NCIS Preview: "Once a Crook"

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As NCIS Season 11 continues to move ahead without Ziva David, fans were treated to a moving episode featuring Gibbs and the late Mike Franks this week. Follow the link for our latest NCIS review.

On tap Tuesday is another installment taking a fresh look at a character's past.

This time it's Tony DiNozzo, who returns to his Baltimore Police Department days when he sees a felony suspect from a 15-year-old case at the NCIS crime scene of a murdered Petty Officer.

Tony's days in the precinct have been the subject of a few recent episodes, "Rekindled" from NCIS Season 9 and "Baltimore" from NCIS Season 8. Both were parts of the season-ending arcs.

What do you think the show will reveal about him this time? Besides the fact that the guys in production are surprisingly good at making Michael Weatherly look 10-15 years younger?

Check out CBS' promo for "Once a Crook" and photos from the episode below:

Click to enlarge the images from NCIS Season 11 Episode 5 ...

A 15 Year Old Case
Tony Sees A Connection
Tony Shares the Past
Officer Tony DiNozzo
McGee & Gibbs At the Crime Scene
Gibbs At The Scene
Tony Looks Concerned

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Need some hope in this scary world. Ziva periodic visits and a happy wonderful marriage w tony and occasional family as she has retired. So many tune ins for a reunion and wedding.


I'm sorry but I so feel like something is missing without Tony and Ziva together. To me the show has really lost something and I'm trying to give it a chance. But beyond that, I really think NCIS has seen its best days and its time has passed. In my opinion it should wrap up next season and please let us see poor Tony get married and be happy with SOMEONE but preferably Ziva. Whatever fans think about this so called abuse she gives him, its obvious he loves her and he looked so sad and lost in tonight's episode :) I know its only a show, but I felt so bad for him sitting there all by himself at the Zivaless.


So nice to have NCIS back


The success of the last 2 episodes, and the excitement of finally seeing the real smart Tony, seeing Tim shine, and others....shows how much the ridiculous Ziva character was dragging the show down......


Let's face it; lately Gibbs has been snotty to pretty much everybody. Sometimes his character is even more unlikable than Abby's. I agree that the writers need to dial back on the Grumpy Gibbs schtick a little; it's getting old. He can be serious and steadfast, without being unpleasant and rude.


Writers Please let us see the smart, loyal, caring and amazing Tony again. Gibbs is always so angry and unhappy with Tony and Ziva was just plain mean most of the time. Never understood why Tony kept going back to Ziva for more abuse while she always cared more about others. We watch NCIS for Tony and Gibbs and McGee. Tony deserves Gibbs respect, no one has ever had his six like Tony.


I'm really looking forward to a Tony episode and this one looks like it might be really good. Tony hasn't gotten much drama in the last couple years unless it was centered around some Ziva story so I'm glad to see the writers finally give him something that is actually about him. I agree that the Gibbs and Tony relationship hasn't been fun in the last few years. Gibbs is almost always irritated with him but of course, Tony has been written as the butt of many humiliating joke lines and the whole team has been pretty snotty with him. Maybe with the casting change, Tony can regain the skills and intelligence he lost when they were magically given to Ziva and he and Gibbs can be closer to equal like they were in the wonderful early seasons of this show.


I echo Mel's thoughts about loving the 'more laid back, serious, and kickass Tony.' Really looking forward to finding out a little more about why Gibbs hired him as has been teased for this ep. Should be interesting to see a more intense Tony, again as MW teased for this ep. While I'm always happy for a Tony backstory, what would make me really happy is for the writers to fix the relationship between Gibbs and DiNozzo. Bring back the symbiosis. They used to work well together. Now Gibbs is mostly mean or dismissive or acts irritated or annoyed with him. Come on guys. Fix it!


I'm really looking forward to this episode. I'm very happy with the more laid back, serious,and kickass Tony we've seen in the past few eps, so hope any reveals will help add more insight into what makes this character tick, or help move him forward realistically. I'm also hoping for a good Gibbs/Tony talk, as their dynamic has been off the past few seasons. Oh, and btw, Rekindled actually took place when Tony was in college, and in Baltimore for a basketball game, so had nothing to do with his Baltimore PD days. Thanks for the sneak peek.


Tony's mom, brother and the return of his dad?

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 5 Quotes

Tony: Maybe I was wrong about a lot of people.
Gibbs: Are we still talking about the case?
Tony: It's so interesting. No one will say her name. Have you noticed? It's like she's dead. Every time I look at her desk, every time I close my eyes....I just feel like I made a mistake. Like I made the wrong decision. Only it wasn't me who decided. So yeah - I'm probably wrong to think Anton's innocent in all this.
Gibbs: I'll trust you any time.

Tony: I want to help.
Anton: One thing I've learned, Tony. Just because you want it doesn't mean it's going to happen.
Tony: Tell me about it. It's funny - never stops me from trying.