Person of Interest Review: Girls Night Out

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Call them Finch's Angels.

Sam Shaw, Joss Carter and Zoe Morgan had their time to shine on Person of Interest this week, as the bevy of beauties donned sexy club attire, excitedly compared weapons and left the boys to play backup. Nothing quite like a ladies night, right?

Using the femme fatale trio as bait on "Lady Killer," the Machine pulled up a number for a Boston playboy who teetered on the lines of stalker/killer and just plain overly attentive.

Shaw & the Playboy

It was nice to see Warren Kole as the focus, especially since he's played a bad guy on Fox's The Following and a good guy on USA's short-lived Common Law. It wasn't easy to tell which way his character, Ian Murphy, would fall, although the ominous music played tried to convince viewers when he was holding a knife or following Carter.

Except the real truth was about familial lineage and social class. Murphy had a son and was tricked into believing the girl he loved had an abortion, all by the father who wanted an heir and not someone of the "low class."

Which made it fantastic when Reese was able to punch the social elite grandfather and it ultimately ended with a happy day for Murphy. Plus, there's a possibility of a Carter romance further down the line.

And I was glad that Carter was the one chosen out of the three at the club (loved Shaw's look when Murphy passed her by). It was nice to see Carter get a little more involved, reveal that she's still really a detective even if she's officially an officer and love isn't lost on her.

Shaw, on the other hand, while she acts like a bad ass (and is a great shot), does have a soft spot beneath that steely exterior. It just happens to be for the fuzziest of the group, Bear. Nice to see he got a huge bone and spiked collar.

It was good to see that all three women had vastly different personalities while all being strong characters in their own right. Although, it was funny when Reese pointed out that Shaw always looks "angry."

The return of Zoe was such a treat and her rapport with Reese feels so natural. She's never overused (but is that possible?), and she provides her own sexy charm to whatever is happening. Lucky Reese gets to walk her home.

While Finch, Reese and Fusco were more downplayed for the hour, they still had their humorous moments: Fusco hitting on the ladies in the club, Reese discussing his love life with Shaw and Finch telling Carter to dress as least conservative as possible. And even though it was fun to see the women in the limelight, I'm looking forward to watching Reese back at the forefront, getting to show off his combat skills again. Maybe even some more backstory for him as well.

But in classic Person of Interest fashion, the B story of Root in the psych ward weaved throughout the hour was just as important. Not only was the Machine continuing to aid the crazy chick (Amy Acker has that character down. Just the way she laughs, stares or tilts her head makes you not want to mess with her and at the same time can't help but want to watch every minute), but it was also preparing her escape.

Her shootout with the government agent sent to kill her was similar to the preciseness of Reese following the Machine's directions in last season's finale, "God Mode." She may not have killed anyone, but she is super lethal with that weapon. Is that progress?

And unleashing her back on the world? What a great start to another mystery surrounding the Machine. Just what is its end game?

Person of Interest Season 3 is continuing its slow build and rise as the episodes keep getting better, the characters are always charismatically delightful and entertaining, and saving the day like a group of superheroes is fun to watch. The next chapter of this series is just getting started.


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Apart from the Root storyline I am feeling increasingly despondent about POI. I absolutely adored season 1 but except for a few awesome episodes dealing with the mythology and digging into Reese and Finch's backgrounds season 2 was already a struggle . I know we are only three episodes in but season three reminds me more than anything of a generic team procedural. I am so sad to be seeing less and less of Reese and Finch as they have always been the best thing about POI. I will always watch the show because I love those two characters so much and I'm so excited to find out what will happen with the Machine but so far I've been extremely disappointed with almost every minute that didn't have Root front and center.


I love this show because the women all kick butt and the guys don't have a problem with it. Reese is a total badass and he doesn't have a problem with kickass it! I was lol when the ladies where comparing weapons. Zoe is so classy with her pink taser! I want one of those! It was interesting to hear Shaw and Reese talking about their love lifes. It was sweet that Reese got to walk Zoe home. Shaw and Bear are cute together. I didn't think they would have Root kill govt guy..Reese will be the one to do that. Also I forgot it is a lady who is telling him what to do. I wonder who she will be in the long run??? The only thing I hate is this show is on against Chicago Fire now!


I can't stand Root. But maybe that's the point - she's so crazy, you never know what she's going to do. It sounds like she and The Machine have been having some pretty extensive conversations, way beyond just the numbers that Finch and company get. But then she needs a lot of work, too. This is one of my most favorite shows. It's easy to see how this could go on for many seasons, with the cases of the week, the over-arching mythology of the show, and the terrific character development.


so much fun, so many great scenes - great program, excellent Nolan leadership.
*shaw rassling Reese for the rowboat oars
*Zoe's cute pink Taser and Shaw's geek-out on Carter's new Beretta Nano
*bear's spike collar
*And I really liked that Finch didn’t understand Shaw’s line about hipsters and ironic facial hair. It really fit the characters.

Sarah silva

Totally forgot about them comparing weapons, loved that too!

Sarah silva

I really enjoyed this episode!
I like that Ian turned out to be a good guy and the reason he was dating all these woman was because he was not looking for a long term relationship, because he lost the love of his life years ago when her father paid him off and not because he was a player.
I would be on board for him to be one again as Joss' love interest
Sam is super funny, she was awkward in her dress and she wanted to shoot Ian (typical Shaw).
There were several funny moments with Shaw: I laughed when she was told she looks angry and Joss said they would work on it.
When she was mad that her cover was a yoga instructor and the when she asked Joss if she should shoot Ian.
So Root is free! That was just a matter of time!


This episode has confirmed my long time opinion of the relationship between Root and the Machine. She has always been protective of the Machine (she wants it to be free and not a slave) and it has reciprocated by using her to combat the "Northern Lights" government types who want to misuse it. She may have some issues but (like Dexter) with the help and direction of the Machine she is channeling her urges for good purposes. All and all, I like her. She is just as much an asset of the Machine as the others - Her mission is just different from theirs since instead of protecting those whose numbers come up, she is protecting the Machine itself. BTW: Although not mentioned in the article, the call Finch got was her number coming up (note that he recognized it and called the hospital immediately).


Such a GREAT episode! I was lucky enough to be in NYC when they filmed this and it turned out spectacular. I agree completely with Rekeys, the casting in the show is perfect. The actors AND their characters complement each other so well. The writing is fantastic and never ceases to amaze AND entertain me. Can't WAIT til next Tues! How did we survive the Summer Hiatus from H#ELL??? I love Jonah Nolan for bringing us this world and it's wonderful characters.


that was FUN !! zoe is back !!! and shaw is definitely the human equivalent of bear :D root is learning to knee-cap while receiving instruction on the phone :D between shaw and root, it almost feels like finch is in a remake of "my fair lady" ! carter and zoe are already civilized and john and bear are almost there … :D finch says "we've got a problem" … root on the loose or the operative ? or both ?


Root is just so much fun to watch, I bet Hersh never saw than bullet coming to him....Have a feeling it would be a special episode next week.

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