The rest of the episode was pure gold. Seeing Lily and Robin dress as each other during the stealing of the How We Met story was positively hilarious. Adding a funny touch of sentimentality later was when Robin and Barney owned up to the truth about how they met, their sexual history and all the sordid details of the love they proudly share.

Unfortunately, the thought of the two of them sinning in the reverend's office was too much for him. But it was proved fortuitous for us because it allowed for the second great movie reference scene of the episode. 

Barney: Our minister just died.
Robin: We can still use the church but we only have two days to find a new officiant.
Barney: Unless! Wedding at Bernie's!
Robin: We're not doing wedding at Bernie's! | permalink

Despite issuing that decision a tad hasty, Robin certainly has made a wise choice in Barney and vice versa.

As for Ted, he was right: His poor choice of Cassie ultimately will be a blessing when he finally meets the mother. This week, Ted enjoyed plenty of great stuff, but I really hope we aren't going to have to wait many more episodes for some more mother scenes.


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Get on with already!!! This all makes 0 sense. I know Segel is a busy man and can probably not film with the rest of them - but signing in for a season of THAT he might just as well stopped. Where is Robin's father by the way? Why would Lily turn into a drunken sob just because Marschall is not there? And what happened with that scene from way back where both Robin and Barney freak out about their wedding? I am getting confused. A 2 episode tribute on a wedding- that is fine. But 7 is a bore.


Basically HIMYM works best when the gang is at the bar and Barney is being the womanizing crazy idiot(his usual self). But this season has took both of them away and now it's starting to suck... I mean come on bring Marshall to the damn wedding already.... And on a different note,skinny Marshall is totally off putting :O


Anna Camp was really funny, but that plotline was disturbing. If Ted wants meaningless sex, that's fine. But does he have to treat the woman like she's nothing more than the means to an end? Maybe it's because in that first phone call, Cassie gets some really, really bad news. And most of the men I know would not be so desperate to score that they would forget they were talking to a real human being. That's part of Barney's character, but Ted's supposed to be the sweet guy. We were supposed to believe that last night, just because he didn't ditch her. But it was clear he didn't really care, he just wanted to save face.


Best episode in a very long time. I just realised the gang won't have scenes at Marshall apartment or the bar in the present this season only flashback/forward which sucks


i thought it was funny. but come on when are we going to see the mother ??!!
i know that they well streach this out!!!!!!! just get to the wedding come all ready. or move the hours up


this show should have ended 3 years ago the writers have had nothing new to add to it in 3 years and here we are 6 episodes in and we are still at the fucking wedding enough is enough get on with it already. Oh and for Christ sake can we please hurry up and get marshall to the damn wedding already the cars scenes are dumb as hell. The writers are grasping at straws to keep this thing going also one of the worst things they did was turn barney into a monogamist that wasn't his role and it has just made the show that much worse. I used to really like this show but get to the mother already or finish it up the longer you draw this crap out the more the fans of this show are going to feel pissed on. Just my opinion agree with it or don't but don't cry to me if you don't like what I said I don't check back with this stuff I say my damn piece and move on.


I am tired of the role which Ted Mosby's playing. He deserves more than that. I know that soon he'll meet the mother but I've always believed the mother would be the happy end not the consolation price. Ted used to be a guy that knew what he wanted and now he's just a sad and pathetic guy that can't wait to be with somebody. I guess they have taken away all the magic of this love story. Besides, I can't stand that Ted is still in love with Robin. The show is called: "How I met your mother" not "How I had to forget Robin two hours before her wedding with my best friend and finally met your mother"


this show continues to go from bad to worse, and the thought of quitting it now, this far along, is stronger than ever. i think what the creators and writers have done is atrocious and embarrassing. how many more episodes do we need to sit through of the "warm up to this wedding" that may not even take place for all we know? they have now wasted 6 episodes on it, and it doesn't look like they are going to change that anytime soon, with the preview from next weeks "Halloween extravaganza". the writing is lame, the acting is cheesy, and the overall direction is not enjoyable. i am nearing my wits end with this series. i think this is a complete cop out by the writers and creators, as they tried to stretch out something that probably could have ended 2 years ago.


This was a really good episode. I liked the car ride with Marshall and Daphne and can't wait to see what Marshall decides to do with Lilly and his job as being a judge. It was funny seeing Robin and Barney steal Lilly and Marshall's story and then Lilly using their story. I loved how Barney and Robin were talking about their story and it ended up killing the minister it was funny an I can't wait to see what they do about getting a new minister. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.

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