New Girl Review: A Paper Bag with Fancier Walls

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Last week on New Girl, we watched Schmidt try to break up Nick and Jess by playing on their weaknesses. While "The Captain" definitely made everyone really uncomfortable and press pause for a moment, I think this week Nick and Jess hit their first real snag.

"The Box" featured a big enough fight for them to both stop and say "can this really work out?"

The Rabbi's Guidance

When couples get over the honeymoon phase and the real stuff sets in, that's when a relationship gets complicated. Roommates dating has always been risky because... what will happen if they don't work out?

Right now we're in New Girl season 3 and it's a relatively successful sitcom and will hopefully continue for a bit longer. Are writers really going to keep a couple together for the entire series? Likely not. Whether it's How I Met Your Mother or The Vampire Diaries, the main couple is always at risk. 

I think all loyal viewers of New Girl could've predicted that the first big issue would come from the fact that Nick is... how do I put this...not a completely functioning member of society. As Jess so awkwardly pointed out, he doesn't have a bank account, he doesn't pay taxes and he apparently even has a non-functioning LLC that is getting billed. The guy keeps a box of important documents stashed in his closet to be ignored. Jess is Miss Responsible. She couldn't resist taking the money from Nick's inheritance and trying to settle up some of his bills.

However, maybe Jess should've heeded Winston's advice and just let Nick do his thing. There's a bunch of ways to look at what went down in this episode. Let's evaluate: First and foremost it's Nick's money to spend and nobody else's. Going through someone else's things and spending their money, even if it's in their best interest, is disrespectful. Unless that person is legally under your care like a child or dependent, it's just not right. 

Are we ever gonna get to the point where you stop working on me? Or instead of changing me, maybe once Jess, see it my way. | permalink

On the opposite side of the coin, Nick clearly needs a push in a better direction. Not paying your taxes is illegal and not having a bank account isn't very smart. Winston may know to leave well enough alone if he doesn't want to fight with Nick, but Winston's still out $1,900. Jess disrespected her boyfriend's property and privacy, but in the end he thanked her for it. I highly doubt that fight would have gone that way in real life. 

Bottom line: when you love someone, which like these two do even though they haven't declared it yet, you love their flaws too. Does that mean you can't try and guide them on a better path? No, of course you can. But there are boundaries and Jess overstepped hers. She even had to fake yell at the teller in the end over the processing fee as a show of good faith to Nick that she was on his side. 

My concern here is that I'm at the bottom of the review and I've barely spoken about the former funniest member of this series: Schmidt. You had Schmidt going to a rabbi played by Jon Lovitz. That should've been a gold mine for comedic performances. Instead it was mediocre. Despite their chemistry, I worried this is turning into the Nick and Jess show.

Damon Wayans Jr. needs to move in already and shake things up!


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If you are willing to pay him and others even after your expirence with Gary, I see only one person to blame and it’s not Gary.
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I think Nick should be allowed to do what he wants to do with his money. does he really need a bank account???? come on!
the ending, well, not realistic at all...but it's fiction, so no complain there. it was not all about Jess and Nick. but still, they need something stronger for Schmidt and Wiston.


The way they wasted to Jon Lovitz was unforgivable


I think people are waaayyy over thinking this show. It is my favorite on TV and the only one that makes me laugh out loud each episode. I was laughing in the first 30 min. after the knock on the door and Nick panicking, not knowing which way to run from the guy at the door. So hysterical. I couldn't care less if they touch on Nick & Jess each episode, or if they don't. Just watching all of them leaves me feeling good. I loved this espisode and what Schmidt was going through. I laughed out loud when he calls someone to tell them what a good person he is instead of calling 911 for the injured funny. Or when he got beat up by the rabbi's...Winston is always deadpan funny, no matter what he says. Whatever comes out of each character's mouths should be enshrined. Thanks writers...awesome job as usual. :)


I agree this was the weakest of episode of the season, which is fine you can't have stellar episodes all season long, but Nick is really perplexing me, as others have pointed out, Nick clearly took care of his family when his dad left. He is clearly smart enough to nearly pass law school, so this lazy buffoonery is pointless and out of character, really out of all of them in the loft he should be the most responsible. it seems the writers where taking it in that direction in the early seasons with the caveat that he was damaged from a bad break up. Jake Johnson is too good of an actor to reduce him to this so my hope is we begin to see some growth out of him. have him finish law school, there is so much comedy to be had without resorting to dumbing down your characters.


I was actually enjoying the first part of this episode because it was about things other than "Nick & Jess". It was about Schmidt doing some soul searching and Nick's newly discovered debt. Although, his irresponsibility is getting a little old and over the top at this point. But then the second half once again became about Nick & Jess analyzing each other and debating if they should even be together because they're so different, etc... that's where it lost me. When are the writers just going to let them 'be' a couple and not have it be the focus of every episode??


not sure why the writers felt it necessary to make nick bad with finances when clearly he had talent to work a calculator and bills at his mom's house after his dad died. sure nick dropped out of law school but he was almost done so he must have some organizational skills! yes, jess stuck her nose in where it didn't belong. agree that the scenes with schmidt and jon lovitz were a let down. did enjoy learning that winston loves candelabras (i can't wait to hear the story about that!) but where was ferguson. not the best episode but still love watching nick and jess fight cuz they get so much accomplished!


One more thing: how GREAT does Schmidt run, huh? WOW! I don't think I remember seeing another person looking so damn good while running full speed like that. Impressive runner!


(cntd) moment for them. To Nick it has to be a relief to hear her say that, evident in the loving look in his face as he jumps up to kiss her. Great moment. The only thing that did make me pause was that Jess had to give over what is probably thousands of $s to cover the $ owed to Wilson and what she made in payments. Somehow that just doesn't seem right of Nick to accept, but I guess I the writers were trying to make Jess pay for intruding on Nick's privacy and choices. It's still the only thing I'd change on that front. As for Schmidt, his arc was also okay. But I would think that as his best friend, Nick would be a little more concerned at his best friend's obvious depression. Does no one care about Schmidt at all now? Another thing I might've changed. But overall I thought this was an important episode, especially for N&J. Eps like this will have moments that are crucial to the story lines, yet won't necessarily be stellar eps overall. And that's perfectly fine with me.


Wow, some you reviewing are really hard on this episode. I thought it was a pretty good episode, not stellar like last week's, but they can't all be golden you know? While YES, Jess did very wrong in paying Nick's bills with his $ without consulting him, she did apologize repeatedly and try to reason with him on her motives. Nick was absolutely right to be furious with her, perhaps even embarrassed that she felt she had to that at all for him. I thought their argument was well done; Nick pointing out Jess' need to "fix him" and Jess pointing out Nick's need to grow up just a little (at least enough to pay his taxes and fend off jail time). I thought the scene at the bank was great. Nick conceded to opening a bank account, admitting that he would do anything for Jess, including growing up just a little. Jess understood that and how hard that was for Nick, appreciating what he was willing to do for her. Jess declaring that she was "crazy" about Nick was a very sweet and important moment for them. To Nick it has to be a relief to hear her say that, evident in the loving look in his face as he jumps up to kiss her. Great moment.

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